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UK Border Agency

Volume 502: debated on Monday 14 December 2009

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many contracts with a monetary value of over £5 million the UK Border Agency and its predecessors have signed in each of the last five years. (303821)

The number of contracts let with a monetary value of over £5 million in each of the last five years is as follows. This does not include contracts which when signed had a value which was less than £5 million but due to a subsequent extension then exceeded this value.

Total number of contracts over £5 million let by UKBA











To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what UK Border Agency (a) outsourced services with an annual monetary value of over £250,000 and (b) information technology systems with an annual monetary value of over £250,000 are due to (i) be re-procured and (ii) become unsupported in the next four years. (303822)

The UK Border Agency has outsourced services across the organisation. The decision to re-procure is primarily driven by the business need and priority, with the commercial strategy and procurement route determined subsequently.

The approach to re-procurement evaluation is made towards the end of each contract in light of business need and available procurement options.

There are no information technology systems contracts which are due to be re-procured or become unsupported in the next four years. However, the UK Border Agency contracts for outsourced services which may be re-procured in the next four years are as follows:


Haulage, Storage and Disposal of Excise Goods

Maintenance of five Existing Cutters

Supply and Maintenance of Mobile Scanners

Maintenance for Baggage X-Ray

Maintenance of Legacy Mobile Freight Scanners

Supply and Maintenance of Trace Detection Equipment

Freight Searching Services

Maintenance and Obsolescence Management Services of Passive Millimetric Wave Machine

Relocation Services

Provision of Aerial Surveillance Services

Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) Operating Contract

Campsfield House IRC Operating Contract

Colnbrook IRC Operating Contract

Oakington IRC Operating Contract

Dungavel House IRC Operating Contract

Yarl’s Wood IRC Operating Contract

Ticketing Services for UKBA Removals

Escorting—In Country, Overseas and Short Term Holding Facility (STHF)

Port of Dover—STHF Contract

Port of Harwich—STHF Contract

Colnbrook Gaolers

Refugee Integration and Employment Services

Education Verification and English Language Equivalence

Facilitated Returns Scheme for Foreign National Prisoners

Assisted Voluntary Returns

Contact Centre Services

Payment Processing

Asylum Support Partnership Co-Ordination Service

Transportation of Presenting Officers

Case Resolution Department Administrative Function

Target Contracts—Asylum Accommodation

Gateway—Refugee Resettlement Programme

Asylum—One Stop Services

Transport Services for Asylum Seekers

Cash Payment Contract

Initial Accommodation—Associated Services

Immigration Case Work System Integrator Contract

Production and Supply of Visa Vignette Products

Service Management of Biometrics Messaging System

Provision of Front End Visa Application Service

Security Guards

Provision of Arrest Team Equipment and Training

Provision of Conflict Training

Leadership and Management Development

Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems

Record Services Contract

Transport of High Risk High Value Items

Repatriation of Offenders

Occupational Health Services

Counter Terrorism Awareness training.

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many staff in the UK Border Agency were classified as having non-jobs on (a) 1 April 2008, (b) 1 October 2008, (c) 1 April 2009 and (d) 1 October 2009. (303824)

‘Non-jobs’ has been interpreted as staff who are currently in the redeployment pool. The following table refers to the number of UK Border Agency Staff in the redeployment network as of (a) 1 April 2008, (b) 1 October 2008, (c) 1 April 2009 and (d) 1 October 2009.

Date as at:

Number of UK Border Agency staff

1 April 2008


1 October 2008


1 April 2009


1 October 2009


To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what performance targets the UK Border Agency has set for its senior civil service members in 2009. (303825)

Performance targets for senior civil servants within the UK Border Agency are set in accordance with the Cabinet Office Guidance entitled ‘Managing Performance in the Senior Civil Service’ and are individual to the person and the role they perform.

The Cabinet Office guidance requires that senior civil service objectives should include:

Business delivery objectives—that define business outcomes for the specific post, reflecting business priorities and value for money commitments for the year ahead, linked to delivery targets and the Agency's PSAs.

Corporate objectives—that articulate the leadership activity that contributes to the effective corporate management and coherence of a Department and/or the civil service as a whole.

Capability objectives—to ensure that individuals, the Department and civil service have the right capability to deliver business outcomes now and in the future, including improvement of people performance management: managing talent, managing attendance and promoting well-being; and addressing poor performance. Capability targets are drawn from unit and Directorate business plans and, if appropriate, the Home Office's PSAs.

Personal development objectives—to emphasise the importance of continuous personal development and an individual's growth in competence against the leadership and broader Professional Skills for Government frameworks. In addition, individuals are appraised on their leadership behaviour demonstrated throughout the year including providing direction for the organisation; delivering results; and building capability in the organisation to address current and future challenges.

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what proportion of UK Border Agency staff have financial targets in their performance management objectives; and if he will make a statement. (303826)

The setting of individual objectives in performance management reviews is a matter for individual line managers and it is not possible for this reason to state the percentage of staff with financial targets or objectives except at disproportionate costs. We do not waste taxpayers’ money on compiling this information.

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many staff were working at each grade in the UK Border Agency on 1 November 2009. (303827)

The information requested is shown in the following table.

United Kingdom Border Agency staff1

Full-time equivalent (rounded)


Senior Civil Service


Grade 6


Grade 7


HM Inspector Immigration


Senior Officer


Senior Executive Officer


Higher Officer


Chief Immigration Officer


Higher Executive Officer


Immigration Officer


Executive Officer


Assistant Immigration Officer


Administrative Officer


Administrative Assistant


Null/Unrecorded grade2


Locally engaged staff (international group)3

Of which:

Level I


Level II


Level III


Level IV


Level V




1 Staff excludes 710 agency works. Figures as at 31 October 2009.

2 Includes approximately 350 staff whose data are unavailable except at disproportionate cost during machinery of government transfer from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

3 Locally engaged staff work for the UK Border Agency but are employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many projects in progress at the UK Border Agency on 1 November 2009 did not have (a) signed-off business cases and (b) end dates; and what the total budget is of the programmes in each category. (303828)

This financial year UKBA has had 12 areas of activity it treats as programmes and projects, of which one had closed by 1 November. This leaves 11 programmes and projects within the corporate portfolio that support the UKBA business plan, change programme and wider Home Office initiatives.

Out of the 11 programmes and projects, two do not yet have a signed-off business case. The two projects are in the process of developing their business cases and are due to go through financial and other approval processes in early 2010.

All 11 programmes and projects have a planned end date.