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Surgery: Nottingham

Volume 503: debated on Thursday 7 January 2010

To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many surgical operations were carried out on the NHS in Nottingham North constituency in (a) 1997 and (b) 2008. (308495)

This information is not available in the format requested. Data on finished consultant episodes1 (FCEs) are collected by primary care trust (PCT) of responsibility2, the commissioning PCT, not by constituency.

The number of FCEs where there was a main procedure3 with Nottingham City as the PCT of responsibility in 2008-08 and 1997-98 is shown in the following table. This includes activity in national health service hospitals in England and English NHS commissioned activity in the independent sector.

1 An FCE is a continuous period of admitted patient care under one consultant within one health care provider. FCEs are counted against the year in which they end. Figures do not represent the number of different patients, as a person may have more than one episode of care within the same stay in hospital or in different stays in the same year.

2 PCT of responsibility—this is a derived field providing the PCT responsible for the patient. The commissioning responsibility for individual patients rests with the PCT with whom the patient is registered. Therefore, this is based on the postcode of the patient’s general practitioner (GP). This means that patients with a GP in one PCT area may reside in a neighbouring or other area but remain the responsibility of the PCT with whom their GP of registration is associated. PCTs are also responsible for non-registered patients who are resident within their boundaries.

3 Main procedure—the first recorded procedure or intervention in each episode (Operating Procedure Code Supplement codes AOO to X97), usually the most resource intensive procedure or intervention performed during the episode. It is appropriate to use main procedure when looking at admission details, (e.g. time waited), but a more complete count of episodes with a particular procedure is obtained by looking at the main and the secondary procedures.

Finished consultant episodes






Hospital Episode Statistics, The Information Centre for health and social care