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Volume 506: debated on Friday 5 March 2010

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will set out, with statistical information related as directly as possible to South Thanet constituency, the effects on South Thanet of his Department's policies and actions since 2000. (315633)

The Home Office has introduced a range of policies and initiatives since 1997. However, it is not always possible to quantify their effects particularly at constituency level. The available statistical information therefore relates to the Thanet Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership area.

In terms of police recorded crime in Thanet, between 2002-03 and 2008-09, total recorded crime fell by 3 per cent. More specifically:

Violence against the person - up 27 per cent. (down 6 per cent. in last year)

Sexual offences - up 10 per cent. (down 25 per cent. in last year)

Robbery - up 12 per cent. (up 17 per cent. in last year)

Burglary - down 17 per cent. (down 7 per cent. in last year)

Offences against vehicles - down 34 per cent. (down 15 per cent. in last year)

Other theft offences - no change (no change in last year)

Criminal damage - no change (down 19 per cent. in last year)

Drug offences - down 28 per cent. (down 22 per cent. in last year)

Data prior to 2002-03 are not directly comparable because of the introduction of the National Crime Recording Standard in April 2002. Additionally, no data at borough level is available prior to 1998-99.

With regard to police numbers, the available information relates to the East Kent Basic Command Unit which had 448 police officers as at 30 March 2009. The number of police officers has increased by 17 since 2007 (different boundaries where in place prior to this). Comparisons with 1997 for East Kent BCU are not available. There were 67 Police Community Support Officers as at 30 March 2009 while there were none in existence in 2000.


Kent is to receive an additional £64,000 to tackle AntiSocial Behaviour as part of the joint announcement in November 2009 by the Home Secretary and the Communities Secretary of additional funding for tackling ASB.

Tackling Knives

Kent is part of the Tackling Knife Crime and Serious Youth Violence Programme (TKAPIISYV). This includes work with young people and the community to prevent and educate about knife crime and serious youth violence. Kent has been allocated £100,000 from the TKAP programme for 2009-10.

Alcohol Related Violence

Thanet is part of the Alcohol Partnership Support Programme receiving funding for 2008-09 of £30, 000 and 2009 -10 of £30,000 for alcohol initiatives and communications. £25,000 has been used to assist Thanet in putting in place the necessary components for the successful multi agency running of the night time economy or other meeting place. The remaining £5,000 is for communication work.

Domestic Violence

For 2009-10 GOSE has provided Kent with £40,000 funding from the Home Office Private Place Violence regional funds for Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs). The IDVA works with and supports high risk victims of domestic violence.

In 2008-09 GOSE provided Kent with £35,000 funding to increase their MARAC coverage across the region, and also funded MARAC training of £20,000 and IDVA funding of £40,000. Thanet is served by the East Kent MARAC covering Thanet and Canterbury. Thanet is benefiting from GOSE regional support on improving performance of MARACs through the commissioning of tailored MARAC chair training providing them with the tools and skills to develop their MARAC and improve delivery of NI32 - reducing repeat victimisation. The Home Office have provided NI32 data collection workshops for MARAC co-ordinators.

Drug-related offending

Since the inception of the national Drugs Intervention Programme (DIP) in 2003, Kent has received Home Office funding to deliver the DIP programme enabling it to tackle and reduce drug-related crime through targeting and steering individuals into treatment to reduce their offending. In 2009-10 Kent received a grant of £1,168,644.

Migration Impact Fund (MIF)

The MIF will be targeted at projects which have identified innovative solutions to migration related pressures. Funding will be allocated to local projects from Government Offices working closely with local partners. It will be targeted at projects which have identified innovative solutions to migration related pressures - where possible involving and benefiting a number of local services. Thanet will benefit from MIF through monies that were awarded to Kent county council.

(a) Thanet Specific

Czech/Roma Integration - £70,000 in respect of year one (2009-10) and £90,000 provisionally awarded for year two (2010-11) focused which is specifically Thanet

(b) Kent award, which will include some benefit to Thanet

£210,000 in respect of year one (2009-10) and £210,000 (in aggregate, as per year 1) provisionally awarded for year two (2010-11); to promote the participation and inclusion of new migrants in Kent; mobile information and advice service to hard to reach rural migrant workers; and one-stop-shop for migrants

The Neighbourhood Statistics Service provides a wide range of statistical information at parliamentary constituency level, taken from the 2001 census and other sources. This service is available on the National Statistics website at: