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Volume 507: debated on Thursday 11 March 2010

The Petition of Mr. Martin Burke of Elizabeth Regina Love,

Declares that one fine cold still winter morning in Manchester Mr. Burke was stood on the pavement and a passerby walked past smoking a cigarette; noted that against the clear crystal blue sky the smoke from the cigarette formed a ball around the person as if their head were in a fishbowl of smoke which moved with them; further notes that this smoke was also through the bloodstream on the inside of their head and that this is equivalent to exposing very sensitive parts of the brain to a car exhaust. The petitioner requests that the cigarette factories be closed down.

The petitioner requests that the House of Commons bear in mind in its law making the above, and that were the question put the House consent to the request(s) in this Mr. Burke’s 14th petition first posted to the House on 29 December 2009.

And the Petitioner remains, etc.