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Division 194: held on Wednesday 9 February 2011

This page shows the Hansard record for the division. You can also view the division on the Votes in Parliament website.

That this House takes note of European Union Documents No. 9606/10, relating to a Council Regulation establishing a European financial stabilisation mechanism, No. 12119/10, relating to a draft amending budget No. 7 to the General Budget 2010—Statement of expenditure by Section—Section III—Commission, and No. 17361/10, Commission Communication on the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism; supports the Government’s view that whilst it is in the interests of all Member States to support a stable and fully functioning euro area, financial assistance for euro area Member States should primarily be provided by other euro area Member States; and supports the Government’s position that the United Kingdom should not be required to contribute to the European Stability Mechanism that will permanently replace both the European Financial Stability Mechanism and the European Financial Stability Facility.

The House divided:
Question accordingly agreed to.

Members voting Aye