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Her Majesty's Land Registry (Performance Targets)

Volume 542: debated on Tuesday 27 March 2012

The Land Registry vision is:

“Putting the customer, quality and innovation at the heart of land registration services”.

To meet this vision, the following four strategic objectives have been adopted with associated key performance indicators and objectives, plus two equality objectives:


To identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs by constantly refining and developing products, services and channels

Key Performance Indicators

C1: The percentage of customers who rate our overall products, services and channels as good, very good or excellent 96%

C2: Average external e-service availability level at 99.5% or higher

C3: Net promoter score 40%

Key Performance Objective

C4: Launch electronic document registration service (eDRS) in September 2012 with at least six business gateway customers. Launch eDRS to portal customers by March 2013


To continually improve operational delivery to drive efficiencies, quality and value

Key Performance Indicators

Q1: 97% of completed registrations that meet internally defined quality standards

Q2: 96.5% percentage successful changes applied to electronic services at 96.5% or higher

Q3: 80% speed of completion—substantive registrations completed within 12 days

Key Performance Objective

Q4: All free market trend data released in line with our day 1 transparency commitment to be made compliant with level 4 of the HMG star rating system by 31st March 2013

People and Innovation

To identify and implement opportunities for the development of our people and Land Registry business, to the benefit our customers and stakeholders

Key Performance Indicators

l1: Improve the number of employees positively engaged to 50%

l2: Environmental: Reduce carbon emissions by 5% compared with emissions for 2011-12

Key Performance Objectives

l3: Successfully introduce performance and innovation into a complete operational office by 31st March 2013

l4: Develop a new business strategy for approval by the Minister by 30th September 2012

Finance and Productivity

To be flexible and efficient and responsive to market fluctuations whilst funding our future investment needs

Key Performance Indicators

F1: To increase add value revenue by 20% (to £6 million) and achieve 14% net profit on add value revenue

F2: To achieve a unit cost of £28.41 for 2012-13 based on 9 million units

F3: Make a 4% reduction in adjusted running costs

Key Performance Objective

F4: Develop an infrastructure investment plan taking into account the impact of the Public Data Group, Data Strategy Board and the new business strategy by 31st March 2013

Equality Objectives:

Internal Equality Objective

To drive a culture of inclusion and respect within Land Registry and positively seek to improve engagement with staff from protected characteristics.

External Equality Objective

To equip our staff to identify, anticipate and satisfy our customers’ diverse needs by delivering products, services and channels at a cost we can both afford.

We will monitor our progress in delivering against these through how well we succeed in it meeting the actions via the diversity steering group.