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Volume 554: debated on Thursday 29 November 2012


Thursday 29 November 2012

Presented Petition

Petition presented to the House but not read on the Floor

The Queen's Cypher

The Petition of Mr Martin Burke of Elizabeth Regina Love,

Declares that the Petitioner writes to correct an error in the Petition “Correspondence” presented to the House of Commons on 9 November 2010 (and available in the Official Report on 10 November 2010, Vol. 518, c. 1P in which the badge for Elizabeth Regina Love (Emotion Records Limited) is termed “The Queen’s Cypher”, and to reconfirm the original Petition so that the impression is not given that the whole Petition was in error except for a particular but important point.

Declares that the Petition presented on 9 November 2010 was written some time after verbal confirmation from senior Royal Navy officers (Retd.) and copies were sent to the Private Secretary and the Lord Chamberlain on 11 November 2010. Declares that the Petitioner sought clarification from the Lord Chamberlain’s office on 21 July 2011 on the subject of the Stadium Benefit Concert for the Military Charities (described in terms such as “imaginative”, “very worthwhile”, “of undoubted merit” and “honourable ambition”) and received a reply dated 4 August 2011.

Declares that the Petitioner was told that it was not correct to use the phrase “The Queen's Cypher”, which is E II R and the personal property of the Sovereign protected by law and international copyright and instead the Petitioner substitutes the phrase that E?R is a Queen’s Cypher. Notes that such details are important, for example the interpretation of the position of a comma in a piece of legislation might be a deciding factor in a trial, and further declares so whatever the case by the time of the Petition on 9 November 2010 this Cypher had come to stand independently for Her Majesty The Queen.

Declares that the website address given in the 9 November 2010 Petition has changed and is now where this and other Petitions are available, along with further information about the company and the Petitioner.

The Petitioner therefore requests that the House of Commons notes that the Petition “Correspondence” of 9 November 2010 contained an error on a particular but important point when it referred to the badge for Elizabeth Regina Love (Emotion Records Ltd) E?R as “The Queen’s Cypher” when the phrase should have been a Queen’s Cypher, that is a Cypher which stands for Her Majesty The Queen, this Mr. Burke’s 18th petition first posted to the House on 18 October 2012.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.—[Presented by Sir Gerald Kaufman .]—Received 28 November 2012.