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A Welsh Second Chamber

Volume 566: debated on Tuesday 16 July 2013

This petition calls for the Government of Wales Act 2006 to be amended to establish a second, scrutinising Chamber in Wales to be called Ty’r bobol or Citizen House.

The petition declares:

The Petition of Gruffydd Meredith,

Declares that there is a need for a second scrutinising chamber—a ‘Ty’r bobol’/ ‘Citizen House’, made up of Welsh citizens chosen at random from all over Wales in the citizen jury style system; further declares there should also be representation by independent non party affiliated experts and spokespeople from all fields suggested by small to medium sized businesses, non charity community groups, schools and colleges; further declares that this system of demarchy would provide Welsh politics with a much needed opportunity for independent scrutiny by the people and would make sure that the Welsh legislative process and the Welsh Government in general is able to be challenged and truly held to account where necessary.

The Petitioner therefore requests that the House of Commons make the necessary amendment of the Government of Wales Act 2006 and any other relevant act in order to facilitate the forming of a second scrutinising chamber in Wales made up of Welsh citizens chosen at random in the jury style system.

And the Petitioner remains etc.