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Volume 577: debated on Monday 10 March 2014

North Corner Quay and Landing Stage, Devonport

It is with great delight that I take this opportunity of presenting Parliament with a petition by about 1,000 of my constituents within the Plymouth travel-to-work area who are concerned about the north corner quay and landing stage in Devonport.

The petition states:

The Petition of residents of Devonport and Plymouth, and others,

Declares that the Petitioners are concerned about the condition of the North Corner Quay and Landing Stage, Devonport.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government under his powers contained in Part IV, Clause 48 of the Plymouth City Council Act (1987) to encourage Plymouth City Council to restore and repair North Corner Quay and Landing Stage as contained in Part IV, Clause 26 of the said Act.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.


South Stoke Plateau (Bath and North East Somerset)

Her Majesty’s Government have been fantastic in saving my constituency from development in the green belt, and the Communities and Local Government Minister, my hon. Friend the Member for Grantham and Stamford (Nick Boles), has been particularly good in recently stopping these incursions, but my constituents in South Stoke are especially concerned about development that may take place there and I have 1,386 signatures to this petition. That number is easy to remember because, 1386 was the year of the treaty of Windsor.

The petition states:

The Humble Petition of the residents of the parish of South Stoke and its neighbouring parishes and wards of Bath and North East Somerset, here represented by South Stoke Parish Council and The South of Bath Alliance,

Sheweth that it is the intention of Bath and North East Somerset District Council's Amended Core Strategy to develop the land known as the Odd Down/ South Stoke Plateau with the building of 300 new homes.

Wherefore your Petitioners pray that your honourable House ask Her Majesty’s Government to recognise the importance of the openness of this land, which forms part of the Setting of the Bath World Heritage Site and of the Wansdyke Scheduled Ancient Monument, and to maintain the current Statutory protections of the Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designations for all of the South Stoke Plateau and so maintain the site free of development in perpetuity.

And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c