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Land Registry

Volume 580: debated on Thursday 8 May 2014

The Land Registry vision is:

“To be recognised as a world leader in digital delivery of land registration services and in the management and reuse of land and property data”.

To meet this vision, the following four strategic objectives have been adopted with associated seven key performance indicators and two equality objectives:


We will unlock efficiency in the public sector and land and property market.

Key performance indicators

(E1) Unit cost to be £19.68 based on a planned volume of 11.65 million units.

(E2) Achieve at least 12 units processed per person per day on a whole agency basis.


We will maximise the reuse of our data for the benefit of the wider economy.

Key performance indicators

(D1) Average external e-service availability at 99.6% or higher during published service hours.

(D2) Increase the number of dealings (with the whole of a registered title) lodged electronically to achieve 65% monthly performance by March 2015.


We will increase and extend the assurance and compliance provided to the market.

Key performance indicators

(A1) The percentage of customers who rate our overall service as good, very good or excellent to achieve 96%.

(A2) Substantive registrations to pass at least 98% of defined quality checks.


We will grow and maximise the benefit of our organisational capability.

Key performance indicator

(C1) Maintain a consistent index score calculated from a basket of four measures designed to measure motivation and performance of our work force.

Equality Objectives

a) Internal equality objective

To drive a culture of inclusion and respect within our organisation and positively seek to improve engagement of staff who share protected characteristics.

b) External equality objective

To equip our staff to identify, anticipate and satisfy our customers’ diverse needs by delivering products, services and channels at a cost we can both afford.

Note: we will assess our achievement against these two equality objectives by monitoring how well we progress in implementing the supporting action plans.