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Volume 588: debated on Friday 21 November 2014


Friday 21 November 2014



Traffic Calming Measures on Glentworth Road East in Westgate

The Petition of members of the community in Morecambe,

Declares that the Petitioners believe that there should be traffic calming measures introduced on Glentworth Road East and also parking restrictions imposed.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to encourage Lancashire County Council to take steps to support the residents in Morecambe and to ensure that measures are introduced to stop speeding and dangerous parking in Westgate.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.—[Presented by David Morris, Official Report, 21 October 2014; Vol. 586, c. 869.]


Observations from the Secretary of State for Transport:

I recognise the concerns about speeding and dangerous parking and how the introduction of traffic calming measures and parking restrictions might help.

Responsibility for the introduction of traffic management and the control of parking falls to individual traffic authorities. They are free to make their own decisions about the design of the streets under their care, provided they take account of the relevant legislation. This includes the provision of traffic management measures such as traffic calming. Rule 240 in the Highways Code lists places where it is illegal to park at the roadside and rule 243 lists places where parking could be dangerous. It is for the police to deal with instances of illegal parking and obstruction. Lancashire county council can ban parking at locations with this is deemed necessary and, because they also have Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) powers they can take any necessary action against those who infringe parking restrictions. If the council wants to restrict or prohibit parking in Westgate they can do so.

The Department for Transport has published guidance on the design of traffic calming measures in local Transport Note (LTN) 1/07 Traffic Calming which is available on the DFT website at:

We have also published guidance for local authorities on the operation of CPE areas at:-

In line with the coalition Government’s commitment to localism, Ministers and officials have no remit to intervene in the day-to-day affairs of local authorities except where specific provision has been made in legislation.