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Volume 602: debated on Wednesday 18 November 2015


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Presented Petition

Petition presented to the House but not read on the Floor

Hunting Act 2004


Declares that this Petition is a plea for our Government to indefinitely continue the Hunting Act 2004, to not to Repeal it at any time. Indeed, if it please be possible, also to extend its Remit.

The compassion of our Country is known and respected Worldwide.

As a Nation we have been known to be a compassionate people, a People who wish that no person should either be allowed nor forced to suffer unnatural distress, injury, death or bereavement.

Knowing that animals, like us, suffer from distress, pain and bereavement, as the vast majority of our Country's Citizens also wish, that no wild animals or birds, nor indeed any animals or birds, should ever be either allowed or forced to suffer unnecessary distress, and never suffer from cruel injury, violent death or sudden bereavement.

The Petitioner therefore submits that it is good and right that wild animals (foxes, deer, hares/rabbits, mink, etc.) are, and will continue to be, protected from unnecessary distress, cruel violence, death and bereavement.

The Petitioner humbly suggests that, where reduction of a wild animal population is deemed either necessary or essential, there are a number of humane alternatives to the violent hunting of wild animals. Indeed, there are scientific ways to reduce the breeding of animals, or, where that is not possible, to trap them and have them put them down painlessly by a suitably qualified and trained Veterinary Surgeon.

The Petitioner further submits that, given the generally high economic and social background of those who have Breached this Act, and those who may been inclined to Breach this Act in future, the current Fines and Penalties for Breaches of this Act are too low and the Penalties also somewhat lenient. The Petitioner therefore requests that the Fines and Penalties should be significantly increased.

Therefore, with all due Honour and Respect, Your Humble Petitioner Prays, Pleads and Requests that the House of Commons urges the Government to maintain the provisions of the Hunting Act 2004 and, furthermore, where possible, to extend its protection of all wild animals as much as possible, particularly in regard to penalising and punishing any Breachers of this Law.

Your Petitioner remains Your Fellow-Citizen and Fellow-Servant for the Commons Good of Our Country.