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Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm Development Consent Application: Statutory Decision Deadline

Volume 695: debated on Wednesday 12 May 2021

This statement concerns an application for development consent made under the Planning Act 2008 by Norfolk Boreas Limited for the installation, operation and maintenance of the proposed Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm, its related offshore infrastructure off the coast of Norfolk and its related onshore electrical connections within that county.

Under section 107(1) of the Planning Act 2008, the Secretary of State must make a decision on an application within three months of the receipt of the examining authority’s report unless exercising the power under section 107(3) of the Act to set a new deadline. Where a new deadline is set, the Secretary of State must make a Statement to Parliament to announce it. The deadline for the decision on the Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm application was 12 April 2021.

The Secretary of State has decided to set a new deadline of no later than 10 December 2021 for deciding this application to allow an opportunity for further information in respect of cumulative impacts of the onshore substation and of offshore environmental effects to be provided and considered.

The decision to set the new deadline for this application is without prejudice to the decision on whether to grant or refuse development consent.