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Road safety at the junction of B671 from Elton village onto the A605

Volume 748: debated on Friday 19 April 2024

The petition of residents of the United Kingdom,

Declares deep concern regarding the ongoing hazards at the junction of B671 from Elton village onto the A605, which has seen a distressing history of road traffic accidents and fatalities; further that the lack of safety measures, such as a roundabout, speed restrictions, or traffic lights, raises significant alarm; notes that despite existing cameras monitoring an average speed of 60MPH, accidents persist, highlighting the inadequacy of current measures; further that urgent reconsideration of installing traffic lights and speed restrictions is imperative, not only for local residents’ safety but also for commuters on the A605; further notes that given the success of traffic lights at the Barnwell A605 junction and their cost-effectiveness, their implementation should be swiftly considered; further declares that the financial and emotional toll of accidents, spanning back to the bypass construction in 1990, underscores the urgency for action; further notes that over the past two decades, our community has endured tragic losses from road accidents, with the first recorded in 2000, and the resulting injuries, fatalities, property damages, and strain on law enforcement and medical resources have been extensive, estimated to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds; further declares that immediate improvements are overdue, and we implore the authorities to prioritise the necessary measures to safeguard our roads and communities; and further that the introduction of the Elton bypass neglected pedestrian safety entirely, evidenced by the hazardous crossing conditions at the public footpaths.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urge the Government to put pressure on the county council responsible and ask that this matter be addressed promptly, and consider appropriate measures to ensure the safety of local residents and commuters at the junction of B671 from Elton village onto the A605.

And the petitioners remain, etc.