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("Schedule Metropolitan Police District

Volume 414: debated on Monday 27 October 1980

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Part I


1. In this Schedule—

  • "gross rateable value", in relation to the Metropolitan Police District, means the aggregate of the rateable values of the hereditaments in that District;
  • "rateable values", in relation to hereditaments in that District, means, subject to paragraphs 2 and 3 below, rateable values ascribed to them in the valuation lists on a date to be specified for each year in the Rate Support Grant Report;
  • "the Receiver" means the Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District;
  • "Receiver's grant-related poundage" means a poundage determined by the Secretary of State and related—
  • (a) to a given ratio between the Receiver's total expenditure and the Receiver's grant-related expenditure; or
  • (b) to a given difference between his total expenditure divided by the population of the Metropolitan Police District and his grant-related expenditure so divided;
  • "Receiver's total expenditure" means that part of the Receiver's expenditure for a year which falls to be defrayed out of the Metropolitan Police Fund and which is not met by any such grant as is mentioned in section 50(7)(a) or (b) above but reduced by the amount of any payments of such descriptions as the Secretary of State may specify which fall to be paid for that year into the Metropolitan Police Fund;
  • "Receiver's grant-related expenditure" means a sum determined by the Secretary of State as being the aggregate for the year of the Receiver's notional expenditure having regard to his functions;
  • "relevant authority" means—
  • (a) the council of a London borough; or
  • (b) the council of a district whose area is wholly or partly within the Metropolitan Police District; and
  • "relevant portion" means the portion of the Receiver's total expenditure for a year which bears to that total the ratio which the gross rateable value of the area of a relevant authority, or the part of that area within the Metropolitan Police District, bears to the gross rateable value of that District.

2. The reference to hereditaments in the definition of "rateable values" in paragraph I above includes a reference to a notional hereditament which a body is treated as occupying by virtue of any enactment.

3. A Rate Support Grant Report may provide that for the year to which it relates the rateable values of hereditaments in the Metropolitan Police District falling within any class of hereditaments shall be ascertained for the purposes of this Schedule otherwise than by reference to the values ascribed to them in the valuation lists.