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Southwark Supplementary Benefit Offices: Statistics

Volume 489: debated on Thursday 5 November 1987

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asked Her Majesty's Government:For each Supplementary Benefit office in the Diocese of Southwark:

  • (i) in the past 6 months—
  • (a) what load of current cases has the office carried;
  • (b) what percentage of claimants were required to register for work;
  • (c) what percentage of claimants were pensioners;
  • (ii) in each month since 2nd June 1987 —
  • (a) how many claims for supplementary benefit were made; and how many were determined;
  • (b) how many new claimants were required to be available for work;
  • (c) how many claims for single payments were made; and how many were determined;
  • (d) how many claims for urgent needs were made; and how many were determined
  • (iii) since 30th June 1987, what was the average number of new claims and cases awaiting review which were recorded as outstanding each month.
  • The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health and Social Security
    (Lord Skelmersdale)

    I regret that the information requested is not readily available. I am arranging to have the information collated and placed in the Library as soon as possible, and will inform the right reverend Prelate when this has been done.

    asked Her Majesty's Government:For each Supplementary Benefit office in the diocese of Southwark:

  • (i) broken down by staffing grades—
  • (a) what is the current staffing complement;
  • (b) how many permanent staff are currently in post;
  • (c) how many temporary staff are currently in post;
  • (d) how many staff members are currently being trained;
  • (e) how many qualified officers are engaged in training staff;
  • (f) what is the annual turnover of permanent staff;
  • (ii) when staffing complements are devised, what percentage of clerical staff are expected to be in training at any one time.
  • There are 32 local offices with boundaries within the Diocese of Southwark, 28 of which deal with both supplementary benefit and contributory benefit or supplementary benefits only. The staffing levels of each of these 28 offices are contained in tables which I have placed in the Library.I regret that information about the percentage of clerical staff in training at any one time is not available.

    Table (a) Current Staffing Complement
    Balham ILO1185110236321205
    Battersea ILO117428229212167
    Bexley ILO117449326411178
    Brixton ILO118508831351188
    Bromley ILO16326719321131
    Croydon ILO11106411729421229
    Crystal Palace ILO117417824211156
    Epsom ILO1528551821110
    Greenwich Park ILO1185110131311198
    Hounslow ILO1195811339421228
    Kennington Park ILO16346819221133
    Kingston ILO117437724321159
    Lwewisham ILO118529732432200
    Peckham ILO118398526412167
    Redhill ILO163365193127
    Southwark ILO117458329322173
    Streatham ILO16387624211149
    Twickenham ILO152748152199
    Wandsworth ILO16386322321136
    Woolwich ILO12117313746412277
    Camberwell AO1637722222142
    Eltham AO129174134
    Hither Green AO1210248146
    Oval AO115326426221134
    Mitcham AO14213710174
    Surbiton AO1214279154
    Sutton AO1316309160
    Wimbledon AO142137121177
    Table (b) Permanent Staff in Post October 1987 (Temporary Staff shown in Brackets)
    Balham ILO11846.510642.532(1)210(1)
    Baltersea ILO117438030312168
    Bexley ILO1174410227.53(1)11187.5(1)
    Brixton ILO1185194.5361.55(1)198(1)
    Bromley ILO163473.517(2)321137.5(2)
    Croydon ILO119.561.512234.5421236.5
    Crystal Palace ILO11646812721(1)165(1)
    Epsom ILO15265513(3)2102(3)
    Greenwich Park ILO118.546.5102.5353.512201
    Hounslow ILO11956.5117.538.5(1)321229.5(1)
    Kennington Park ILO14336921221133
    Kingston ILO11543.57526.5221157
    Lewisham ILO116499937332201
    Peckham ILO1183781.527(4)3(1)2160.5(5)
    Redhill ILO153258.5182116.5
    Southwark ILO11748.58337312183.5
    Streatham ILO1637.574.522.5211145.5
    Twickenham ILO142753.510(2)2198.5(2)
    Wandsworth ILO15386413(11)321127(11)
    Woolwich ILO111065.5140.538.5412263.5
    Camberwell AO1638692322141
    Eltham AO129.5175.5136
    Hither Green AO1211247(1)146(1)
    Oval AO115337326221144
    Mitcham AO14224012180
    Surbiton AO1212.5318155.5
    Sutton AO131723.58153.5
    Wimbledon AO142136.59(2)1173.5(2)

    The complementing system contains a composite absence factor which includes an allowance for training courses not held in local offices. The complement for 1987–88 also included a margin of 500 posts for new entrant training. An additional 1,161 man years in the form of overtime and casual staff were also included to cover ongoing training and training for the new Income Support and Social Fund schemes.

    Table (c) Staff under Tutelage and Number of Training Officers on 1st October 1987.

    Staff under Tutelage

    Number of Training Officers






    Balham ILO19193
    Battersea ILO420243
    Bexley ILO618244
    Brixton ILO518233
    Bromley ILO47112
    Croydon ILO773.5
    Crystal Palace ILO42024.75
    Epsom ILO111123
    Greenwich Park ILO112135
    Hounslow ILO113144
    Kennington Park ILO663
    Kingston ILO67132
    Lewisham ILO312153
    Peckham ILO38113.33
    Redhill ILO37103
    Southwark ILO417215
    Streatham ILO117182
    Twickenham ILO55103
    Wandsworth ILO3143
    Woolwich ILO523285
    Camberwell AO320233
    Eltham AO1122
    Hither Green AO2241
    Oval AO114153
    Mitcham AO28102
    Surbiton AO11112
    Sutton AO1341
    Wimbledon AO3472

    Table (d) Annual Turnover for year ending 30th September 1987








    Balham ILO44246496
    Battersea ILO8162852
    Bexley ILO16344256
    Brixton ILO1036264480
    Bromley ILO8168234
    Croydon ILO16363688
    Crystal Palace ILO61416238
    Epsom ILO611623
    Greenwich Park ILO638244274
    Hounslow ILO44024270
    Kennington Park ILO144220

    Kingston ILO1042142674
    Lewisham ILO10404622100
    Peckham ILO638182468
    Redhill ILO42082236
    Southwark ILO430182256
    Streatham ILO430162254
    Twickenham ILO814222248
    Wandsworth ILO6188234
    Woolwich ILO632362682
    Camberwell AO6562284
    Eltham AO210618
    Hither Green AO210214
    Oval AO4221238
    Mitcham AO4322460
    Surbiton AO6221038
    Sutton AO422430
    Wimbledon AO688224

    Notes to Tables

    (i) Staff working on contributory benefit work are included.

    (ii) Abbreviations:

    • ILO-Integrated Local Office
    • AO-Area Office
    • PRIN-Principal
    • SEO-Senior Executive Officer
    • HEO-Higher Executive Officer
    • LOI-Local Officer 1
    • AO-Administrative Officer
    • AA-Administrative Assistant
    • TYP-Typist
    • SG-Security Guard
    • MESS-Messenger