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Lords Hansard for 2 April 1996 (Volume 571)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 7.56am.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id f769908e-4843-45fb-b68a-d346b9108bd4)
Colombia: "Decertification" By Us (item number 2) (id 7381c38f-87f6-4f92-84cc-544bfedad9a4)
Un Response To Emergencies (item number 3) (id c49bd57f-4911-40ff-9f6c-36c59733bfe9)
Community Health Councils: Functions (item number 4) (id d29342a2-5b52-4644-8e6e-26becf8e24da)
Construction Industry Training Board (item number 5) (id a3a21eec-ac03-4452-9e77-9d5224327eb4)
Liaison: Select Committee Report (item number 6) (id ef359319-5c6b-4c76-9889-03d3e6a1601a)
House Of Lords Offices: Select Committee Report (item number 7) (id 4cf9d3b5-9400-4ef3-a462-6b0b9d9ceac3)
Finance Bill (item number 8) (id d7040c19-bc50-48db-9042-244ad6ecf1df)
Marriage Ceremony (Prescribed Words) Bill (item number 9) (id 112d1818-8cd9-496a-bbf8-f9e6b60f0939)
Trading Schemes Bill (item number 10) (id 3e5c37c3-0d08-4800-bf36-511c6d9a35bb)
Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill Hl (item number 11) (id f44d5591-2a9c-4464-aed4-19610d422849)
Chemical Weapons Bill (item number 12) (id e49604d0-a2ae-4ba3-a641-656c019f4419)
Arbitration Bill Hl (item number 13) (id effe55bc-9d08-42e4-9302-567f53970a1c)
Deer (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Hl (item number 14) (id 0f76c56f-0014-41b8-846a-89b298eb6f4c)
Audit (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (item number 15) (id 8b13d5b4-14f7-4239-953d-d9c2e4b1e24e)
Rating (Caravans And Boats) Bill (item number 16) (id a49af690-7a44-4729-a1fc-59235d6f9230)
Social Security (Reduced Rates Of Class 1 Contributions) (Salary Related Contracted-Out Schemes) Order 1996 (item number 17) (id ceed214b-e771-47c1-8032-c4a4aac45924)
Social Security (Reduced Rates Of Class 1 Contributions And Rebates) (Money Purchase Contracted-Out Schemes) Order 1996 (item number 18) (id 05e5f948-6eeb-49ea-9067-18d1289871ae)
Social Security (Minimum Contributions To Appropriate Personal Pension Schemes) Order 1996 (item number 19) (id f628be4b-ae2e-4cd9-a48e-73a222cf98b6)
Defamation Bill Hl (item number 20) (id 1061c5f1-467e-4825-b14e-0f24d6e282f4)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 9bab65f9-ee94-474b-bff5-7261a7e5fcba)
Global Environment Facility: Annual Report (item number 2) (id 0e02c6ed-962c-468e-97fd-f7e094c094b9)
Zanzibar: Aid (item number 3) (id 5e957e3e-7f43-4449-9c17-7b026efe22d2)
Central And Eastern European States: Policing And Law Enforcement Training (item number 4) (id 9fb5d695-29f8-4083-97d9-3e8ad5d7ca8b)
Cyprus: Missing Persons (item number 5) (id 19c77a53-fb8c-45ae-9352-ab56d1d4ba09)
Saudi Arabia: Arrests Of British Nationals (item number 6) (id 0c8ae35a-b0f8-48f0-82b2-56fa51381da6)
Passenger Railway Service Provision (item number 7) (id f257a4a9-01ff-42b4-a2bc-fb11424e993b)
Crossrail (item number 8) (id acd1d373-37c0-4dab-bd47-770949f52f18)
Light Dues (item number 9) (id e8f091e2-afd0-40ad-ad49-47d79ee6176b)
Thameslink 2000 (item number 10) (id f09120a9-4f8e-4df1-afff-3f98923baed7)
Transport Research Laboratory: Sale (item number 11) (id 099ce977-75c9-4424-8ace-b44828015020)
Railways Act 1993: S139 Grants (item number 12) (id ebb1e4e8-8f20-4c1f-bd27-fe7abdc7c007)
Civil Enforcement Agents (item number 13) (id ab3ecff8-9cb2-4fdf-8d09-885c3a6456e1)
Marriage: Interdepartmental Working Party (item number 14) (id 1e4b58cd-8a8d-4a91-a920-47b1ecc9b339)
The Ombudsman: Advisory Booklet (item number 15) (id 665fe53b-5b2a-42f4-bbd3-7dda6a5f3e56)
Remploy: Annual Performance Agreement (item number 16) (id 04eef58f-f4b3-4da8-9e04-9d12e05aa86d)
Bilingual Teaching Projects (item number 17) (id 053c8bfe-aa49-44fb-858e-a4b9fb73d586)
Modern Language Teaching In Secondary Schools (item number 18) (id b2bd149c-1c42-4c1e-8442-79814f17d205)
Modern Language Skills (item number 19) (id 2caa037e-94b6-4a2d-8fcd-90d6b0c4cd77)
Grant-Maintained Schools (item number 20) (id 5fadc7e0-417a-43f2-a315-7237ef4453f1)
Downe Hall (item number 21) (id 99d5fd40-3467-4437-9f28-bea0184dfbdb)
Rough Sleepers, Gloucestershire (item number 22) (id 49112564-0d66-4401-9865-ddf7a0a0af75)
Common Agricultural Policy: Costs (item number 23) (id dd5b0f7e-15ba-4cbd-8f9b-af1ffdad3341)
Child Support Agency (item number 24) (id d5a3e23e-622a-4c73-951b-cc2ddd1a2009)
National Debt (item number 25) (id 3f3db8e0-a4fc-4ae8-b6dc-8929982b316d)
Uk Current Revenue And Spending (item number 26) (id 6dd3fbd3-7698-464c-a4f1-bab1b7d78a1a)
Uk Revenue And Spending (item number 27) (id a38c33b4-ec5f-472f-9356-b475b4651481)
Eu Common Visa List (item number 28) (id 928b6e50-4fd6-43cc-87f8-ca69b2b27df2)
Foreign Nationals: Application Forms For Leave To Enter Or Remain (item number 29) (id 304218b6-c818-4460-9ac3-95a4257a2f81)
Fbi: Representation In Uk (item number 30) (id 09ad1423-65be-4407-90b9-811dc3f3670b)
Asylum Seekers: Benefits Disentitlement (item number 31) (id 36142ac6-e50b-451d-b43d-9d669abbe3c3)
Entry Clearance And Extension Applications: Primary Purpose Rule Refusals (item number 32) (id 56f79f3c-a8de-4ca6-aeb7-77d0fab2f63b)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.