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Firearms Licensing: Home Office Circulars

Volume 590: debated on Wednesday 17 June 1998

The text on this page has been created from Hansard archive content, it may contain typographical errors.

  • (a) list all Home Office circulars issued since 1968 concerning the administration of the current Firearms Acts to date, with an explanation why some of the circulars that are issued on different topics and dates in the same year are given the same reference number; and
  • (b) list all such circulars that are issued with the same reference number, giving dates. [HL2184]
  • Home Office circulars to the police, including those on firearms matters, are numbered for reference sequentially within each year of issue. A list of all such circulars to chief officers of police on firearms licensing matters from 1968 to the present is set out below:

    196812/68Criminal Justice Act 1967
    21/68Amnesty and Appeal for Surrender
    59/68Part V of the Criminal Justice Act 1967
    155/68Firearms Act 1968
    208/68The Transfer of Functions (Prohibited Weapons) Order 1968
    258/68The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1968
    196932/69The Firearms (Dangerous Air Weapons) Rules 1969
    181/69The Firearms Rules 1969

    255/69Firearms Act 1968 Memorandum of Guidance (Revised)
    1970288/69The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1970
    1971–1974No circulars issued on firearms licensing
    197581/75The Firearms (Removal to Northern Ireland) Order 1975
    104/75The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1975
    105/75The Rehabilitation of Offenders (Exceptions) Order 1975:
    Application under the Firearms Act 1968
    1976148/75The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1976
    202/76The Firearms (Variation of Fees) (No. 2) Order 1976
    197784/77The Firearms (Removal to Northern Ireland) Order 1975
    197840/78The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1978
    197925/79The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1979
    67/79Firearms Fees
    198054/80The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1980
    1981No circulars on firearms licensing issued
    198211/82Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
    86/82Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
    198383/83I. Firearms (Certificates Granted in Great Britain and Air Weapons lawfully held in Great Britain) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1981
    II. Firearms (Removal to Northern Ireland) Order 1975
    91/83Firearms Act 1982
    92/83Firearms Act 1982
    198418/84Electric Shock Batons and Similar Devices
    47/84Working Party to Review the Administration of the Firearms Act 1968
    198529/85Working Party to Review the Administration of the Firearms Act 1968:
    I. Territorial Condition
    II. Provision of Zeroing Rifles
    198659/86The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1986
    198746/87I. The Crossbows Act 1987
    II. Territorial Conditions on Firearm Certificates
    198831/88Firearms Amnesty: Appeal for Surrender of Guns
    19892/189The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988
    45/89The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988
    75/89The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988: Visitors Permit Scheme: Removal of Firearms to Northern Ireland
    199025/90Approval of Rifle and Pistol Clubs under Section 15 of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988: New Criteria
    40/90The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1990
    19916/91The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988: Removal of Firearms to Northern Ireland
    94/91Administration of the Firearms Licensing System
    199295/92The Firearms Acts (Amendment) Regulations 1992
    199327/93The Firearms (Dangerous Air Weapons) (Amendment) Regulations Act 1993
    199437/94The Firearms (Amendment) Regulations 1994
    64/94The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 1994
    The Firearms (Period of Certificates) Order 1994
    The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 1994
    1995–1996No circulars on firearms licensing issued
    199732/97The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997
    68/97The Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997
    1998No circulars on firearms licensing issued to date.

    Home Office records from 1968 onwards do not record any circular on firearms matters having the same number as any other circular for that year. Copies of Home Office circulars to the police are routinely placed in the Library.