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Lords Hansard for 18 February 1999 (Volume 597)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 4.35pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id c228f32a-8570-4f5d-9209-28d02241368a)
Sign Language Users: Safeguards (item number 2) (id 2657b8f1-df91-468a-a0ef-1817b7d6a169)
Hedgerows: Guidance On Protection (item number 3) (id d97c029a-ec40-4a15-a0ad-6233aa198211)
Armed Forces: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (item number 4) (id 16a4d722-f638-4aa6-bd22-59c9a078e124)
Genetically Modified Food: Research (item number 5) (id 485cddd6-f215-440b-8b90-3aae29ed0641)
Easter Act 1928 (Commencement) Bill H L (item number 6) (id e0de0221-a182-4afa-818f-adb27bb34220)
London Local Authorities Bill H L (item number 7) (id 36db90ab-5000-4de9-b0f4-64ff1cf69ea1)
Baxi Partnership Limited Trusts Bill H L (item number 8) (id da5bcb60-ae8c-4aaf-8b22-089011e496c1)
City Of Newcastle Upon Tyne Bill H L (item number 9) (id e8cef8cc-e95c-4796-8750-f3b151bac3db)
Kent County Council Bill H L (item number 10) (id 3c1a6387-d5fc-4c05-8dfa-50431a1e519a)
Medway Council Bill H L (item number 11) (id 96694076-7989-4c7e-950c-2e5659309fde)
United Reformed Church Bill H L (item number 12) (id ae1146d9-244b-48bc-9217-389c4aece6a8)
Health Bill H L (item number 13) (id 6b083f65-4d62-473e-b6d0-903d665c2ead)
Road Traffic (Nhs Charges) Bill (item number 14) (id bef8fb69-cebc-4303-8c06-fd9b770f8589)
Education (Student Support) Regulations 1999 (item number 15) (id dd24949c-de25-47df-bd9b-346308f8bc13)
Education (Student Loans) (Scotland) Regulations 1999 (item number 16) (id 6656a2a3-9427-4919-860b-13881b699eca)
Education (School Performance Information) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (item number 17) (id 62c0022e-aefe-4cd5-b617-71deaf3eea58)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 02b29840-7306-4326-8286-b3a12be1eda8)
Constitution Unit Conference: Constitutional Futures (item number 2) (id 96d101fc-46bf-49a1-b8d2-e35fdf0cde20)
Labour Party Manifesto (item number 3) (id 3b6b4ae5-5eea-4353-8101-9b5de7c38ef1)
Vat (item number 4) (id 547044d2-e275-4ea7-93a9-a2b28041b09b)
Tobacco Duty (item number 5) (id a637dfd7-604f-4ae0-8deb-9ee63e5b660e)
Heinrich Muller (item number 6) (id 90720206-9da4-4c6b-a7d6-c3c718fe4e5d)
European Convention On Human Rights: Article 14 (item number 7) (id 8837fdc0-21c4-47f7-9a65-06d815b343ed)
Yemen And Aden: British Representation (item number 8) (id 599956a6-58d5-4df2-b8de-3b008882df72)
Turkey: Council Of Europe Mission (item number 9) (id e552692d-96dd-4a93-ab32-574c516c43a1)
International Instruments: Violations (item number 10) (id d51b77cf-5115-4843-b962-ff43ac2db009)
Bbc World Service: Middle East (item number 11) (id 88b17d31-6bde-4f49-932a-177480fe0dfa)
General Pinochet: Vatican Representations (item number 12) (id a834465d-72a2-4f83-b84e-99a81e55ea13)
Angola: Global Witness Report (item number 13) (id f98190a9-39bb-47b6-a96a-869115fbf27b)
European Commission For Democracy Through Law (item number 14) (id 8aaddd65-3f03-463a-afe4-1880e0ae4c70)
Iran: Mr Abbas Amir-Entezam (item number 15) (id c87fc6c3-6f8f-4af4-a48f-a6df8b34119c)
Eu Policy Planning And Early Warning Unit (item number 16) (id 687cbb15-cf40-4ea5-a321-c003bd161709)
Eu Associate Members: Arms Export Controls (item number 17) (id af145c01-6eb6-46b4-addb-47f3acaa66f3)
Eu Middle East Special Envoy (item number 18) (id 08211496-520a-42ef-b8a4-bf66432d09cb)
Eu Policy: Palestinian Administration (item number 19) (id a06f8654-413f-4c5e-bb9c-d32c3bfbcd2f)
Zimababwe (item number 20) (id 7ca567cb-1414-4e89-b576-c6c1d4f626f9)
Prison Service: Information Technology (item number 21) (id 739b596e-eefe-42db-9a74-574a6b416cde)
Police Stop And Search Powers (item number 22) (id f04fcc5c-fea2-4f2d-b213-c887d38ce96c)
Welsh Community Health Councils: Aggregate Budget (item number 23) (id 05827339-92aa-4dec-9f39-973f1be9ad71)
General Pinochet And Mod (item number 24) (id 1db07581-0c87-4ae2-827d-c525a6f6b973)
Airborne Stand-Off Radar (item number 25) (id 6675d5ef-8380-4864-954c-d7af40d3a8bd)
Vat On Postal Services (item number 26) (id 836d7446-344f-4171-9fcd-9cb5a5543a7c)
Standard Spending Assessments (item number 27) (id 22b4c173-6638-47a6-9c82-8180f70448d8)
Vehicle Excise Duty: Special Types Vehicles (item number 28) (id 76906430-3d87-48dc-a2cb-446187e926e7)
Calf Processing Aid Scheme (item number 29) (id c23cc338-7102-4cde-813e-db2f98c84a97)
Hormone Growth Promoters (item number 30) (id c4c65bf4-e6f3-4d8b-b2e5-9e50b4e7334e)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.