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Variant Cjd

Volume 622: debated on Wednesday 28 February 2001

The text on this page has been created from Hansard archive content, it may contain typographical errors.

asked Her Majesty's Government:Whether they will update the table showing deaths from new vCJD, published in the

Official Report—of 27 March 2000 ( W A55 and 56). [HL572]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health
(Lord Hunt of Kings Heath)

An updated table is provided as follows. It includes information relating to known deaths from variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (vCJD) up to 2 February 2001. It supersedes the data provided on 27 March 2000, and contains some corrections.

Tabel 1: Variant CJD cases in the United Kingdom, by month and year of death, dale of onset of symptoms and date \CJD was confirmed
Date of deathDate of onset of symptomsDate vCJD confirmed
May 1995Jun 1994Sep 1995
Nov 1995Jan 1995Jan 1996
Nov 1995Dec 1994Jan 1996
Jan 1996Feb 1994Jan 1996
Jan 1996Jul 1994Jan 1996
Feb 1996Mar 1995Mar 1996
Feb 1996Jan 1995Mar 1996
Feb 1996Aug 1994Feb 1996
May 1996Aug 1995Mar 1996
Jun 1996Jan 1995Apr 1996
Jun 1996Jan 1994July 1996
Sep 1996July 1995Sep 1996
Nov 1996Dec 1995*
Feb 1997Dec 1995June 1997
Feb 1997Dec 1994July 1997
Mar 1997Oct 1995May 1997
Mar 1997Mar 1996Feb 1997
May 1997Mar 1996June 1997
May 1997Mar 1994Sep 1995
Jun 1997Jan 1996Jun 1997
July 1997Nov 1996Oct 1997
Oct 1997Oct 1996Nov 1997

Tabel 1: Variant CJD cases in the United Kingdom, by month and year of death, dale of onset of symptoms and date vCJD was confirmed

Date of death

Dale of onset of symptoms

Date vCJD confirmed

Dec 1997Jan 1996Sep 1996
Jan 1998Feb 1997Mar 1998
Mar 1998Sep 1995May 1998
Apr 1998Mar 1996Jun 1998
May 1998May 1996May 1998
Aug 1998Jul 1997Oct 1998
Aug 1998Jul 1997Oct 1998
Oct 1998Nov 1997Oct 1998
Oct 1998May 1996Nov 1998
Oct 1998Nov 1997Nov 1998
Oct 1998Jul 1997Nov 1998
Oct 1998Oct 1997Dec 1998
Nov 1998Nov 1997Feb 1999
Nov 1998Apr 1998Feb 1999
Nov 1998Mar 1998


Dec 1998Dec 1996


Dec 1998Aug 1997Oct 1999
Dec 1998May 1998Feb 1999
Dec 1998Dec 1997Mar 1999
Jan 1999Feb 1998Feb 1999
Feb 1999Dec 1997Sep 1999
Feb 1999Oct 1997Jun 1999
Feb 1999Dec 1997May 1999
May 1999Jan 1998Mar 2000
Jul 1999May 1998Jul 1999
Aug 1999Jan 1999Aug 1999
Aug 1999Jun 1998Nov 1999
Sep 1999Dec 1998Sep 1999
Oct 1999July 1998Dec 1999
Oct 1999Mar 1999Sep 2000
Oct 1999Jul 1998Jan 2000
Nov 1999May 1998Dec 1999
Nov 1999Feb 1999Aug 2000
Dec 1999Jun 1999May 2000
Jan 2000Apr 1999Jan 2000
Feb 2000Apr 1999Apr 2000
Feb 2000Jun 1998Jun 2000
Mar 2000Sep 1998May 2000
Mar 2000Sep 1998Apr 2000
Mar 2000May 1999Jun 2000
Apr 2000Feb 1998


Apr 2000May 1999Aug 2000
Apr 2000Apr 1999Aug 2000
May 2000May 1999


May 2000Apr 1999Jun 2000
May 2000Jul 1998Aug 2000
Jun 2000Jul 1999+
June 2000Mar 1997Jun 2000
Jul 2000Mar 1999Aug 2000
Jul 2000Aug 1999Sep 2000
Jul 2000Oct 1998Sep 2000
Aug 2000Jan 2000Oct 2000
Aug 2000Jun 1999Aug 2000
Aug 2000Jul 1999Nov 2000
Aug 2000Oct 1999Oct 2000
Sep 2000Dec 1999+
Sep 2000Oct 1999Oct 2000
Sep 2000Nov 1999


Oct 2000Dec 1999Oct 2000
Oct 2000Jul 1998Dec 2000
Nov 2000Dec 1999+
Nov 2000Mar 2000Jan 2001
Jan 2001Nov 1998


Jan 2001Aug 2000+

* Cases not confirmed neucopathologically and therefore classed as "probable vCJD'

+ Cases who have died with post mortem result awaited

Table 2: vCJD cases in the UK by age at death

Age at death

Number of Cases


asked Her Majesty's Government:Whether the detailed research that is undertaken on the life and habits of victims of new variant CJD has included, or will from now include, a record of whether or not they have been blood donors. [HL594]

The standard questionnaire used by National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit staff, when obtaining information about patients, includes a question on whether the patient has ever been a blood donor, and also asks for the dates) and place(s) of any donation(s).