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Raf: Hercules C130

Volume 670: debated on Monday 14 March 2005

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asked Her Majesty's Government:How many C130 Hercules transport aircraft are in service; on what date each of them was brought into service; how many air miles each has flown; how many times each of them has taken off and landed; and when each was most recently assessed for potential metal fatigue. [HL1413]

There are 25 Hercules C130K and 25 Hercules C130J aircraft currently in service with the Royal Air Force.Structural fatigue on the each of the Hercules C130K aircraft is assessed every 14 days. The Hercules C130J is a more modern aircraft and is fitted with an on-board structural health monitoring (SHM) system. The SHM assesses structural fatigue damage after every flight.In the following table "flying hours" is used instead of "air miles" because the former more accurately reflects the usage of the aircraft. The distance travelled by an aircraft does not form part of the data used to maintain the Hercules C130 fleet.

Tail numberVersionDate in serviceFlying hoursLandings
XV196C130K Mk1Aug 6725,96220,159
XV200C130K Mk1Oct 6725,26623,055
XV205C130K Mk1Nov6725,11419,265
XV206C130K Mk1Nov6725,58222,124
XV295C130K Mk1May 6824,51223,620
XVI77C130K Mk3Feb 6726,76917,957
XVI84C130K Mk3May 6728,68223,429
XV188C130K Mk3Jul 6726,74420,724
XV197C130K Mk3Aug 6727,91520,890
XV199C130K Mk3Oct 6728,89822,115
XV202C130K Mk3Nov 6728,61020,672
XV209C130K Mk3Nov 6726,46517,282
XV212C130K Mk3Jan 6829,28019,559
Tail numberVersionDate in serviceFlying hoursLandings
XV214C130K MK3Jan 6827,09518,404
XV217Cl30K MK3Mar 6829,39620,885
XV220Cl30K MK3Feb 6829,73220,930
XV221C130K MK3Feb 6828,04819,199
XV290Cl30K MK3Mar 6828,82118,454
XV294Cl30K MK3Aug 6826,65918,963
XV299Cl30K MK3Aug 6828,25220,004
XV301Cl30K MK3Jun 6827,69619,468
XV303Cl30K MK3Jul 6829,19819,150
XV304C130K Mk3Jul 6828,92218,913
XV305C130K MK3Sep 6827,76016,574
XV307C130K MK3Aug 6829,75519,391
ZH865C130J MK4Aug 983,7491,838
ZH866C130J MK4Aug 004,4932,618
ZH867C130J MK4Aug 004,2642,440
ZH868C130J MK4Jun 013,0071,473
ZH869C130J MK4Jul 004,2052,269
ZH870C130J MK4Apr 004,0871,707
ZH871C130J Mk4Nov 98314569
ZH872C130J MK4Mar 003,9671,607
ZH873C130J MK4Apr 004,1501,979
ZH874C130J MK4May 004,1502,143
ZH875C130J MK4Nov 993,9481,667
ZH876C130J MK4Dec 994,2171,808
ZH877C130J MK4Dec 994,2181,911
ZH878C130J MK4Nov 993,0411,298
ZH879C130J MK4Jun 003,8751,843
ZH880C130J MK5Apr 996751,317
ZH881C130J MK5Sep 002,8721,868
ZH882C130J MK5Oct 003,0911,773
ZH883C130J MK5Mar 012,6391,752
ZH884C130J MK5Mar 011,5601,276
ZH885C130J MK5Apr 012,3721,918
ZH886C130J MK5May 011,244946
ZH887C130J MK5May 011,9381,632
ZH888C130J MK5Oct 00674452
ZH889C130J MK5Nov 00916924