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Armed Forces: Trained Strength

Volume 687: debated on Wednesday 6 December 2006

asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether they will provide, in tabular form, details of the current trained strength of (a) regular, and (b) reserve personnel in (i) the Army; (ii) the Royal Navy; and (iii) the Royal Air Force; and how many in each category are planned to be abroad on 15 December. [HL46]

The information is in the tables.

UK Regular Forces trained strength at 1 October 2006

Naval Service



UK Regular Forces1




Source: DASA

1 Figures are for UK Regular Forces trained personnel, and therefore exclude Gurkhas, full-time reserve service personnel, the home service battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment and mobilised reservists.

Regular and volunteer reserve strength at 1 October 2006 is as below

Naval Service1,2



Regular Reserve




Volunteer Reserve



1,460 p

1 Source of naval service regular reserve data is Director Naval Career Management (DNCM)-Reserves. Source of naval service volunteer reserve data is Fleet Commander Maritime Reserves (CMR).

2 Naval service regular reserve figure includes personnel serving on full-time reserve service (FTRS). Naval service volunteer reserve figure excludes FTRS.

3 Army volunteer reserve figure includes group A & B, mobilised TA and Officer Training Corps, but excludes non-regular permanent staff (NRPS) and FTRS.

4 Army reserves figures are for trained and untrained personnel. This is to ensure consistency with official reserve national statistics and for ease of comparison with the TA requirement which comprises both trained and untrained personnel.

5 Army regular reserve figure includes mobilised regular reserve, but excludes long-term reserve, pensioners and Regular Army reserve of officers (RARO).

6 RAF reserve figures are for trained and untrained personnel, as it is currently not possible to split RAF reserve personnel by training indicator.

7 RAF reserve (RAFR) figure is for active RAFR only; it does not include those who have left the service and have reserve liability. The figure comprises FTRS, additional duties commitment (ADC) personnel, part-time personnel and sponsored reserves. The latest available figure including non-active RAFR personnel is 7,790; this is based on data at the 1 April 2006 situation date.

8 RAF volunteer reserve figure includes mobilised volunteer reserve and FTRS.

Figures are rounded to the nearest 10.

p denotes provisional. Due to the introduction of a new personnel administration system for RAF, UK Regular Forces and FTRS, RAF data are provisional and subject to review.

In the process of answering this Question, it was found that a previous Answer which I gave on 8 November 2006 (Official Report, col. WA 164) to a similar Question was incorrect, for which I apologise. The correct figure for the naval service regular reserve for 1 September 2006 was 10,390. It should also be noted that the Army and RAF figures included in that Answer were for both trained and untrained strength. Due to the deployment and movement of personnel changing continuously, it is not possible to say how many personnel will be abroad on 15 December.