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Schools: Spending

Volume 698: debated on Monday 28 January 2008

asked Her Majesty's Government:

What is the level of primary school spending per head in (a) Wales; (b) England; (c) Scotland; and (d) Northern Ireland; and [HL1452]

What is the level of secondary school spending per head in (a) Wales; (b) England; (c) Scotland; and (d) Northern Ireland. [HL1454]

The tables below provide the available information for Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The figures provided are not comparable for the reasons set out in the notes:

(a) Wales—Net current revenue expenditure per primary and secondary pupil in Wales

2006-07 Wales (£ per pupil)






1. The figures supplied are taken from the revenue outturn forms and will differ from published per pupil data for 2006-07 as the previously published figures for 2006-07 were budgeted.

2. All pupil numbers are adjusted to be on a financial year basis.

3. The figures are not comparable with the figures supplied by Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.

4. Expenditure on pupils by age is not collected by Wales.

(b) England—School based expenditure per pupil1,2 and combined local authority and school based expenditure per pupil3 in England during 2006-07

2006-07 England (£ per pupil)

Primary school based expenditure per pupil 1,4,5


Secondary school based expenditure per pupil1,2,4,5


Combined local authority and school based expenditure per pupil3,4,5



1. School based expenditure includes only expenditure incurred directly by local authority maintained schools. This includes the pay of teachers and school-based support staff, school premises costs, books and equipment, and certain other supplies and services, less any capital items funded from recurrent spending and income from sales, fees and charges and rents and rates. This excludes the central cost of support services such as home to school transport, local authority administration and the financing of capital expenditure. The pupil data are drawn from the DCSF Annual Schools Census adjusted to be on a financial year basis.

2. Secondary school based expenditure includes any sixth form expenditure by local authority maintained secondary schools.

3. Combined local authority and school based expenditure includes all expenditure on the education of children in local authority maintained establishments and pupils educated by the authority other than in maintained establishments. This includes both school based expenditure and all elements of central LA expenditure except youth and community and capital expenditure from revenue (CERA). Certain elements of central local authority expenditure cannot be attributed to a particular phase of education and consequently a sector breakdown is not available. Pupil figures include all pre-primary pupils, including those under 5s funded by the authority and being educated in private settings, pupils educated in maintained mainstream schools and any other local authority maintained pupils. All pupil numbers are adjusted to be on a financial year basis.

4. The expenditure is drawn from local authorities Section 52 Outturn Statements (Table A) submitted to the DCSF. 2006-07 data are subject to change by the local authority.

5. Figures are rounded to the nearest £10.

6. Cash terms figures as reported by local authorities as at 18 January 2008.

(c) Scotland—Gross revenue expenditure per primary and secondary pupil in Scotland

2005-06 Scotland (£ per pupil)

Gross revenue expenditure per Primary pupil


Gross revenue expenditure per Secondary pupil



1. 2005-06 is the most recent financial data available for Scotland.

2. The data are drawn from Expenditure on School Education 2005-06.

(d) Northern Ireland—Expenditure figures per primary and post-primary pupils in Northern Ireland

2006-07 Northern Ireland (£ per pupil)1,2,3,4



Post Primary





1. The figures relate to the latest available per capita expenditure figures for primary and post-primary schools in Northern Ireland.

2. The available figures relate to 2006-07 and include all expenditure within schools delegated budgets and expenditure by the Department and Education and Library Boards which is directly attributable to schools.

3. The range of services provided by funding authorities here and the levels of delegation to schools are quite different from those in other parts of the UK.

4. Education and Library Boards provide the school meals service centrally in Northern Ireland and therefore expenditure is not delegated to school level.