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House of Lords Hansard
Communications Committee
06 November 2017
Volume 785

Citizenship and Civic Engagement Committee

Deputy Chairmen of Committees

Membership Motions

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Communications Committee

That Baroness Stowell of Beeston and Lord Goodlad be appointed members of the Select Committee in place of Lord Henley and Lord Finkelstein, resigned and that Lord Gilbert of Panteg be appointed Chairman.

Citizenship and Civic Engagement Committee

That Baroness Eaton be appointed a member of the Select Committee in place of Baroness Stedman-Scott, resigned.

Deputy Chairmen of Committees

That the following members be appointed to the panel of members to act as Deputy Chairmen of Committees for this session:

Finlay of Llandaff, B, Lexden, L, Newlove, B, Palmer of Childs Hill, L, Rogan, L.

Motions agreed.