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Arrangement of Business

Volume 824: debated on Monday 12 September 2022


My Lords, noble Lords should remember that taking the oath does not require signing the Code of Conduct, and it should take 24 seconds each time. So we will get through your Lordships in a timely fashion, I am sure.

I remind noble Lords also that, when passing the Lord Speaker or the Deputy Speaker, they do not need to shake hands, but an acknowledgement will be received by the Lord Speaker. A small number of Deputy Speakers will be on duty on the Woolsack during the course of the afternoon and early evening. Therefore, it would be a courtesy to allow the Deputy Speakers to take their oaths first. After that, noble Lords will queue in the normal way—although Saturday evening’s example is not one I would like to see followed. It would also be a courtesy to the House and to those of our noble friends who have disabilities to let them take the oath in a timely fashion.

The House will adjourn periodically during the course of the afternoon, and it is envisaged that we will rise by 8 pm. Any information relating to adjournments will be on the annunciator. Please will noble Lords play their part with their usual good manners?