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UK Operations in Afghanistan: Reserves Call-Out Order

Volume 617: debated on Friday 18 November 2016

With the expiry of the call-out order made on 1 November 2015[1], a new order has been made under section 56(1B) of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 to enable reservists to be called into permanent service in support of United Kingdom operations in Afghanistan.

Under the call-out order made on 1 November 2015, 146 reservists have been called out for operations. We anticipate a continued requirement for reservists, with the right skills and experience, over the period the new order will be in force. This is fully in line with our policy of having more capable, usable, integrated and relevant reserve forces.

The order took effect from the beginning of 9 November 2016 and ceases to have effect at the end of 8 November 2017.

[1] Call-out order authorising the call out of reserve forces for operations in Afghanistan, signed 1 November 2015.