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Pharmaceutical Consumer Product Labelling in Relation to Animal Safety

Volume 728: debated on Tuesday 21 February 2023

The petition of Adrian Paul,

Declares that current pharmaceutical laws do not currently appear to force manufacturers of medicines and medical treatments, in particular creams, to add warnings to their product packaging about their toxicity to pets and other animals; notes that without these warnings pets and animals can be accidentally and unintentionally injured, suffer and die; further declares that the petitioner’s own pet cat suffered greatly, and died with four days, as a result of his application of Bayer’s Germolene antiseptic cream to wounds of his cat’s face, further declares that warnings on products should clearly and emphatically state, in sufficiently large capital letters, that their products are ‘for human use only’ and ‘Warning: this product is toxic to pets and animals.”

The Petitioner therefore requests that the House of Commons urge the Government to urgently introduce legislation that forces UK pharmaceutical companies, as well as those who import medicinal products to the UK, to clearly label any products which are toxic to pets and animals, with special regard to products which can lead to the death of pets and animals.

And the petitioners remain, etc.]