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Volume 748: debated on Tuesday 16 April 2024


Tuesday 16 April 2024


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Warwickshire Hunt

The petition of residents of Warwickshire,

Declares that on Wednesday December 14 2022, Warwickshire Police issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) to the Warwickshire Hunt Limited after repeated anti-social use of public roads in Warwickshire; notes that the hunt put in an appeal meaning the CPN was unenforceable until the appeal had been heard; further notes that the CPN would have been a sensible and reasonable solution to keep the community safe on the roads; further notes that days before it was due in court, Warwickshire Police dropped the CPN, replacing it with a non-legally binding ‘protocol’; further notes that Warwickshire Police are refusing to publish the contents of this secret agreement they now have with the Warwickshire Hunt; further notes that it has been reported that Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is a membership of Countryside Alliance which campaigns for fox hunting; and further declares that it would be in the best interests of the public and police to bring full transparency to this issue and make the protocol public.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to require that Warwickshire Police publish the contents of the protocol.

And the petitioners remain etc.—[Presented by Matt Western, Official Report, 25 March 2024; Vol. 747, c. 1362.]


Observations from the Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire (Chris Philp):

The Government recognise that hunting is an emotive matter for all those who legally participate in, and protest against, hunting, as well as members of the wider community. It is right that police forces take an independent and impartial operational stance in line with current legislation.

Warwickshire Police put a protocol in place after the withdrawal of the CPM in regard to the 2023-24 season to address road safety concerns. That protocol has now concluded. Publication of that document is a matter for Warwickshire Police.

Warwickshire Police will publish a public code of behaviour before the start of the 2024-25 season, setting out the expectations for anyone taking part in trail hunting activities in the county.

Warwickshire Police recognise the importance of balancing the rights of residents, those who wish to trail hunt within the law, and those who wish to legally protest. Warwickshire Police will continue to engage and work with all parties before and during the next season.

Warwickshire police have also provided an updated statement on the issue which can be found here: