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National Asylum Support Service

Volume 622: debated on Monday 19 February 2001

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asked Her Majesty's Government:Whether they will list by number and title the National Asylum Support Service Policy Bulletins which are currently applicable. [HL690]

A list of the current National Asylum Support Service (NASS) Policy Bulletins is shown by number and title in the table below.

NASS Policy BulletinsSubject
Policy Bulletin 1Supercal
Policy Bulletin 2Sharing
Policy Bulletin 3Supercal
Policy Bulletin 4Threshold Table
Policy Bulletin 5Backdating Vouchers
Policy Bulletin 6Asylum Process Overview
Policy Bulletin 7Failure to travel [Superseded—Deleted]
Policy Bulletin 8Initial Consideration in Allocation
Policy Bulletin 9Asylum Support Adjudications
Policy Bulletin 10Social Security Benefits, Homelessness assistance and Local Authority Support
Policy Bulletin 11Mixed Households
Policy Bulletin 12Refusals
Policy Bulletin 13Judicial Review [Superseded Deleted]
Policy Bulletin 14Failure to travel [Superseded—Deleted]
Policy Bulletin 15NASS Roll-out
Policy Bulletin 16Kent Disbenefited Cases
Policy Bulletin 17Failure to Travel
Policy Bulletin 18Racial Harassment
Policy Bulletin 19Medical Foundation
Policy Bulletin 20Voucher breakdown
Policy Bulletin 21Medical Foundation (Emergency Accommodation)
Policy Bulletin 22Discontinuation
Policy Bulletin 23Appeals Process
Policy Bulletin 24Subs only
Policy Bulletin 25Failure to travel (addendum)
Policy Bulletin 26Oakington
Policy Bulletin 27Disbenefited cases
Policy Bulletin 28Travel
Policy Bulletin 29Transition at Age 18 (Amended 9/2/01)
Policy Bulletin 30Human Rights 1998
Policy Bulletin 31Dispersal Guidelines (Amended 9/2/01)
Policy Bulletin 32Cancelling Accommodation
Policy Bulletin 33Age Disputes
Policy Bulletin 34Additional Single Payments
Policy Bulletin 35Acid record not found
Policy Bulletin 36Emergency Accommodation Monitoring
Policy Bulletin 37Maternity Payment
Policy Bulletin 38Grace Periods
Policy Bulletin 39Support rate change
Policy Bulletin 40Supercal updated
Policy Bulletin 41Dealing with representations in respect of an asylum claim
Policy Bulletin 42Initial Accommodation [Withdrawn]
Policy Bulletin 43HC2 Certificates
Policy Bulletin 44Referring Files to other Sections
Policy Bulletin 45Initial Accommodation
Policy Bulletin 46Northern Ireland
Policy Bulletin 47Judicial Review

asked Her Majesty's Government:How many asylum seekers have died while being supported by the National Asylum Support Service; and what were the causes of death. [HL691]

asked Her Majesty's Government:Whether an investigation is taking place into the management, structure, efficiency or performance of the National Asylum Support Service; and, if so, who is undertaking it; what are its terms of reference; who has commissioned it; and to whom and when is a report to be delivered. [HL689]

The National Asylum Support Service has been working with a consultant from INEX Consulting commissioned through the S-CAT framework. The terms of reference were to:Determine where workflow and document management techniques could bring benefits. Possibly propose changes to the current processes (though s/he should be aware of restrictions which legal and audit requirements, such as the separation of duties, place upon the possible alternatives).A draft report was received on 15th February and is under consideration.An interim evaluation of the National Asylum Support Service has been undertaken by external consultants. Following competitive tender, Deloitte Touche were commissioned by the Home Office Research, Development and Statistics Directorate to carry out an interim evaluation of NASS. Deloitte Touche terms of reference were to:

  • monitor and report on the efficiency and effectiveness with which the new asylum support arrangements are being implemented and operated;
  • make recommendations for improvement where necessary.

The report was delivered to NASS management in October 2000.