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Arrangement of Business

Volume 803: debated on Thursday 30 April 2020


The announcement was made in a Virtual Proceeding via video call.

My Lords, virtual proceedings of the House of Lords will now begin. I remind Members that these proceedings are subject to parliamentary privilege and what we say is available to the public both in Hansard and to those listening and watching. We are resuming our live-streaming today, so are very much back on air. I remind participating Members that their microphones will be set to mute, and that they should unmute their microphones shortly before we reach their place in the speakers’ list. Members are asked not to use the group chat function.

The Virtual Proceedings on Oral Questions will now commence. I will call each Oral Question in the normal way. I will then call on the Minister to make the initial response. Then I will call on the noble Lord who asked the original Question to ask their supplementary question. The Minister will again respond, and I will then call in turn those Lords asking supplementary questions as listed on the speakers’ list. Please ensure that questions and answers are short, because if they are not it excludes other people. I apologise in advance if it is not possible for everyone to be called. I ask each speaker to ensure that their microphone is unmuted prior to asking a supplementary question. Each speaker’s microphone will be returned to mute once their supplementary question has finished. In accordance with the guidance agreed by the Procedure Committee, I remind Members that if they are not listed it is not possible to ask a supplementary question, nor to take part in proceedings.