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Arrangement of Business

Volume 811: debated on Tuesday 13 April 2021


My Lords, the hybrid Grand Committee will now begin. Some Members are here in person, others are participating remotely, but all Members will be treated equally. I ask Members in the Room to respect social distancing. If the capacity of the Committee Room is exceeded, or other safety requirements are breached, I will immediately adjourn the Committee.

As we expect a further Division in the House, we have agreed that the Committee will adjourn now until five minutes after the vote has been called on Amendment 6, if that vote is called. I remind the Committee that, should there be a further Division, we will also adjourn for five minutes. So the Committee now stands adjourned until we know whether there has been a decision on Amendment 6 to call a voteā€”and, if there is, five minutes after that decision has been taken.

Sitting suspended for a Division in the House.