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Restoration and Renewal Programme Board

Volume 827: debated on Wednesday 8 February 2023

Message from the Commons

A message was brought from the Commons that it:

(1) notes the report from the House of Commons Commission and the House of Lords Commission on the membership of the Restoration and Renewal Programme Board, HC 1071, dated 24 January 2023;

(2) notes the names of the Members of the House of Lords proposed to be appointed by that House;

(3) appoints the Leader of the House and the Shadow Leader of the House, or their delegates, as members of the Restoration and Renewal Programme Board, together with Nigel Evans, Wera Hobhouse, and the Clerk of the House of Commons;

(4) appoints Paul Duffree, Steve Hails and Sir Jonathan Stephens as external members of the Board; and

(5) appoints Nigel Evans as Chair of the Board.

House adjourned at 10.03 pm.