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Commons Hansard for 2 December 1943 (Volume 395)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 1.20am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 5c500a59-3e08-4a5d-bd18-8ae4e82990aa)

Oral Answers To Questions

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Unemployment Insurance (Salary Limit) (item number 1) (id f3757982-c2f9-4050-a825-a1439b9e362a)
Industrial Hereditaments (De-Rating) (item number 1) (id 4c1edeb3-c7c8-4b8f-b383-7a69b30a0341)
Local Authorities (Boundaries) (item number 1) (id aa3a305a-cfc3-444c-aab2-0976b8aa546e)
Armed Forces (Pensions And Grants) (item number 1) (id e89f0797-b1d2-4eff-9313-8c96cfdf213f)
Defence And Evacuation Areas (item number 1) (id bb2e36eb-589e-4e31-85b1-c6c08838188e)
Burma (Political Future) (item number 1) (id ab983823-c0c6-4540-a04a-05141c39b937)
Three-Power Conference, North Africa (Premature Broadcast) (item number 1) (id 54be02b4-44f4-4920-a1d0-c22266dd6675)
Questions To Ministers (item number 1) (id 190eb922-44c7-4688-b839-94753c97bbdf)
Coalmining (Compulsory Recruitment) (item number 3) (id 8e9f0e7e-4ee7-43a7-9f65-9ca9f67762c1)
Business Of The House (item number 4) (id 9a101d27-d51f-4b86-b5e3-28ccc43928d5)
Dominion Affairs (item number 7) (id 3b86a07e-9047-4d5d-a2b4-491bd4232d0c)
Expiring Laws Continuance Bill (item number 8) (id ab5b0f50-6591-4049-98e7-e85401980df0)
Expiring Laws Continuance Money (item number 9) (id d7a12951-8059-4b33-9c48-500a373aaed4)
Kitchen And Refreshment Rooms (House Of Commons) (item number 10) (id c32eccf6-84ea-4225-9595-6a98cd4b54af)
National Expenditure (item number 11) (id d6f5f3dc-249a-4952-999b-e15b34d8fbf7)
Adjournment (item number 12) (id fda70480-d2dc-428f-98ea-ee568d72e5e1)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 01ca3082-3c7e-4c84-bac9-f9b15c058185)
Requisitioned Premises, Bathgate (item number 6) (id aed323a8-abc8-4392-81dc-15f11cc230cd)
Flax Prices, Northern Ireland (item number 7) (id bcde7db4-0de6-4537-a982-fe161eb5f807)
Telephone Kiosks (Coin Boxes) (item number 9) (id 5faf933e-1d95-476c-b3b0-7be4beca9379)
Repatriated Prisoners Of War (Press Arrangements) (item number 12) (id 99b123a5-7e82-4b0e-8c6d-055362d30691)
Pensions Appeal Tribunal, Leeds (item number 13) (id dd9ae9d0-b7df-4ffd-ba8c-e180da3054aa)
Supreme Court Fees (Order) (item number 14) (id faff8f0a-a5e1-42a0-9181-eea19176c962)
National Fire Service (item number 16) (id 5044a1da-6324-4de9-a83e-5523b3d16e50)
Approved Schools And Remand Homes (item number 18) (id 7e04b357-a9de-4419-9e0e-cb5f4c35c5be)
Juvenile Courts (item number 19) (id 51d27b71-1aa2-45b0-98f3-e20624d340e5)
Young Persons (Excessive Drinking) (item number 20) (id 82a7680b-636c-44fe-bb3d-4637e9fe82d9)
Sir Oswald Mosley (Release) (item number 21) (id a00e8797-e15b-4742-b2c1-3372b8872674)
Aliens (Naturalisation) (item number 22) (id ed561c3a-3b39-4b7f-85d9-d222509c61aa)
Prisons (Blacked-Out Accommodation) (item number 23) (id aa697c85-fb94-4813-bedb-a01a5a2ae900)
Magistrates' Courts (Expert Advice) (item number 24) (id d1b69805-8e8a-4aea-a63e-78c26da55ca7)
Defence Regulation 18B (Detentions) (item number 25) (id 21813ea6-9cc6-4115-9fbe-1c0d431eaef0)
Eire Travel Permits (Members Of Parliament) (item number 26) (id 3faa5080-933f-402a-be0e-db5432b6679e)
Cottier Tenants, Northern Ireland (Rents) (item number 27) (id 175964c3-c44f-4e8b-8695-358eda2fc858)
Refugees (Visas) (item number 28) (id c30a7762-3b77-49d6-8cd1-86ee32457a8a)
Corporal Punishment Sentences (item number 29) (id cabe00eb-52ad-4289-83b9-653ed1bb85f1)
Prisoners (Outside Employment) (item number 30) (id 622ef4e6-b1cf-4d98-a2c3-b01536c45539)
Police Powers And Duties (item number 31) (id 7e0ca0c1-b4db-423a-ace3-acc5680e8d76)
Widow's Pensions And Allowances (item number 32) (id 985abb86-6323-42be-8bf0-9fd8abd58bf9)
Royal Navy (Vaccinations) (item number 34) (id 42197c93-06f4-45ad-87f9-eae97a3c2862)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.