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Commons Hansard for 20 December 1971 (Volume 828)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 7.56am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id e67ef8f1-8f76-4449-949a-03a2ecc04256)

Oral Answers To Questions

View all Oral Answers To Questions


Welsh Tourist Board (item number 1) (id d6e03266-1662-4dbe-aef2-f02f4d5c3cdf)
Hospital Building Programmes (item number 1) (id c96eab07-12b4-4dea-9339-cb84f29638e0)
Economic Prospects (item number 1) (id 79ad6c39-6a33-421d-af96-c9113a84cf9a)
Eastern Avenue, Cardiff (item number 1) (id 73494ebf-06ca-40e5-a791-e74c4ae83edb)
Welsh Office (item number 1) (id a8318d0e-5eb1-40aa-94ad-34792b289aaa)
Domestic Heating Systems (item number 1) (id 00359a11-3f01-4d7e-a1e8-055a5bb5acfa)
Welsh Council (Discussions) (item number 1) (id 679d473b-7480-4ce6-b921-0b5bbc65d38e)
Merthyr (item number 1) (id 80d1ce46-204c-42a5-b5b4-a4bb06073488)
Ministerial Broadcast (item number 1) (id 93cc7761-ce09-4358-9cb3-7f002a024c48)
Derelict Land (item number 1) (id 9d5900c2-89b4-4a5e-850d-69dc144e1dd7)
Land For House Building (item number 1) (id 213c065b-75ec-47f7-bd95-739b5a7a1d35)
Local Authority Employees (item number 1) (id a2d09a87-998b-4ffa-9840-b9166079173c)
Council House Building (item number 1) (id 1b3daebb-d9cc-44f1-a497-1b3619856aaf)
Welsh National Water Authority (item number 1) (id ab80b290-bc9e-42d5-88ae-f298e567a0d6)
North—South Wales Route (item number 1) (id d54972ab-ff45-439e-a935-1ef373f30520)
School Milk (Merthyr) (item number 1) (id 2880fb29-e1cb-494c-97e1-8c13128e85ae)
Broughton, Flintshire (item number 1) (id b935a3fc-0453-4016-90f0-97d6ce068ecb)
Heath Hospital, Cardiff (item number 1) (id 6e478fb0-1d67-4e32-be2e-3ad8e5dcc2cc)
Primary And Nursery Schools (Mid-Wales) (item number 1) (id 80a32dbe-0136-437a-b2eb-918abd7318f2)
Caravan Sites (item number 1) (id 7a13770d-2e9a-4b8e-8a9e-981045904954)
Unemployment (item number 1) (id 3946cb82-e11a-41b5-9ee1-167178cbfa6f)
Industrial Development Certificates (item number 1) (id ca566106-359b-427b-8b04-1fea419169c6)
Drugs (Prosecutions) (item number 1) (id 6fb6e540-b886-4c7b-bfeb-ea1e4c5d46dc)
Legal Profession (Organisation) (item number 1) (id 13529066-ed4a-46d4-8c2a-4726fac3865c)
Justices Of The Peace (Appointments) (item number 1) (id 23a1d44d-e9de-4261-8ada-0b888ed2ba84)
Companies Acts (Government Action) (item number 1) (id 787a39d2-5f6e-4414-b7a9-3632729e322f)
Ex-Sergeant Challoner (item number 1) (id ee026960-05ee-44dd-bd86-b185a921dc95)
Group Of Ten (Monetary Agreement) (item number 4) (id 3dccdcdf-8fbc-4390-8ff3-a12630ee84ff)
Northern Ireland (item number 5) (id e9f44c69-c05e-4b53-93b7-4a7f075bea28)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 3e8d9aac-f1a8-4a80-93cd-9bc6fc7752a9)

Trade And Industry

Beechams-Glaxo (Merger) (item number 1) (id c97cfcaf-dede-4f48-8ccf-fc8a49162f24)
New Power Station (item number 1) (id 06097af6-10db-4b21-b874-cf6214c64f54)
Industrial Development Certificates (item number 1) (id 4ff51048-5dfd-4841-b5bf-b5d4a242d6d1)
British Summer Time (item number 1) (id 500dee5d-b13c-4752-8279-b5b2e277b1f3)
Aircraft (Smoke Suppressors) (item number 1) (id 048c198a-c918-4343-8342-ebe107c100ed)
Contracts Preference Scheme (item number 1) (id ccf68fca-929b-4559-ac18-551ea107a77b)
Miners' Redundancy Scheme (item number 1) (id 506c439b-ff16-430f-8d73-087260890310)
Coal (Imports) (item number 1) (id a14e1d7c-c8e4-433c-b50c-30e0e21e3117)
Nationalised Industry (Postal Codes) (item number 1) (id 65f0b68d-a017-4345-8837-8081e1d2740f)
Govan Shipbuilders (item number 1) (id e8e24fe0-de61-4ef8-813b-a4242090ea7b)
Shipbuilding (Subsidies) (item number 1) (id a00fb557-efc0-48c1-9cd6-dc110cabca2e)
Upper Clyde (item number 1) (id 02c656ec-0d32-423b-b4d5-64f25b5a3689)
Industrial Estates (Gower) (item number 1) (id 292bbd3f-783c-4965-b250-2f3cf38582df)
European Economic Community (item number 1) (id d1641d43-8e84-4341-88bb-f185a9cccdf5)
Concorde (item number 1) (id e52a0317-d618-468c-9556-7499d24b1362)
Cynheidre Colliery (Accident) (item number 1) (id 7689b5ab-a814-4820-bfe1-ae7450782285)
Ferro-Alloys (item number 1) (id d369c25e-fa25-44e8-82d3-434b6291a1f0)
Rb211 Engine (item number 1) (id 38c5df79-a627-4b82-bdc0-7a4b6f381ead)
Fuel Policy (item number 1) (id 213e9ffc-49f2-4cd9-b3d2-bee3da72c67e)
Central Electricity Generating Board (Building Programme) (item number 1) (id 4d41ad4e-2a4f-4725-860f-f22745879855)
Monopolies Commission (Staff) (item number 1) (id 691efa91-8226-4ffd-b531-148af664232f)
Factory, Carfin Industrial Estate (item number 1) (id e3923cf1-850f-4363-ad7f-f528a6a5e61b)
Japanese Wool Cloth (item number 1) (id ea1d91e9-10ce-4663-927a-1c75c33c9c30)
Factory (Houghton-Le-Spring Industrial Estate) (item number 1) (id 95884ec8-285e-44e9-b419-733f8cf65297)
Hallmarking (item number 1) (id 4ceb5694-c7c9-45b0-ab3c-3792bb72f5d8)
Civil Aviation Authority (Appointments) (item number 1) (id 20da1104-eafc-4dbc-a61d-743ee6d10421)
Employment (Hartlepool) (item number 1) (id 6fdff38e-b1f5-46f9-85d7-8f64e59c5efd)
Companies Act (item number 1) (id c074662c-9f6b-4746-a0a9-b61a642a49c4)
Israel (item number 1) (id 0fc96b1d-c104-486b-ab6d-0ea68a9b56ed)
National Federation Of Consumer Groups (item number 1) (id 15028e7b-c64c-4965-8717-3cde64b7a58b)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.