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Commons Hansard for 30 October 1980 (Volume 991)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 12.36am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 86571f98-373f-4364-948a-79a510435324)
Prayers (item number 2) (id da9844b0-d8b5-4dd4-9fab-e237c8173040)
Business Of The House (item number 4) (id 27fc2769-3fa8-4de1-bc2c-a253c3291bd4)
European Community (Fisheries Ministers' Meeting) (item number 5) (id 1cb97203-02f6-4a83-983f-1db3e922f202)
Business Of The House (item number 6) (id d030ec7d-9c85-467c-8892-fff682bb3878)
House Of Commons (Procedure) (item number 7) (id 92f5def0-d98d-4b08-a77a-8c6ffc52eceb)
Standing Or Der No 40 (Committal Of Bills) (item number 8) (id a1201e8b-cbf4-4c9c-a44e-251173b2aba0)
Special Standing Committees (item number 9) (id 03717579-a96d-4a2d-9f84-2d42c6b54447)
Standing Committee On European Community Documents (item number 10) (id f02014a5-896c-4a82-94ae-1c8e24213dd5)
European Community Legislation (item number 11) (id 26e936d5-a87f-43c7-ad33-1f5d3b4d6cb2)
Standing Order No 73A (Standing Committee On Statutory Instruments, &C) (item number 12) (id 0bf58a87-d98b-4e6b-9342-dc47c3b1d8c7)
Standing Order No 62 (Nomination Of Standing Committees) (item number 13) (id 784ca7f6-92d7-4358-98b4-14b7c817e8ea)
Standing Order No 60 (Constitution Of Standing Committees) (item number 14) (id a5c86567-de55-4ad6-8a27-2aac4e89794c)
Standing Order No 3 (Exempted Business) (item number 15) (id d05ba454-2bd4-4feb-993c-2a36a0020686)
Supply (item number 16) (id 38d78239-1504-4d85-ad25-45413b1c72a5)
Questions On Amendments (item number 17) (id acfa0327-f2c2-434e-b80a-41ec46f29c81)
Amendments To Bills (item number 18) (id af0a122a-7bad-43d2-a8b9-d128f9a8d5a1)
Leave Of Absence For Mr Speaker (item number 19) (id 896de7eb-2751-4dfd-9f3d-d9af77e96f7d)
Nomination Of Select Committees (item number 20) (id dba847e9-f234-4bc0-ac63-2684a73ca305)
Committal Of Bills (item number 21) (id 1fdd8b5a-7ebc-4826-a029-89b5573878b1)
Parliamentary Commissioner For Administration (item number 22) (id f09dbce7-3463-4ca5-b348-84a4980ea532)
Joint Committee On Consolidation, &C, Bills (item number 23) (id 1052d5f3-be9c-4e14-8764-17bcbb54d161)
Orders Of The Day Overseas Development And Co-Operation Bill Lords (item number 24) (id 87c7f8d0-3aa9-409b-a0a7-8a5aefa197cc)
Limitation Bill Lords (item number 25) (id 70dd0e14-0eba-411a-987d-37154ceb2ff7)
Statute Law Revision (Northern Ireland) Bill Lords (item number 26) (id 211ec736-b71e-4147-8e81-311b36533ee4)
Employment (Glasgow) (item number 27) (id ab401bab-cccd-4020-930d-4c2831218acb)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id d396262f-c1fa-44c2-8d64-938f276b8035)
Liverpool (item number 5) (id 085a8ece-5492-4cfe-a8ee-d0a710db2dad)
Prime Minister (Engagements) (item number 8) (id 5a00878c-6add-43a6-a769-6f0247ba64c3)
Chipping Barnet (item number 9) (id 9aff85c7-360b-477c-8f55-7d5319caf8ac)
Harrow (item number 10) (id 52889a5f-5682-49ff-952e-ccd2c0750537)
Savings Stamps (item number 11) (id 34fe1ac0-c52b-4415-9ccf-96fb3ffe72e7)
St Fergus (item number 12) (id af9eb965-9538-46c3-aa94-d7cbe0298e2f)
Wage Settlements (item number 13) (id b13349d0-b1d9-4fa8-bf7c-412a7866b483)
Tuc (item number 14) (id 5a827cd7-2a05-4f86-b5ff-01cffd1f455c)
Disabled Tenants (Departmental Co-Ordination) (item number 15) (id 6cd107cc-f64a-4948-a936-f17aef98045b)
Shoplifting (item number 18) (id dfba9707-d860-4f5d-90ae-45d12ac63aa1)

Agriculture, Fisheries And Food

Common Agricultural Policy (item number 1) (id dd805e7b-754c-4d08-a6d2-ea4dfcef07b2)
Amble Harbour (item number 1) (id 47082e37-3487-4dd9-9dd2-809f0d97a7f5)
Milk (item number 1) (id b088371c-4cbe-4e29-bb9c-d9264f7e8b6d)
Glasshouse Industry (item number 1) (id 2033d329-81c8-4ec6-bf4f-21d630d5e94f)
Poultry Farmers (item number 1) (id 14cb988a-9706-4b08-ba12-f15a935e7d66)
Farms (Hereditary Tenancies) (item number 1) (id 713d1ff3-3dba-4278-95b4-e1ea36d3ed4d)
Rabbits (item number 1) (id d79b80e6-3db1-4b6d-926e-20d850df7066)
Butter (item number 1) (id 734371bb-47ef-4bce-b512-d98ed61d6a1d)
Common Fisheries Policy (item number 1) (id 7888e406-4d20-4203-931f-9f2a9946ada7)
Badgers (item number 1) (id 42b062da-b0f8-4e2b-8b5e-d9b9e6662ab7)
European Community (Food Surpluses) (item number 1) (id 53e613f3-9db3-4735-aceb-17c777a84744)
Meat Inspectors (item number 1) (id d8673df6-cf55-495a-9fe8-86ae43767187)
Cauliflowers (item number 1) (id 897a90ae-ad03-4902-b875-721d67121f58)
New Zealand Butter (item number 1) (id 5b26f6b1-c555-4f67-b1cc-84f8e6c80707)
Intervention Board For Agricultural Produce (item number 1) (id ad6fb755-9250-4850-84fe-3acaf5a16d40)
Fishing Licences (item number 1) (id a0eef9a6-4fcf-4e34-9f88-d1b74dc5b1f0)
European Community Funds (item number 1) (id a4db7201-e7a7-455b-8d40-ea1e4437b7e3)
Lamb Exporters (item number 1) (id 354d478a-4c7a-4418-9177-56ec4a1eb4c2)
Sheepmeat (item number 1) (id dade38ff-b4f8-480e-a95f-ba9828be2d34)
School Milk (item number 1) (id e4dc67d6-c207-4f84-8099-7b56e31613b2)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.