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Commons Hansard for 7 December 1989 (Volume 163)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 3.50pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 1fec1398-ab2d-4ce4-bf1c-c01528a8840d)
Prayers (item number 2) (id df65cb5a-d1a8-4829-90de-8d0bd9d7b2b0)
Business Of The House (item number 5) (id b0a48e2b-9da4-4c40-a28e-fa455e979a9c)
Points Of Order (item number 6) (id 27171268-b3ea-4321-979e-4a6b2a61be52)
Civil Aviation Authority (Borrowing Powers) Bill (item number 7) (id b0e6ef4e-c88a-47d1-821a-efb4cd5a823c)
Voluntary Nature Conservancy Movement (item number 11) (id ffdf0b7c-b1e9-4b66-9dce-6eed1198b6f5)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 8fccebd7-e3ce-44db-93be-253c2e0c9365)


Energy Efficiency (item number 1) (id ed092ff7-7fc8-42fe-b933-29770488aa6a)
Right To Buy (item number 1) (id b7266b87-cc70-4d26-95c0-3c42696dad70)
House Prices (item number 1) (id a5b36235-c9dc-4354-95a7-d6b086ecc5cd)
Water Distribution, London (item number 1) (id 3aebf089-cd2d-4cc2-b669-f0056923a984)
Housing Benefit (item number 1) (id d3f619a8-4e8e-416e-bfbf-29587cb5f4b8)
Local Government Finance (item number 1) (id 0238ee23-92b9-4221-8ff9-98c78d743ee3)
Palace Of Westminster (item number 1) (id 1af19406-8dbb-4504-aadb-b7939e843dc0)
Public Appointments (item number 1) (id c68a3cbb-177b-495d-a479-69ec6f28b6c0)
Oakland Developments Ltd (Report) (item number 1) (id 8f3326da-f3e4-44c8-a8dd-ceea643a80f1)
British Rail Subsidy (item number 1) (id 61b52d64-5dfa-439c-8fc2-3bb4e1782ce5)
Carnwath Report (item number 1) (id e780ff06-bc82-4880-a632-344a5d27dde6)
Departmental Expenditure (item number 1) (id 9a57606b-4e67-480a-80f3-d805b81d78a9)
Groundwork Foundation (item number 1) (id 117a21e5-ca3b-4117-b438-f6634281575f)
Local Authority Dwellings (item number 1) (id 6168c4fb-d3ce-4b7d-98cd-18fa0bbc4c8f)
Enterprise Zones (item number 1) (id 76c5f200-dbea-4352-906a-42c0dff71376)
"On The Record" (item number 1) (id a0c15d7e-3411-4118-93ff-163c9ed3f1c2)
Green Dowry (item number 1) (id bacd930b-c0f8-4df5-8207-481e3c5d295a)
Mersey Basin (item number 1) (id cf74d0e0-1866-4bf5-acbd-b5308504633b)
Customer Services Committees (item number 1) (id 170703ce-619f-4ba5-91af-657035886a18)
Surface Water (item number 1) (id 460a9483-7144-4da8-9118-058e3fa9dd92)
Three Graces (Statue) (item number 1) (id e5592424-01a3-4a48-9aac-dd6700186803)
Air Pollution (item number 1) (id 14ead7be-02bf-4964-9e58-3df9fa169045)
Pollution (item number 1) (id 137747da-cac5-41f8-af43-3790ce80a22f)
Water Privatisation (item number 1) (id dd0371ab-5a17-4ee8-b543-0d21fdfb09fa)
Caravan Sites (item number 1) (id 38f28c54-81bf-460f-bcde-14f280788057)


Mentally Ill Patients (item number 1) (id e419768f-313c-4117-85e4-75f0edd08b04)
Medical Equipment (Advice) (item number 1) (id 93b29bfe-5256-4386-bc09-64419931c354)
Kidney Stone Patients (item number 1) (id 6cb390d1-4ed3-45ef-b673-a28a96d29720)
Funding (North Western Rha) (item number 1) (id 21c58c24-c653-431f-a5fe-b1c6f6357c06)
Nottingham Dha (item number 1) (id a07507a9-e914-4f36-a532-73740b5f43f3)
Tower Hamlets Dha (item number 1) (id 2a9b9b66-4c4e-4e99-ab1a-15ddbd67714a)
Health Service Reform (item number 1) (id 80a776a2-b717-4365-9a35-01faec40115d)
Patient Records (Ownership) (item number 1) (id f37c49e9-3841-40e2-8131-7ef98f6ea852)
Prescriptions (item number 1) (id 474956a0-cd33-489f-9a66-a78e13c992fe)
Ambulance Service (item number 1) (id b9b9034c-0ea8-4fae-8c5f-ddace50a8050)
Public Appointments (item number 1) (id 94a082bd-49d8-470f-81f6-bf9c5ea8ccdc)
Nhs Reform (item number 1) (id 40c932c6-cdcb-41a4-905a-b34f7ae49a0f)
Community Care (item number 1) (id f5b15240-db8b-41c1-9b82-3efcb1886b90)
Children Act (item number 1) (id 769b7bd3-c782-4bae-a8d3-5205d2027ba4)
National Care Homes Association (item number 1) (id 0570fe2e-e8cc-46da-9dd1-9a5bf716df82)
Crack (item number 1) (id fc0dd25b-eeba-4ce3-9b55-29593d6691f5)
Blood (item number 1) (id 4296b3c5-a271-4f96-9d84-b907509d1813)
Ambulance Staff (item number 1) (id a3c09016-03c6-4f14-b884-93901f97bd2c)
Residential Nursing Care (item number 1) (id 3795e4eb-9f04-473d-8415-ccb59d824a4c)
North Tynemouth District Health An0 (item number 1) (id 3c40c730-e0fa-4dd4-868c-c4c46db9c93c)

Home Department

Parole (item number 1) (id 7a4887f3-e5ea-45d4-b618-edd518f69be0)
Prison Population (item number 1) (id e4a6eb1c-d5aa-4fa2-a4b7-027bd2786fc6)
Visas (item number 1) (id cc07a4ce-0e21-4fed-9c81-315fc64439f3)
Broadcasting (item number 1) (id ce921680-f76c-4c7f-9ce8-1071e2feb484)
Electronic Tagging (item number 1) (id 9df88ee1-84e9-443b-937d-51bab067852c)
Prison Management (item number 1) (id 2ad0eadf-a988-4f9e-bf2d-0e8e6398748f)
Violent Crimes (item number 1) (id a1e6df0f-47bf-4b5b-86a1-d03ca68ed892)
"Practical Ways To Crack Crime" (item number 1) (id c5c00b12-7aa6-4010-9ffd-c606fb688e44)
Drugs (item number 1) (id 2bd46547-3111-4e8b-b2c0-586460082769)
Alcohol (item number 1) (id 37aa84cb-2a17-410b-b2d6-d99b9fb5151a)
Passports (item number 1) (id 16789a1b-09d8-466f-9a36-3b4ca7601536)
Domestic Violence (item number 1) (id 25d67cc9-0ed4-4364-b598-cdbfa46c4de5)
Pub Bombings (item number 1) (id 716c135c-87f9-45f3-82b7-aa68af8735b2)
Dpp (item number 1) (id f0721906-452a-4120-bc6a-4556996774c7)
Asylum Seekers (item number 1) (id 8d4430a4-cf7c-4b0d-9006-d1adde411be2)
Drink Driving (item number 1) (id cce0ae0a-b668-4e00-8138-836f5bd35666)
Police (item number 1) (id df4430db-eb5d-40fb-8d8f-a8c5b0b0c05f)
Probation Officers (item number 1) (id bd157144-a251-47a3-87da-ed6e9fb79aa6)
Assaults On Police (item number 1) (id 8986a01b-e477-4d3a-8398-4484d3133c07)
Crime Prevention Panels (item number 1) (id fac8051b-9738-4e7a-b28f-c71228f26eee)
Industrial Security (item number 1) (id 444f7f92-4dbb-488d-ad72-86977bd56755)
Private Security Industry (item number 1) (id fc603c4b-06c0-4e5c-afdd-3bf2bb5ac375)
Charities (item number 1) (id 11fc3996-e6eb-441a-87e8-b8b2366fc688)
Racially Motivated Attacks (item number 1) (id 90175426-e7b4-44bd-a008-f42b4380b6be)
Victim Support Schemes (item number 1) (id 390a1855-3526-467f-815f-3d4bbbf1be20)
Neighbourhood Watch (item number 1) (id 55472562-00c5-476a-9d46-44ef2bb0cd11)
Television Licences (item number 1) (id 534fda22-59eb-4c3e-b361-7a7749a80d79)
Remand Prisoners (item number 1) (id 8183a635-10c9-4ae5-8730-742b0138795d)
Phone Tapping (item number 1) (id e47b7964-ca4b-4f27-a9d6-568bc3b5442b)
Bill Of Rights (item number 1) (id d55df751-ad02-4811-92cb-ae066ea2dc14)
Harmondsworth Detention Centre (item number 1) (id 1d388679-da91-42ab-89c8-9d77797fcd97)
Safer Cities Initiative (item number 1) (id c3c525bf-1ac3-40ca-80cb-cb351e97ea22)
Channel Tunnel (item number 1) (id f9f8b7fb-aada-4dde-8389-d6daddc7e99a)
Manual Records (item number 1) (id 443f0308-5ca2-4463-af41-35f3b7d8a37c)
Prindus (item number 1) (id 4e4327ed-570d-4953-b17d-c160f2dbff00)
Police Complaints Authority (item number 1) (id 5338b963-1bdb-4ac4-9bce-beea59ab682f)
Young Offenders (item number 1) (id 350eab03-bdf5-44e4-bb90-fd08aec0fe8f)
Animal Experiments (item number 1) (id 78b75960-cb1a-4520-b176-76d103f1577a)
Animal Welfare (item number 1) (id 39c7909f-e353-4565-92d9-0de36473ebf9)
Ethnic Minorities (item number 1) (id 494b0dff-d188-4a7f-a7da-5b4ec26d8892)
Immigration (item number 1) (id 0bf67e19-3263-416c-9704-937923452c2b)
Judicial System (Appointments) (item number 1) (id 88bc4c70-a17c-47c9-a92d-dab8f2583015)
Gartree Prison (item number 1) (id cf4a0c8e-d735-44e0-a5c1-59dbe1dca6f3)
Crime Statistics (item number 1) (id a398154e-d5b6-477a-a195-248f157f4819)
Police National Computer (item number 1) (id 4f75239c-bd21-4548-9a76-c8a7a39c73b1)
Rating Reform (item number 1) (id 5e128909-685f-4dec-89b9-3b6292a6025c)
Downing Street (Access) (item number 1) (id 6f8309ee-19e9-4b5f-8410-faeb885bf329)
European Community (item number 1) (id 7c22e800-5423-487e-ae6b-f6a42460b2a6)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.