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Lords Hansard for 24 July 1986 (Volume 479)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 4.48pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id ea40258e-62a4-42f8-a8b5-4ebdbe0b3e15)
European Airlines: Competition (item number 2) (id e428eb97-c9b2-4b22-92e4-16bd53ebae6a)
Food From Britain Campaign: Support (item number 3) (id 6d0640fb-e765-40d0-9f0e-fb27a61f8791)
Boeing 747 Aircraft Inspection (item number 4) (id 0cd71b1d-3542-4cbd-bc08-3d92bbd6de02)
Community Radio Scheme (item number 5) (id dbb4b451-577b-4a9a-9f65-dc794a29f134)
Business (item number 6) (id 45226ebd-c517-41b6-a46b-724406007fdb)
Second Severn Crossing (item number 7) (id a45251fb-0b7f-4488-a60e-437e53ea2378)
Unipart And Leyland Bus (item number 8) (id 73761217-d563-4167-9997-bcc2ac169d85)
The Summer Recess (item number 9) (id e8eb9c01-f6a4-47ba-96f8-96aa79c19831)
Exeter City Council Bill Hl (item number 10) (id f0cc0cc0-834a-4742-a495-0af29bcb4501)
Social Security Bill (item number 11) (id a9ac5fdb-3458-4bac-a58c-f95d4d8d3b68)
Lords Amendment (item number 12) (id 094e708c-a14e-4aae-8206-9a56a32e86f4)
Amendment Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendments (item number 13) (id bf665cd8-d426-4036-9622-07713478b46f)
The Royal Ordnance Factories (item number 14) (id e607ece4-9a87-42f7-9945-befb19998c62)
Social Security Bill (item number 15) (id 75b7c713-85b3-4ab0-ba05-ec690a324686)
Lords Amendment (item number 16) (id 9a4f67dd-27aa-452c-a573-24b27dc86d4d)
Lords Amendment (item number 17) (id 55173827-8ccc-49d7-b67a-6834ca204c6c)
Lords Amendments (item number 18) (id 2fecadb7-790c-4a5e-8e53-a6a70bac8484)
Lords Amendments (item number 19) (id f4e94220-bf0f-41a2-aa42-0b12c730b897)
Public Order Bill (item number 20) (id 8bac825c-c33d-495a-ab5e-5924776e8026)
British Council And Commonwealth Institute Superannuation Bill (item number 21) (id 9545d0e9-ac35-4b19-b0a2-4eabf6b4e368)
Dockyard Services Bill (item number 22) (id cc3f08a0-d40b-4bef-908f-a09c6d5ba81b)
Commons Amendments To Lords Amendments And Commons Consequential Amendments To The Bill (item number 23) (id c65b5863-245a-41c8-bfe2-522faaf69d93)
Lords Amendment (item number 24) (id 5e3c3023-843d-425c-91aa-49d5242ba521)
Lords Amendment (item number 25) (id 5187db0e-9512-4fc2-95dc-7df16fb48898)
Consequential Amendments (item number 26) (id e9d3f0e6-0aa8-4c2f-a94f-6f4eff9c143a)
Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill (item number 27) (id 7b4d5c3b-8387-4c97-a367-b97d5ea29aec)
Public Order Bill (item number 28) (id bf489c72-ac5d-452a-b5c1-6599df490b23)
Dyfed Bill Hl (item number 29) (id 4a16257e-1753-424b-bec2-bb4fc09f124c)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 364bf580-f354-4842-91ea-2521f4349ede)
Family Disputes: New Zealand Statistics (item number 2) (id 4e0e28b1-c0fb-49fb-b00b-093e5dd853d5)
Family And Domestic Jurisdiction: Review (item number 3) (id d3845452-98e3-4e7e-8822-6d0ce9034e02)
Waste Management: Royal Commission Report (item number 4) (id 4de9cd27-8f87-4e6d-a0f0-d706ab659661)
Dog Licensing (item number 5) (id 46d99f82-63a1-45a3-a1ab-0cb50bae270f)
Chernobyl Accident: Radioactivity Levels Report (item number 6) (id 0b658ca0-818b-40f3-a5ac-7a2a9ef83415)
Norfolk Broads: Proposed Legislation (item number 7) (id 82a28b4f-a4ab-44d6-99fc-42c1d74d29e0)
Enterprise Zones: Continuation Of Planning Permissions (item number 8) (id 37aedc68-c6a7-497d-8504-6ffdeb3ac6fe)
Radioactive Waste: Select Committee Report (item number 9) (id 95dbfcf1-74e9-4c43-9106-ebe6325efd22)
Stansted Airport: Rail Link (item number 10) (id fca48718-9ce8-4be6-8684-51cbdd5d576a)
Airports Act 1986: Implementation (item number 11) (id e22a6f78-183b-4971-95ec-54fa151e3c8b)
Gibraltar Shiprepair Limited: Aid Grant (item number 12) (id 62706d31-26e1-4530-b611-04dee040533f)
Marine Science And Technology (item number 13) (id 2376dd86-f453-4db0-b01d-36fec5e6d4d7)
Seed And Plant Research Organisations: Privatisation (item number 14) (id e4df9549-714e-4c5c-a590-44c89ba12d56)
Media And The Government: Relationship Studies (item number 15) (id 7e29650e-12fb-4774-ae0b-6376dbbf10eb)
Chemical Weapons: Storage (item number 16) (id 37af822d-88f7-47dd-9510-e2ff9b524485)
Sheep: Movement And Slaughter Controls (item number 17) (id 61921ba6-b9f3-4b71-8ebd-ca92ee9054e0)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.