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Lords Hansard for 6 April 1998 (Volume 588)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 2.17pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 03748741-961f-4977-85f8-f0ba35a487c0)
China: Unfpa Programme (item number 2) (id 9835e076-96f6-49ca-bf8f-7624caec4dbb)
Bbc Tv Licence Fee (item number 3) (id 2e6e45cd-bd19-4e54-ae0d-128fa4c557ea)
Government Expenditure Per Capita (item number 4) (id fe50c806-60af-4c6a-a045-227d3ceca49e)
Multilateral Agreement On Investment (item number 5) (id 15f2767f-c543-4db6-a8ec-5f6fa2564f16)
Debris On The Highway Following Accidents (item number 6) (id 661a31b3-133b-4adf-8f2c-313819fd3a49)
Sssis: Value Assessment (item number 7) (id 4af8f6c3-fe17-464d-8976-6ba78da58af2)
Eider Ducks (item number 8) (id a7ccae3c-f9b6-42cb-9150-259727c21535)
Incompetent Builders (item number 9) (id d7669933-6465-4c7d-8c4c-309f4bb72902)
Highways Agency (item number 10) (id 995ded63-c511-47bd-9121-7dc0d00d6430)
Local Government: Ethical Framework (item number 11) (id dc40ddd2-118b-47f7-b993-ccd7c277cc37)
Citizen Rights: Draft European Convention (item number 12) (id 456525c5-b0d8-4a82-9ebd-15f5d34818ab)
British Forces: Deployment Overseas (item number 13) (id fb8b5940-3485-42d5-8335-da8f86f831cc)
Upholder Class Submarines (item number 14) (id 68871430-0d1b-4447-9e36-7e94c66651e1)
Force Levels In The Middle East (item number 15) (id 902cba02-a6f7-403f-9704-03c4838078b1)
Reserve Forces: Ethnic Monitoring (item number 16) (id 337ab4f2-4fc8-41ac-a01a-2851ba58c84e)
Turkish Chief Of Staff: Visit To Uk (item number 17) (id 5f60dcc5-a12e-4d4b-8903-06dc79c66bc1)
Defence: Collaboration With Other Countries (item number 18) (id 135da516-ffa4-46cb-a8f8-464921f0dbf7)
Scottish Schools: Testing And Standards (item number 19) (id 7a2fe963-f41b-407f-b908-b9a52ff684f8)
Scottish Office Expenditure 1978–79 (item number 20) (id 61be0e9b-dc9d-4158-ae04-ebd8ae0ba986)
Scottish Office Expenditure: 1978–79 To 1997–98 (item number 21) (id 977ffa5b-b976-4e83-a322-bb5eca26c965)
Mussel Farming In Scotland (item number 22) (id ab949ca5-6e51-46d1-9eaf-4a0ccd229de9)
Eider Ducks In The West Of Scotland (item number 23) (id 4299b1fa-178c-4aea-b871-2383722a68d6)
Ilo Discrimination (Employment And Occupation) Convention (item number 24) (id f0537085-564c-4e18-adbd-85a409789526)
Beef On The Bone (item number 25) (id 73934410-5575-4ca8-a419-25fc6f159216)
Bse: Chronology Of Controls (item number 26) (id 13d70b13-b1c2-4b91-a5f9-a63e567d3110)
Horses: Human Consumption (item number 27) (id c0818801-ad74-48c1-b291-5299c55021a7)
Bse: Report Of 30 March (item number 28) (id 55418779-ae3b-4717-bce3-ed85f5125fc1)
Gsm Foods: Identification (item number 29) (id b45a7de5-6bd2-4b55-81b6-0267e2edbb05)
Mussel Farms: Predation By Eider Ducks (item number 30) (id abaaa0c3-e4bf-4b5c-b63c-24d13ec26dca)
Vitamin B6 (item number 31) (id 2b2d5359-59cb-4b79-bfa3-0a449da0338b)
Beef Bones Regulations 1997 (item number 32) (id 2f9f340c-3aed-4648-a982-2ffc8c9ef853)
Northern Ireland: Lifting Of Beef Export Ban (item number 33) (id 479470b8-175f-4e49-b4c0-9324f459aa74)
Fisheries Council, 24 March (item number 34) (id 2c56d57e-db49-4f83-a54b-72bd4c99043f)
Livestock: Electronic Tagging (item number 35) (id d491a050-50eb-4316-99a6-91191f2556ca)
Nhs Trusts: Vacancies (item number 36) (id d167c5a2-d82f-42cf-a994-b426daa75310)
Department Of Health: Ministerial Contact Meetings (item number 37) (id 9b328835-715a-4cac-b55e-57388cff5e85)
Maternal Smoking: Child Deaths (item number 38) (id fb6bdb58-22e2-43ec-bfe7-d451a0abcbae)
The Prime Minister: Security Breach (item number 39) (id e45134d2-6c32-4f0b-8e93-968b34113261)
Un Committee Against Torture: Report (item number 40) (id fa3635b3-fa68-44e6-ac26-98e7b51a4f2c)
Immigration Service: Guidance To Staff (item number 41) (id 45386995-16ce-4232-96bb-dda4b6ddf5ba)
Usa: Gun Culture (item number 42) (id d7f36b5f-4bbb-4755-ad50-0362fc0ed7c1)
Police Use Of Soft Point Ammunition (item number 43) (id d1fd6f39-5224-4d7d-b0fc-f5e51a977576)
Handguns: Compensation Payments To Date (item number 44) (id d7057a67-e91d-4284-8dd3-6ee2b6d97a94)
Thailand: Assistance In Combating Child Abuse (item number 45) (id fd2dac5d-3763-465c-b8ce-8808db34b13e)
Firearms: Compensation Scheme Claims (item number 46) (id 475c214e-8fbb-430e-affc-e96a54a8147f)
Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (item number 47) (id 83c8fbb1-36b6-4f62-9b54-893d2e51a2dd)
Wales: Analysis Of National Curriculum Tests At Key Stage 3 (item number 48) (id 9c3b0935-b4bb-4298-90e4-ce9fc683fb85)
Wales: Analysis Of A-Level Science Results (item number 49) (id e91db6cd-195e-44b2-93b0-8c58e136d399)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.