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Commons Hansard for 1 March 1901 (Volume 90)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 24 March 2018 at 10.44pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 1de7665f-c261-4c8f-b1ee-898613005fec)
Standing Orders (item number 3) (id ebb07dbf-f80b-4339-aa57-fec8127f536c)
Cambrian Railways (item number 4) (id 749a2d94-ec0d-4ce1-9983-6e1fd54cbcca)
South Yorkshire Electric Power (item number 5) (id 60f781ff-5288-42c0-9cc3-90b3ea79d5d3)
Secret Army Contracts (item number 9) (id 7f157781-1fa9-42a6-9de6-7ae5080d3fa3)
Military Funerals—Arthur Dodd, Shropshire Yeomanry (item number 10) (id 78ece6b6-99ad-42a4-a454-492d451025b0)
Yeomanry Training (item number 11) (id 389fdf7a-165d-4c0c-ad8d-ea1779f77a40)
Hampshire Yeomanry (item number 12) (id 46965150-4b5f-44c2-8566-d46f75264bc2)
Literature For Troops At The Front (item number 13) (id ec7fc0df-ba09-4bad-b2ac-c80668d0abd2)
Irish Imperial Yeomen—Facilities For Settlement In South Africa (item number 14) (id c5fe8e90-69e5-4b57-94b6-a0f170221b71)
Hm's Reserve Regiments Of Cavalry—Conditions Of Reenlistment (item number 15) (id 129e4630-ad74-4da8-96f6-a0620ac0e251)
Private James Ramsey, 1St Battalion Royal Inniskilling; Fusiliers (item number 16) (id ec6f8ee9-38d2-4272-94f5-6bb69e0decdb)
Naval Engineers And Artificers (item number 17) (id 443db345-a66c-4fa4-ab5c-69be898d0f0f)
India—Prevention Of Famine—Irrigation Works (item number 18) (id dfdf5cf8-1a6e-4598-acb8-41d74dbb0875)
China—Infliction Of Fines By German Authorities (item number 19) (id 788a14bc-fdd9-4d01-b877-c030b40a299f)
Samoa Disturbances—British Claims For Compensation (item number 20) (id 665cbbf6-09db-47b7-b425-7df19e88f9ba)
Crete—Papers On Administration And Financial Condition (item number 21) (id ed19ded1-e13f-4e39-9c70-e07902331478)
Electric Supply By Local Authorities—Return Of Expenditure (item number 22) (id b772a362-3a52-4fec-bffc-18f030c9603b)
Central London Railway—Vibration (item number 23) (id 506c2772-b97d-4a6e-8e9a-903c47df8d40)
Beer Poisoning In The Staffordshire Potteries (item number 24) (id 98342842-1c83-4ae1-9163-d3de09724fe7)
Defence Of Poor Prisoners (item number 25) (id 01d05505-e7ed-43bc-9547-69ef90bc50c8)
Fatality At Hooton's Factory, Nottingham (item number 26) (id 7c7e4634-2523-4dd0-84fb-696f87903764)
Special Rules In The Pottery Trade (item number 27) (id ebce3742-ec40-4e92-9d21-93567c34259e)
Poor Law Valuation (item number 28) (id 9c176feb-78d3-4624-a4e7-c034e77d3817)
Use Of Preservatives In Food (item number 29) (id 4315ed52-9aa6-4c99-94ca-29a674ebda08)
Housing Of The Working Classes Acts (item number 30) (id 9f633c54-2fed-4d02-b01f-b629cf684f7d)
London Water Inquiry Costs (item number 31) (id 7596db67-e36b-4ccc-b549-887fcef7a0ee)
Great Saughall Parish Council (item number 32) (id a67fdfe1-14a3-4b7e-8f99-94d6832c5cb1)
School Attendance Registers—Inclement Weather (item number 33) (id 5b8ad70c-e521-4a45-ae79-e62129316eaa)
County Court Fees (item number 34) (id d7e4aca8-bb6f-4dda-8b4e-845786f9fbff)
Foreign Telegrams (item number 35) (id 7e8ba7ec-99b0-4979-8622-c327e3079c60)
Sorting Tests At Mount Pleasant (item number 36) (id 8d41b851-a5bf-4d4f-9f03-bbe4291c79b1)
Llandrillo (Merionethshire) Postmaster (item number 37) (id d310b66e-5afa-4746-9285-0ce1a31d3e47)
Irish Land Purchase—White Estate, Bantry (item number 38) (id 1a6169a5-7323-44fd-95a8-68184d69a1df)
Plumbridge Assault Case—Discharge Of The Prisoners Morris (item number 39) (id 50e2f926-e0e5-4db2-8ca4-efe5b48b5f90)
Labourers' Cottages In Co Longford (item number 40) (id b1193269-8fa7-4da5-9658-c3ab416ab010)
Police Precautions At Irish Railway Stations (item number 41) (id 03871eb5-fe60-472c-988f-d2379db7dbd4)
Royal Irish Constabulary—Recruiting (item number 42) (id ac8a73a0-771b-4106-8d05-49140c1e1afe)
Imperial Grants-In-Aid Of Irish Local Rates (item number 43) (id c47e4dc9-3a27-40f5-b55d-cc149a95beaa)
Castlebar Petty Sessions District—Police Prosecutions (item number 44) (id 7e7d29e3-9203-4c70-a7c5-b186f3548263)
Licensing Laws, Ireland—Equal Voting On Magisterial Benches (item number 45) (id 7265313e-1659-43bc-936c-d9bb26cea775)
Mr T D Gibson, Rm—Allegations Of Partiality (item number 46) (id 9fc94a06-deae-4b3a-9945-554d4bc7abfa)
Bankruptcy (Ireland) Return (item number 47) (id 758518d5-7833-4d62-8713-4cf18f7ba4d4)
Irish Butter—Excessive Water (item number 48) (id 98947eba-d21c-406f-8c72-e55dbaeb1b7f)
Proposed Police Barrack At Edenderry (item number 49) (id a4ba18f2-bf74-4560-a3c3-8223d932257e)
County Wicklow Macistracy (item number 50) (id 9ff855d0-202a-4a4a-9108-697e025f13c0)
Securities For Good Behaviour— Rice V Halpin (item number 51) (id b89a3cb9-265c-4eb6-b3de-66a6f8813cd2)
Buttevant National School Teacher's Salary (item number 52) (id 31376eb6-015e-4c96-bde6-941efedb543e)
Irish Education Grant (item number 53) (id a16ffe18-5050-4e76-8755-9f5aa019448a)
Limerick Lunatic Asylum (item number 54) (id 23b9a3c6-aebb-4d92-8852-258b427ecef7)
Wexford County Council Appeal (item number 55) (id 8fc2e2ed-030e-457a-ad04-70a71883ee58)
Clones Railway Station (item number 56) (id 18d29314-4a2b-4da4-8645-a9047b4c263b)
Irish Lights Board (item number 57) (id 5b57e1f7-1295-47e1-918f-aa757eb3ee54)
Ramelton Coastguard Station (item number 58) (id 643a2707-7767-4598-b0dd-ede8af69ed50)
Postal Arrangement At Eyeries, Co Cork (item number 59) (id 611667cc-e601-49c2-a607-34325c858e88)
Schull Letter Carrier's Wages (item number 60) (id b747422a-edb7-4a63-96f6-a1f9dc783f81)
Ballinacor Postal Arrangements (item number 61) (id bad65574-919c-4319-aa83-8bbb811e9868)
Enniscorthy Post Office (item number 62) (id a53722f5-270f-4158-92ce-561d88d3fb5d)
Irish Land Purchase Bill (item number 63) (id db2baf23-1156-4a4e-bb66-9402cc6a3043)
Business Of The House—Duration Of Debate On The Address (item number 64) (id 7d001672-7ab2-479f-8584-ce83eb06c71b)

Message From The Lords

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Charitable Agencies For The Relief Of Widows And Orphans Of Soldiers And Sailors (item number 1) (id 764d329f-de75-4351-827f-126e92f4483b)
Supply (item number 1) (id d47a3025-b6e6-4ff8-80e5-1c94859c124b)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.