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Commons Hansard for 4 March 1901 (Volume 90)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 24 March 2018 at 10.44pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id d30f93a1-4c1f-4e13-b8d5-8dc753d785a0)

Private Bill Business

View all Private Bill Business
Private Bills (Standing Order 62 Complied With) (item number 1) (id eab1ddc7-a664-464d-a24e-2ff5b270d70e)
Private Bills (Petition For Additional Provision) (Standing Orders Not Complied With) (item number 1) (id c1df52f6-eda6-401a-9135-310e7affda8c)
Bexley Tramways Bill (item number 1) (id 14eb6254-90dc-4582-9b66-1210a0493139)
Cambrian Railways Bill (item number 1) (id afa0c135-d2ef-4f27-868d-42c53b45e1f5)
South Yorkshire Electric Power Bile (item number 1) (id e3fd8303-426d-48a0-8764-f7c30a6631a6)
Woolwich Arsenal—"Exertion Money" (item number 4) (id a7717db2-e953-4fe3-a78a-279de7ddea16)
Arber Hill Barracks, Dublin—Contracts—Fair Wages Clause (item number 5) (id 3355668a-0e51-4022-b5f6-5c444ba4cf80)
Royal Army Medical Staff Corps — Recruiting Standards (item number 6) (id 21ca5dcc-5df4-45e8-90f4-1b27dc91191e)
Army Training—Responsibility Of Adjutant General (item number 7) (id 65857baa-dd49-44ff-a5f8-bbb8347b7dc1)
Deceased Soldiers' Savings— Sergeant-Major Garner (item number 8) (id b7937238-d0e1-427d-b4ef-7cea5c451274)
Irish Linen Khaki (item number 9) (id 92a478df-170c-4416-86fd-ec2a7776d2de)
Admiralty Contracts At Barrow-In-Furness (item number 10) (id bf2de137-ae19-4d77-9a10-bea00ef94194)
Royal Visit To The Colonies— Press Accommodation (item number 11) (id ed161958-f51b-41df-aaed-a122dae19c75)
India—Proposed New Province (item number 12) (id c0223b52-5686-41c4-a5b9-ead9924638b5)
China—Russia And Manchuria (item number 13) (id a68061e8-0669-4b54-aad6-4fdfa18fc0e2)
"Kowshing" Arbitration (item number 14) (id 341f837f-2876-48e2-a6a6-acef4ae6f2fb)
Arabi Pasha (item number 15) (id 6ba4bb0d-2f02-4a3b-ae5e-43cf4867e24b)
Metropolitan Stipendiaries (item number 16) (id 1aebbbd8-b874-4b98-a9a8-91d0a6cc0781)
Thames Police—Christmas Boxes (item number 17) (id d972d307-c202-49c5-ba90-8a5f1a756578)
Metropolitan Police Pay (item number 18) (id 1f2e79ee-152a-40cb-a170-315676d683ba)
Underground Railways In London (item number 19) (id 921fe724-e58b-4888-8bfb-eec61cebb480)
Skating Fatality On Compensation Dam, Greenock (item number 20) (id ea5def16-287b-4b01-bcf0-e583b3e35b4f)
Prevention Of Steam Traavltng Off Scotland (item number 21) (id 8052a05b-a2d4-4d3d-899f-43daeda1c1d9)
Postal Arrangements In Northumberland (item number 22) (id fa397caf-0e75-4fda-8b1f-329e3db579a4)
Telegraph Offices In Rural Parishes (item number 23) (id cfb2ca3f-c76c-470a-990a-ba726e396061)
South Armagh Magistracy (item number 24) (id ad89f73a-6178-42aa-a05a-d3bb8d0935ad)
Small Dwellings (Acquisition) Act—Purchases And Loans (item number 25) (id fbb01ef3-cbdb-40f9-b99b-a4bda247ab2c)
Irish Land—Redemption Of Crown And Quit Rents (item number 26) (id 8a2f3a42-3d0e-44ed-9aab-36c8e5ffbf28)
Lord Clanricarde's Estates (item number 27) (id f4303b89-48b6-45c1-ba9e-498bfe7186b4)
Dairy Instruction In Munster (item number 28) (id 7c7a8391-dc1e-44c9-940d-6d1c4e653d76)
Wexford County Council's Appeals (item number 29) (id 56cdb7d8-a659-4c7d-93db-ed7c0b30185a)
Gorey Licensing Case (item number 30) (id c33a7359-78f2-4c7a-b84b-142fac6b468b)
Clare County Council—Direct Labour (item number 31) (id ccab380d-49b6-4362-9ecd-c2fd15642b4b)
Sureties Oe The Peace—Halin V Rice (item number 32) (id 37be3e58-e400-4550-828a-241309703798)
Fair Rent Applications In County Kildare (item number 33) (id 57e8b091-75dd-420d-ab37-85ddb6af4379)
The Recent "Day Ok General Mourning"—Police And Irish Shopkeepers (item number 34) (id b94e0d27-922c-4362-a2ac-821b7bf99e5f)
Birr And Portumna Railway (item number 35) (id 4e2813c3-1541-4389-b137-588f4bee0343)
Irish National Teachers' Salaries (item number 36) (id dc8e86fb-62b2-41f4-bdeb-8104e9106715)
Land Law Administration In East Tyrone (item number 37) (id 136167b9-5737-40ec-b1dc-fa3a4f38be34)
Irish Pre-Union Statutes (item number 38) (id ce2c9efc-303e-41dd-bd0f-be9f02295fde)
Westmeath Magistracy (item number 39) (id b50a547a-7fa8-4ca8-be8c-64ea3ed9610f)
Shropshire Light Infantry— Outrages In Tipperary (item number 40) (id 6d27f776-7fa9-4c51-964c-953a00f0f00c)
Protection Of Irish Fisheries (item number 41) (id 31692781-70e9-4807-8a5b-a72531038fe2)
Prosecution Of The Tuam News Editor (item number 42) (id 72316811-151f-418d-a29d-00878a35676f)
Horse-Breeding In Queen's County (item number 43) (id 22d5f6e4-e8fd-4795-9d83-47abc13015c9)
Labourers' Dwellings In Mountmellick (item number 44) (id 32c9b988-dcd0-4e59-914e-0cc3bf83cd20)
Fermanagh Rent Appeals (item number 45) (id d4216a03-ca7e-4649-b720-de3667688e23)
Wicklow Magistracy (item number 46) (id d9894c45-404f-4cc5-8fcb-a4bb34a703fe)
Fair Rent Applications (item number 47) (id af7e9ec4-6767-4d8b-a30f-36178d4d46d0)
Belturret Post Office (item number 48) (id 1d6c22b7-b72d-43a0-aba0-21a7d046d344)
County Tyrone Postal Arrangements (item number 49) (id fa6ea639-908e-4834-bb24-083001f387da)
Irish Rating Valuations (item number 50) (id bb00078c-1375-4eb1-8944-520563fa449a)
Irish Lights—Maiden Rock, Kenmare Bay (item number 51) (id e4d8968d-60eb-48ef-b5b2-3a7c32ee7cef)
Kinsale Water Supply (item number 52) (id a2b4728e-3260-44eb-b68c-2ac39693a1a0)
Defence Of Gibraltar (item number 53) (id d7625fb3-47ba-454a-b2df-30aa4ff8d8b3)
Anglo-Portuguese Treaty—M Deloasse's Speech (item number 54) (id cc0d3475-8f23-4e87-b26f-e6e0d981c9e5)
The Royal Declaration Against Roman Catholicism (item number 55) (id 26b59fbc-fb22-4897-80b4-61ba622204e1)
Business Of The House (item number 56) (id 219784e7-43dc-421e-86e3-ce21fe2586bb)
New Member Sworn (item number 57) (id e08b2e63-4bef-4641-af02-83e11a820c3e)
Procedure Of The House-Amendment Of Standing Orders (item number 58) (id 5f34e4b6-0010-4724-a7af-b101e40153c0)
Business Of The House (Financial Business) (item number 59) (id bf2994d4-5ebd-4b40-953c-9e798a48a90c)
Supply (item number 60) (id a613fb84-d013-45ad-b255-e80f3201f887)
Navy (Supplementary) Estimates, 1900–1901 (item number 61) (id c4624666-464a-4c15-b80d-3722d7da44a4)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.