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Commons Hansard for 30 April 1914 (Volume 61)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.39am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 258fbd2e-efe8-4a57-89f4-74c6a7a99104)
Royal Assent To Bills (item number 2) (id cd46958a-17ca-4b52-b94f-071ba0e2c14b)
Private Bills (item number 3) (id c3659bdc-0d58-418f-9601-95cb9eebc3ff)
Metropolitan Police (item number 4) (id 40163ddd-5e35-4c1c-8160-de3ca96e38a3)
Mall Approach Improvement Bill (item number 5) (id 61f9c9dc-51be-4c09-b8f3-8bd6f4bfa5a2)
Royal Observatory (Edinburgh) (item number 6) (id 1b9a0e6d-6a84-46d3-a317-0084d85f5f71)
Merchandise Marks (Prosecutions) Act, 1894 (item number 7) (id 6314fb56-98f6-4330-ad3c-d4a47a01a8e7)
National Insurance Act (item number 8) (id 71cdd89f-983b-462c-9e7f-f701a62ec8c1)
Trade Union Act, 1913 (Rules) (item number 9) (id e638238e-6628-4ecd-93bd-3e740858930a)

Oral Answers To Questions

View all Oral Answers To Questions
Austrian And British Goods (Reimbursement Of Duty) (item number 1) (id 49d84a35-4182-4ef4-95ce-b25a14ab64d3)
Steamship "Tai On" (Reported Piracy) (item number 1) (id 901c301f-c62a-4931-9ee4-06e076e914aa)
Congested Districts Board, Ireland (Mackerel Curing) (item number 1) (id a6abdf08-b580-44d9-8cf8-50d74006424e)
Labourers' Cottages (Ireland) (item number 1) (id fd6de811-921d-4244-8c0d-a0bb93d458a9)
Land Purchase (Ireland) (item number 1) (id dd62f0a2-1890-43db-b558-5a643b34d214)
Cattle Driving (Ireland) (item number 1) (id 2bba18c8-7211-4cfa-bcf3-5d4d0624e740)
Lunatics, Ireland (Capitation Grant) (item number 1) (id 5fc70783-9226-4f8c-ab6b-df3e8fb71d30)
General Register Office, Ireland (Superintendent Of Statistics) (item number 1) (id f588a0e4-a0ec-4936-9fe4-c1cf1998e10f)
Foot-And-Mouth Disease (item number 1) (id 3881834f-60c7-4ff7-a649-a401e9825030)
Hampton Court And Holyrood Palaces (item number 1) (id 1ff04262-8f79-4002-a3a5-d133c9622273)
Anthrax (Fatal Cases) (item number 1) (id 6e092bc6-6c81-4131-81d8-1229451e8f5d)
Established Church (Wales) Bill (item number 1) (id c4c958d6-6a25-4793-9403-8e87661ea60e)
Monarkite (item number 1) (id 7b854524-85e9-4426-81e6-c3b5d306f6ad)
British Foreign-Going Ships (Chinese Seamen) (item number 1) (id ece7ddbf-8f43-4211-986e-1ec821528f18)
Great Southern And Western Railway (Ireland) (item number 1) (id 020b2694-f1b7-4de0-a1e0-bacd4da559eb)
Mercantile Marine Service (Unclaimed Wages And Effects) (item number 1) (id b8777add-e549-4f93-94bf-f0e31d87ca5c)
Coroners (England And Wales) (item number 1) (id 8a641c4d-b798-417b-911c-839fd96ea28e)
Home Grown And Foreign Meat (item number 1) (id a494e83b-3ff4-40ad-9c81-85c0a38406c8)
Vaccination Officers (item number 1) (id d982fb1f-3374-4ba3-a787-fa9822fcff55)
Leeds City Council (Pasture Farm) (item number 1) (id 5c37a6ad-c963-4315-b073-c345c86b805a)
Examination Of Luggage (London And Paris) (item number 1) (id 1946f875-1f2e-4371-84bf-57a1c4c99fc0)
Railway Baggage Men (Victoria And Charing Cross Stations) (item number 1) (id 286e19ef-a1b0-465c-bd0a-09fc98199bee)
Customs (Ireland) (item number 1) (id 6bf8af7d-70da-4b74-b170-dc290088622e)
Income Tax (Foreign Domicile) (item number 1) (id c2e971aa-b6c8-427f-b5f5-9a93d65364f2)
Mexico (item number 1) (id b1158d5e-ca3a-477d-8be9-cfff3097f3cf)
School Attendance Officers (Superannuation) (item number 1) (id 2cfe826a-8b43-4cd1-baa8-7226e66e40a7)
Business Of The House (item number 12) (id 3334e9a9-4a3f-4ca7-84e5-02e9f9cef69f)
Blocking Motions (item number 13) (id c5cab38b-f562-4fb6-bce0-598d7d3cd0f5)
Electric Lighting Provisional Order, No 8 (Kingstown Petition) (item number 14) (id cbed607e-e3ba-4622-9772-0ee06cc5f371)
Private Bills (item number 15) (id 950864d3-5cb6-477b-9016-d141b77b53d5)
Selection (Standing Committees) (item number 16) (id 735ada73-f020-497f-807f-ba232dd7b913)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id acf6d792-0790-4486-a6ca-adb40f52891e)
Customs Watchers (item number 2) (id c0a74f52-dec2-45c4-bc2d-7e9f6e42b779)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.