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Commons Hansard for 29 October 1979 (Volume 972)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 5.32pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id e2a3b1e2-73af-4242-83b0-6a216bd213ef)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 77c86035-4003-4d2c-afad-4afe9202ffc2)

Oral Answers To Questions

View all Oral Answers To Questions
Information Services (item number 1) (id 334e8cc3-72f4-4484-a638-8301292a5fca)
Press (Meetings) (item number 1) (id 1765b80d-fe87-4c07-8ecb-d02a954dab1c)
Questions To Ministers (item number 4) (id f4c1f786-ef20-4f5b-b44f-5ed7c12ff37a)
Education (No 2) Bill (item number 5) (id 3e98e165-ebb4-423d-a359-bb85b756a676)
Parliamentary Printers (item number 6) (id 8ec1b731-fe10-4ade-ae98-8830b80eaa9a)
Education (No 2) Bill (item number 7) (id d87daa24-411a-4a38-9b0b-648a79c92ef4)
Procedure Debate, 31 October (item number 8) (id 11a982bb-1907-4806-90c0-8ffbe80e7162)
European Community (Energy And Fuel Supplies Debate) (item number 9) (id 2a82b846-2a61-47a8-a45a-1fb92f7fde90)
Members' Rights And Privileges (item number 10) (id c0a48646-292a-4934-9c12-7c757a7f068d)
Scottish Legislation (item number 11) (id 311283c6-970f-401a-908a-cdecd7d6d322)
Members' Mail (item number 12) (id c7ae8879-e451-42bd-86ae-3e572ba66b77)
Education (No 2) Bill (item number 13) (id 16bdd364-167f-4447-a5fc-434c740849f5)
Statutory Instruments, &C (item number 14) (id 821ce433-4800-48d3-8bff-116abb9c4692)
Royal Commission On Gambling (item number 15) (id dffc21b3-c2b4-4148-b0f1-c4bdc8c74f42)
European Community (Energy And Fuel Supplies) (item number 16) (id ee8e989f-d5c1-42ac-90a6-1256b6359f3e)
Hydrographic Services (item number 17) (id 9a54161b-bd43-4041-8f2f-4d443fd1c71a)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 6dddd1fc-5087-4b70-b190-6fc75f42bfcd)
Interrogations (Code Of Conduct) (item number 3) (id 8257d1fb-c545-4bb5-b5d0-e181740b04ca)
Young Offenders (Imprisonment) (item number 4) (id 5526e228-089b-4e13-9cc7-82a548eebe38)
Custodial And Non-Custodial Facilities (item number 5) (id 2e82ee36-5d52-4449-82fd-99a5672d19ef)
South African Rugby Team (item number 6) (id f0ac6307-a143-49b9-ad08-6d01ada0921d)
Prison Service (item number 7) (id 4d226ce5-7395-497c-be26-91d957d299bc)
Latin America (Refugees) (item number 8) (id ab42d7ba-7751-4ddb-8877-27f4c73b06e8)
Chief Constables (Disciplinary Arrangements) (item number 9) (id 50f7bfde-f121-4b40-83e1-505f69d6c0fc)
Handicapped Children (item number 12) (id e817eadc-0f11-4efc-988f-1148a0b1c737)
Travel-To-School Costs (item number 13) (id 8458cb4e-0320-4bcd-9c40-d4a35d106813)
Maintained Schools (item number 14) (id 1f640722-742d-488a-88b1-4a06420b3d32)
School Crossing Wardens (item number 15) (id 44356b5d-1832-482a-ab42-86de0dd24b75)
Higher Education (Grants) (item number 16) (id 4c9e1078-b8af-435d-a52b-f9da69da663a)
Further Education (item number 18) (id e22a216c-0154-4204-be2f-fffeece01597)
District Authorities (Dwellings) (item number 19) (id bdf7dd87-68f5-4a8b-9c14-8fee00e9a6ec)
Council Housing Stock (item number 20) (id 0be44ebe-3eef-4d26-bc52-b55e7361da52)
Seiont Bridge, Caernarfon (item number 21) (id de03729f-9920-42af-8f05-4381215afd15)
Nuclear Waste (Disposal) (item number 22) (id 1a83e752-d82b-4c0b-8c60-74df13c0da87)
Public Sector Employees (item number 23) (id 8f10f58c-6fd2-48d4-b462-8abf93e43d63)
Petrol Stations (Closures) (item number 24) (id 6efae037-8c6f-4dd3-9f10-036aaf0db6b9)
North Sea Oil (item number 26) (id 02d479f0-aad8-407f-9fab-77ff4edda5de)
Pressurised Water Reactor (item number 27) (id ddafd7c5-a8a8-43b7-a85d-86007f0372ac)
Solar Energy (item number 28) (id 1918058a-f66e-4b83-b07e-adb5a21b4ce9)
Oil Consumption (item number 29) (id 1ee81815-d767-45d1-8809-5646e70ce0c3)
Nuclear Energy (item number 30) (id b39d6602-068d-4e49-9746-ef0098248a13)
Energy Conservation (item number 31) (id 18303a61-27e8-4183-b001-8a651800e0fc)
Coal Use (Advanced Technology) (item number 32) (id 49838b7b-3e43-40cd-be96-0db9fa8d93bd)
Oil (Sale) (item number 33) (id 579a2300-25cc-44de-8f35-d1b2e122bb0e)
European Community (Council Of Energy Ministers) (item number 34) (id c120576c-62e3-44e3-a43d-4e91698dadbb)
British National Oil Corporation (item number 35) (id defc9b4e-e6f7-43da-bfb9-4d6c4549133a)
Industrial Users (Gas Supply) (item number 36) (id 05d910a4-f404-49cf-92f6-c61f61f33250)
Urenco (item number 37) (id a68a018b-e4e4-49ce-bf45-236a508092b8)
Coking Coal (item number 38) (id 60628cd4-d07f-4e2b-93bd-14e8b96f5f4f)
Gas (Industrial Consumers) (item number 39) (id 98b75b4e-5162-4c4d-b22e-285f0d5aa9a7)
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (Expenditure) (item number 40) (id ef943676-74bf-4561-9f32-99740d75764e)
Fuel Charges (item number 41) (id 1a4e7ba8-7888-4c69-9326-0c85f039ff67)
Nuclear Waste (Reprocessing) (item number 42) (id 015d7eee-1d90-45f8-a579-bc973a6334cb)
Nuclear Power Stations (item number 43) (id 60cebc94-9170-4c33-8253-dc1ebd032576)
Oil Supplies (item number 44) (id 6dd84ed3-089e-42cc-a7c3-49f53491aa31)
Fuel Prices (item number 45) (id 9daf4f2b-e6d4-468e-b504-cf80723aa1fb)
Electricity Generation (item number 46) (id 94395385-585c-4272-bb2c-58d5eaaeb969)
International Computers Ltd (item number 47) (id e6554065-a4b2-477c-8d67-e0ef89053405)
Lead (item number 48) (id e0107a05-5fe6-429e-b9b0-0cd879a6e25e)
British Leyland (Model Promotion) (item number 50) (id 0135c076-79a0-4c58-8afc-1f1114b04a76)
Textile Industry (West Yorkshire) (item number 51) (id 615e8f51-906a-45a2-b935-127b1c743ce9)
Public Bodies (Dividend Capital) (item number 52) (id cb706a84-fbd9-4375-ae4a-3ead86bdd744)
British Shipbuilders (item number 53) (id 9aed215f-db85-4378-8a91-e3e3633b332b)
Regional Development Grant (item number 54) (id 70bb3783-48be-471e-b3b3-22989c366877)
French Apples (Dumping) (item number 56) (id 61324b35-8a6c-4bf9-b5ef-32386689abfc)
Sheepmeat (item number 57) (id 365e0836-f62a-4282-a7cb-118cd2a5143c)
Lead In Food Regulations (item number 58) (id 57ce4508-5acc-4153-81a3-2e4c98164ace)
Land Acquisitions (Essex) (item number 59) (id 642099f9-7210-4ba7-8c60-b63edd006ef4)
Marginal Land Fanning (item number 60) (id 05ccb0cb-4d62-47f3-b9cc-f1fd3ac458ca)
Vivisection (item number 61) (id dd77466c-839c-4804-bb69-a6ab9ab9e2aa)
Turkey (Yarn Imports) (item number 63) (id f77de0e6-4bab-4a2d-824b-50fa13a2ed80)
Registry Of Business Names (item number 64) (id 8f08471f-346d-4851-a82e-551b617d13e5)
Ussr (item number 65) (id 04bb37d0-f3f9-4b99-9b75-31eacd214d60)
Marine Surveyors (item number 66) (id 2fd8e56b-9f4a-4c1f-bea6-a191dc841151)
Bath Manufacturers (item number 67) (id 0015e4cf-666e-448b-92af-924f488ac52f)
Working Mothers (item number 69) (id 6cf314ff-c135-4446-a8eb-9dc282d21132)
Health And Safety At Work Etc Act (item number 70) (id 3bfafdcf-10cf-45ba-b311-01114e48f406)
Homeworkers (item number 71) (id 073f6c03-4750-41bc-b9e8-fae809ae04ed)
Times Newspapers Limited (Dispute) (item number 72) (id 3e5d4140-0f6b-46bc-9b30-9c6bb2c3de07)
Wages Councils (Awards) (item number 73) (id ac3a0ca1-a881-4994-94f4-65fac70cc52e)
Low-Paid Persons (item number 74) (id 598a9c2d-b344-48b3-96b5-2a9c34b88009)
Wages Inspectorate (Form W150) (item number 75) (id 5a346c2d-f5e2-4474-b45e-c2412889af83)
Job Experience Scheme (item number 76) (id 989d95df-5d65-43c4-8177-2080ab9ad2d0)
Redundancies (item number 77) (id a9ab8c4e-0389-4d1e-a2d0-c4514d0328e0)
Blind Persons (item number 78) (id f783b0fe-cb08-468d-9b1b-e5ed1e3421cd)
Jobcentres (item number 79) (id 3cb668aa-0943-4f29-a466-0c52ef2766f8)
Pneumoconiosis (Compensation) (item number 80) (id 1aae8025-9f8c-4b32-9406-db09d92e92e4)
Retail Price Index (item number 81) (id a706c098-6799-46ab-96b0-012519639b57)
Friday Sittings (item number 83) (id 88591b5f-c9f1-4326-abe9-25a26b49a261)
Consular Services (item number 85) (id 5a5ebde0-8f12-4e9d-8670-5a899ec18f22)
Kampuchea (item number 86) (id fd46ee05-7902-4d84-9a06-b64818413782)
Science Policy (item number 88) (id f22114b8-13e9-4e0e-b5b8-bf2dc4aabdc5)
Local Government Elections (item number 90) (id bd0d1bde-e129-465a-9909-d97d5db0fe62)
Housing Associations (item number 91) (id 5d56e336-a1a2-4e30-85bd-88ad92db6f0e)
Local Authorities (Statutory Obligations) (item number 92) (id 289c3fea-ff6a-40a1-93e7-4bf717dbddfb)
Electricity Disconnections (item number 93) (id 08ccaefe-6964-4ceb-8473-7b86c2416429)
Urban Aid Programme (item number 94) (id 2d3b2033-b410-4f2a-a891-87e4b938095d)
Births And Deaths (item number 95) (id 1c4bd765-9e12-40c5-976d-ed196ef8a048)
Housing Associations (Dundee) (item number 96) (id 0dd63a57-ca67-462f-aff4-d05b718bb2bb)
Departmental Directives (item number 98) (id 059e9e3c-518a-44a5-be72-b7cff84977e5)
New And Small Firms (Research) (item number 99) (id b699385d-6563-436a-8386-ac1fe07a4f7e)
Departmental Research (item number 100) (id 68da73e4-61df-46ce-9617-b24f317037e1)
Rate Support Grant (Cash Limits) (item number 101) (id 484fc911-a3e8-44c5-b232-87dc97d156ff)
Modernisation And Restructuring (Research) (item number 102) (id 80fcab4b-a090-445c-b6f4-fa1eede3f475)
Hartlepool (item number 103) (id 9a365720-2270-4ecb-a231-2e619cf6b227)
Nuclear Waste (item number 104) (id 4150c6a5-4ce7-4575-b849-5c235511ca68)
Palace Of Westminster (Central Heating) (item number 105) (id b98486b6-dc59-41a3-88b9-3d96ec93b0c5)
Heathrow Airport (item number 106) (id 6454376d-4c4c-4dfe-97f6-179d09d4fc1e)
Fluoridation (item number 107) (id 779c7547-4241-457a-bb83-9fa0643eee58)
Council Houses (Sale) (item number 108) (id e8302d15-747d-4764-bf8d-467a87196c82)
Houses Of Parliament (item number 109) (id b329d7c4-4898-4175-8348-39c36226d055)
Greater London (Housing) (item number 110) (id 43d986c1-0c9e-4dc8-88b2-2d65103d6714)
Environmental Pollution (item number 111) (id dead01ad-2328-4ec4-a606-13530559ceae)
Road Traffic Regulations (Public Transport) (item number 113) (id 6f6158f0-f2a7-4138-b340-da0dd5e9441b)
Trunk Road Inquiries (item number 114) (id 158bcdec-e2d6-4f73-b8f2-b8ab29c2b76e)
Economic Development Committee For Transport (Establishment) (item number 115) (id 11645e01-4cd3-4b73-aa4f-8b706f922c58)
Departmental Administration (item number 116) (id 8178bc1e-de6b-45d5-8efc-90b6bf887014)
Public Expenditure (Roads) (item number 117) (id d0e44168-d71a-41d7-ab62-f1f042b6a546)
Ridgeway Path (item number 118) (id 8f84fe65-bb78-4937-a6b6-be01735c5bf6)
M23 (item number 119) (id 224ab8b5-baff-4622-b4dc-c69ab8fe67cb)
Agricultural Implements (Road Use) (item number 120) (id aa884259-4127-4d76-836e-f2ad1a6c7bf9)
Royal Ordnance Factories (item number 122) (id ee0a83a3-feef-433b-955b-e8ba10bb82c6)
Tornado Aircraft (item number 123) (id 6dec1e0b-52b4-4923-8da0-2c59a1a839a8)
Campaign Medals (item number 124) (id 10ab40fe-90d1-421e-a910-6170142b25e3)
War Widows' Pensions (item number 125) (id 2df35680-f965-4660-a2fe-2b25ed500d02)
Royal Navy (House Purchases) (item number 126) (id c83a6a7f-9bfb-4680-9a7e-dd597ea7576d)
Gibraltar (item number 127) (id cfa67a22-032b-4823-ad25-9cc97614f7f9)
Taxes And Prices Index (item number 129) (id 91bdd853-dda6-4c44-a20c-9a7af3ac5975)
Extradition (item number 131) (id deedc598-13ba-40eb-b528-77dd65d8f469)
European Community (Value Added Tax) (item number 132) (id 8cffada6-8026-412a-a855-129edf280304)
Sterling Area Guarantee (item number 133) (id 3900a059-526e-4beb-99d9-09a3d5493eec)
Exchange Control (item number 134) (id 332b8206-7e96-462b-9f5a-76372ff75c49)
Premium Bonds (item number 135) (id b03ce86a-1437-43e7-96a3-c341506622b3)
Capital Funds (item number 136) (id 0baf7585-7cf1-41d4-a43f-8e3bc8524263)
Government Expenditure (International Comparisons) (item number 137) (id 55a5a754-4296-4195-94ef-efbcfdf1607f)
Tax Evasion (item number 138) (id 407e9e18-4dc7-41cc-be6a-9da39f244db6)
Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (item number 139) (id cdfe34ab-132b-43c5-b9aa-897a1756b5d4)
Gross National Product (item number 140) (id 2e3980c5-86ce-4e66-8b6a-d811ffc7440d)
Departmental Expenditure (item number 141) (id 9e9c75fc-06d0-4916-b46e-9677c226802e)
European Community (Budget) (item number 142) (id 1d944e47-5f01-4262-a7a7-0b239548fafc)
Government Holdings (item number 143) (id 2849c800-9afb-4a92-abbb-ca2b89b6b5a6)
National Savings (item number 144) (id baa7809b-6045-4def-895b-ba55e8fb6485)
Gold (item number 145) (id 4d7c0674-1da0-40ec-b872-904fabb30886)
Telephone Bills (Value Added Tax) (item number 146) (id 2a06154b-51b2-4ad5-9282-0228f39c1267)
Day Care Charges (Tax Relief) (item number 147) (id c13a3168-419e-4303-8ef4-244eb729dc0f)
National Health Service (Administration) (item number 149) (id 8c64d8bf-3040-49c5-8ff8-94ad1bc9429b)
Supplementary Benefits Commission (Report) (item number 150) (id b7af1013-545a-49f3-9b4a-1927ab2d4a54)
Child Benefit (item number 151) (id 60e6a4b5-ce9e-4bfd-8161-bbb87db100cd)
Buckinghamshire Area Health Authority (item number 152) (id c3933efc-228d-45e6-9746-f8686e4b042d)
Family Income Supplement (item number 153) (id 531b132c-8d2b-47b7-a71f-f39fb6bca875)
Family Income (item number 154) (id 27adad44-6f57-41ec-aca3-9f81891535b9)
Departmental Telephone Number (Newcastle) (item number 155) (id a5c7d27b-e7b0-42f2-9e6c-21522127860d)
Dental Services (Worthing) (item number 156) (id 1ee86455-11b0-4426-ad0b-5dc2979591ef)
Benefits And Earnings (item number 157) (id 40d80bf6-a3d6-42b3-9b70-5853ae1f6722)
Blind Persons (Benefits) (item number 158) (id 816c5bc3-bce5-480e-b0e9-f714e817a3ab)
Supplementary Benefit (Heating Costs) (item number 159) (id 540b5995-4506-4876-ab14-e93d0c2a1d03)
Northern Regional Health Authority (item number 160) (id e0f26795-70e1-4e1b-9d0e-008270c3d753)
Telford District General Hospital (Site) (item number 161) (id 093edf50-66a9-4a6f-b9ad-d254a5f83fd0)
Warren Farm Road Health Clinic (Birmingham) (item number 162) (id 9405a5e7-fe10-4dab-a74a-c6805f6469e9)
Compulsory Medication (item number 163) (id 3a8c7464-4eb1-4a9f-8068-48d1661e45ea)
Fluoridation (item number 164) (id 3b619c99-09c1-4b36-be63-4ef24421ac6a)
Emergency Dental Treatment (item number 165) (id 0ecac5da-d5a0-4b66-bac6-611f1341b5f8)
Reception And Resettlement Centres (item number 166) (id a2c97bc9-d3ab-4b9e-a97f-6f6a7bdb55af)
Health Education (Dental Care) (item number 167) (id 283708fe-8911-4d96-b671-ed137a0fa21d)
Homeless Persons (item number 168) (id 01ae924a-420f-4ab8-bbff-dd0e5fd52a7c)
Hospital Admissions (item number 169) (id 4ca21faf-bd05-4884-80b4-a95c9059510e)
Surgical Waiting Lists (item number 170) (id 0f29998c-0281-4eae-b915-634cb8cec572)
Hospitals (Patients) (item number 171) (id 6ca88341-2731-4ace-964d-8b323aa939fd)
Ambulance Service (item number 172) (id 4e066fae-3109-4daf-8cc8-a123051e620f)
Official Visit (Nottinghamshire) (item number 173) (id a8f0e689-3a44-4013-9779-3bc8be454460)
Surgical Operations (Central Nottinghamshire) (item number 174) (id 12fae352-d98f-4936-a739-a75a2c97346b)
Geriatric Beds (Mansfield) (item number 175) (id c5cacde7-a4bc-41e6-be21-99fa7746335e)
Rochdale Area Health Authority (item number 176) (id 5d0fa3e2-97a8-4a30-9e26-64bc274e5099)
Medical Examination (Member's Complaint) (item number 177) (id 7e5ba749-9900-4ba7-9826-2db575251739)
Retirement Pensions (Method Of Payment) (item number 178) (id 53ed6cf6-030c-45d8-87cd-e76b218e31c6)
Supplementary Benefit (item number 179) (id 36644824-29f9-46bb-a2cd-d179d4a588c1)
Special Fuel Discount Schemes (item number 180) (id 3e4860fe-4bfb-41b7-bdcd-ee3b7c27f598)
Winter Fuel Costs (School Leavers) (item number 181) (id ee340207-bf6c-445c-820d-188fde061715)


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