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Commons Hansard for 2 July 1980 (Volume 987)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 11.12pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 3e04ba9b-66e2-41f3-ae24-eb1ccf9f7857)
Prayers (item number 2) (id e6eb8422-0803-464c-8a7c-72846e47b264)
Northern Ireland (Government) (item number 4) (id c6248e3b-d407-49a2-9e40-60cfc7272dd3)
The Hon Member For Birmingham, Perry Barr (item number 5) (id 755e2707-8ba5-4570-be87-008105719202)
Business Of The House (item number 6) (id 258966d6-e781-46b8-bc7c-fda9ef99da81)
Mental Patients (Right To Vote) (item number 7) (id 3324c14c-4418-457c-984c-ff399fad9bbc)
Mental Patients (Right To Vote) (item number 8) (id c0c2a54b-d3a6-43f6-a248-75c1aed33381)
European Community (Budget) (item number 9) (id 4890afb9-3516-4fd1-bdea-25947ac8f39c)
Schools (item number 10) (id d99be16f-7718-4c56-8e8d-312f29f39ef8)
Home Ownership (item number 11) (id 8ebdbb4a-7a2a-43fa-b816-da4bf1c20276)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 91c8bbb0-f979-4a89-8f12-ed1b1a2292ab)
Oil Prices (item number 3) (id f97d2288-e48f-4bab-8bf4-5d9140cc9201)
Gas Flaring (item number 4) (id ef0d3c4b-4790-4f83-bb2c-3e94414bdc84)
Pipeline Authorisations (item number 5) (id 41a0a4f5-594e-4431-b6ee-e0ff88128a56)
North Sea Oil (Licensing) (item number 6) (id 62bbb63c-3b31-493c-9c89-7199099037ed)
Petrochemical Development (item number 7) (id dcf129d2-67da-4b83-8b57-794e04129604)
Offices And Factories (Automated Technology) (item number 9) (id ad512187-e97c-4485-bbe0-4e18cc473bb9)
Regional Gas Boards (Enforcement Notices) (item number 10) (id a46713c8-1c7c-4050-8d79-cc7d1076a1db)
Steel Industry (item number 11) (id 18305aa3-23ba-4af1-8097-f0ffb0638bfe)
Wolverhampton (item number 12) (id a15608ec-2887-42c7-a40e-e0ceb0722b4f)
Doctors (item number 13) (id e92c26fb-b9f8-4549-8d00-ca152e9aaa67)
Work Experience (item number 14) (id b3f84fab-ab23-48a2-8a1a-6770a8347e1d)
Liverpool (item number 15) (id 720faba4-12b1-4f34-9b5b-8a0a4960ad97)
Manpower Services Commission (item number 16) (id 7800633b-471d-4515-b159-9051b189da47)
Retraining Facilities (Liverpool) (item number 17) (id d927689f-6ef4-4cd4-ba27-9392cce59290)
Walsall (item number 18) (id 7e6d90d7-ee9f-434b-ad64-4e796b9c111a)
Manufacturing Industry (item number 19) (id b86a38eb-c7b0-4c62-ac25-4460adaba1c2)
Imports And Exports (item number 21) (id 4235a824-a283-40d6-b5b7-de4233de934d)
Steel Imports (item number 22) (id dfa097fd-a56b-4df2-8097-7f0137c11a86)
External Trade Statistics (item number 23) (id 6dd7da44-ea1c-4c51-8ebc-4d00adc06b31)
European Community (Sheepmeat) (item number 24) (id b15f6a92-dcff-4f56-940a-4b9bb0d37a81)
Slaughterhouses (Powys) (item number 26) (id 339c7a3b-a576-447a-8544-2149d3763053)
Agricultural Production (item number 27) (id d3502d56-5f09-4b9b-be39-533e6b1cf676)
Immigrants (Police Raids) (item number 29) (id 55069b2b-e13e-4d53-a72f-7988b202b033)
Holloway Prison (item number 30) (id f476b0bc-e6eb-4dd3-9d91-9b2570a46a39)
Risley Remand Centre (item number 31) (id 8fa3caef-f869-4f27-af4f-04e9b3dc27a6)
Boundary Commission For England And Wales (item number 32) (id 7d2d4e6b-72d3-4579-bb14-1539fc14f991)
Council Of Europe Rules (Treatment Of Prisoners) (item number 33) (id ce9dfb1b-575d-42c7-b9fe-027d436444ac)
Prison Rules (item number 34) (id 41757ced-9a8f-43ea-a7ce-4663b3a46349)
Maintenance Orders (item number 35) (id e855830a-f761-4280-870b-fc45add327c0)
Nationality (White Paper) (item number 36) (id fc327107-11a8-4340-9a7f-d166f223eccc)
Jimmy Kelly (item number 37) (id 0bff24e7-eacb-42c0-818f-91d49dc4bd17)
Prisoners (Protests) (item number 38) (id df04c348-3c10-4600-a2bf-d86d5c9d79fb)
Citizenship (item number 39) (id d4aabdc6-8a0a-4999-8272-a9cda0560415)
Commission For Racial Equality (Chairman) (item number 40) (id 8437083e-ba4e-454e-b0af-d1530ce90f33)
Scottish Development Agency (item number 42) (id 99cfdca6-2f04-4973-a0e1-2119e40d1674)
Redundancies (Lanarkshire) (item number 43) (id ce326ceb-9241-4210-971e-dd62a3d18fdf)
Public Expenditure (Roads) (item number 44) (id 5f99d15c-3781-46a7-a8b7-077120392e78)
Law Revision (item number 45) (id 87bba28a-9d32-4737-a5c5-21639fbd1d8c)
Burntisland, Kirkcaldy And Levenmouth (item number 46) (id e9166908-7378-4b3d-bcf1-2af4cb1d2408)
Criminal Statistics (item number 47) (id 4659586d-2ef4-4bfe-b6f1-bca3aeccb8b5)
Cruise Missiles (item number 49) (id 31a151f7-43c8-43d4-997e-23cc3c8be0ef)
Gas Gathering Pipeline (item number 50) (id 82b9d4c2-95d8-4ee1-9237-82d858c21c8c)
Small Businesses (Calendars) (item number 52) (id c490b95e-fd75-44c0-afab-33a117a7f5f6)
Gwent (Special Development Area Status) (item number 53) (id eedbc370-fb66-4be3-9b14-4c7fa61ef465)
Unemployment (Morpeth) (item number 54) (id aff7d9d7-2b42-4082-a39b-bf33f61a9324)
Soft Drinks And Beer Cans (European Community Directive) (item number 55) (id d795922a-c98e-4e68-84d8-2ab51f46109e)
European Community (United Kingdom Contribution) (item number 57) (id d2d28e30-11a6-423f-bf13-5a11e1827afb)
Objects In Lieu Of Tax (item number 58) (id ee877a63-2a16-48fc-89e1-ac3edb6602a2)
Works Of Art (Export Licences) (item number 59) (id 5de712f5-3757-4621-8e48-3049960e069c)
Objects In Lieu Of Tax (item number 60) (id 1dfc42c2-8bb3-4add-a619-767af8adaef9)
Food Costs (item number 62) (id a86539ef-3265-456a-894d-50bab8330712)
Prime Minister's Question Time (item number 63) (id 7f2a5a5d-9cd9-4d02-adc9-41b8c4a3d1f7)
Crown Courts (item number 64) (id 13658760-35f9-4bb9-b35a-4e9bf26081b2)
Remands (Northern Ireland) (item number 65) (id 497ed451-218b-43f2-9ded-d59080c5a955)
Race Relations Acts (Prosecutions) (item number 66) (id 42dce269-2b3c-4ff1-8c14-eb7f70266c7a)
Legal Aid (item number 67) (id a8c169c5-ba8b-48ee-b7f1-9cb2c6f4cb69)
University Teachers (Pay) (item number 69) (id dd9517b8-cf17-4950-939f-5bf7662081f1)
Inner London Education Authority (item number 70) (id 60aa24ec-da72-4997-b924-9d5d15d6a3f1)
Greater London Council (Transfer Of Properties) (item number 72) (id 80897c8e-ce7b-4dd2-b700-03aad961c3c2)
Peteriee (Housing Repairs) (item number 73) (id 65257929-a245-4b62-ade7-b105a9116048)
Cheviot Hill (Planning Inquiry) (item number 74) (id d9e62770-ba5b-4a78-8fb4-c80b67a697fa)
Gipsy Sites (item number 75) (id c8b24fe6-e532-48c3-a862-cdfbf0e43b4d)
Council House Sales (item number 76) (id a7c93e43-1b65-4099-9331-e8ae7dcfd4a4)
Local Authority Expenditure (item number 77) (id 002e2535-318f-473b-b8f2-73726b7078ba)
Homeless Persons (item number 78) (id 66efb3e0-c059-4c64-9c95-6a6ac2a7308a)
Property Services Agency (item number 79) (id f54155c5-87b1-44a1-9554-7cfb250f2640)
Derelict Land (North-West) (item number 80) (id a38de10d-1530-411e-9358-5b4741261f8b)
Public Footpaths (item number 81) (id 9339d3e3-90df-4a70-9960-6545ffc78717)
Co-Ownership Housing (item number 82) (id b0770590-cbf6-45c8-ba47-c36693da96e3)
Urban Aid (item number 83) (id 196524ee-dbff-4ca4-a1c2-5bb7afa8ab29)
Tobacco Industry (Sports Sponsorship) (item number 84) (id 290629aa-f204-47b0-bbf9-a8bbe5b54c9e)
Shorthold (item number 85) (id 69e1d64c-6635-48cf-9970-fd0f62cd3e14)
Rate Support Grant (item number 86) (id 8000e3c0-6eba-4674-8338-d6509d3fc3cd)
Partnership Authorities (item number 87) (id 45c0148f-be8f-41d8-958b-4c2829225076)
Enterprise Zones (item number 88) (id d89096da-cc3e-4512-aeef-0286b008c7f3)
Mortgage Interest Rate (item number 89) (id a8227d24-fd4b-467b-8e4b-f58750c09e80)
Sporting Bodies (Financing) (item number 90) (id 122a8f99-0867-4d63-8a17-9251fbd65cc5)
Water Authority Staff (item number 91) (id 5895d54e-2641-43d0-9624-551f179f20cb)
House Building (item number 92) (id d5a9628c-d832-4cbf-883d-0b7a68199833)
Control Of Pollution Act 1974 (item number 93) (id 880f536f-9e7a-418c-a4cd-a563ab79b927)
County Structure Plans (item number 94) (id 2d353595-aff0-4f81-9d09-4610060e0514)
Local Authority Rents (item number 95) (id ac693357-c511-4533-8806-ff2c5ba8f1e7)
Public Sector Mobility (item number 96) (id e1e18a69-a295-4a8e-b269-bdccee223516)
Council Housing (Liverpool) (item number 97) (id 780a576a-462b-4d86-88e4-325967a27e53)
Small Businesses (item number 98) (id 7efeadb9-ea9f-460d-b735-db088010a766)
Job Mobility (item number 99) (id 7ed4be77-6ce1-4347-bee6-e7859d11f67f)
Inner City Areas (Aid) (item number 100) (id 0efe08b3-210f-4f5b-9129-541b46532472)
Urban Development Corporation (Dockland) (item number 101) (id e492af4d-dc29-402f-999d-5fc0dc9ea877)
Local Authority Expenditure (item number 102) (id 340ae433-7f13-4cd6-b5a8-307253a0c50f)
Water Authorities (Consumer Protection) (item number 103) (id ea41111b-2fa2-4bcc-81cb-c4230507b365)
Public Expenditure (House Building) (item number 104) (id 4014b33a-ca31-49ab-9edf-8612f0f33f33)
Inland Waterways Amenities Advisory Council (Membership) (item number 105) (id c6866d60-5490-4a4f-a4cc-4faeae48e73a)
Partnership Authority Committee (item number 106) (id efd96e9b-492f-4522-a809-1c8ee2e13f50)
Building Control (item number 107) (id 8cf6bd99-5f6c-4742-b95c-2892678c1435)
New Town Development Corporations (item number 108) (id cc39e01b-e02f-415f-80b4-8a1e1879370e)
House Building (item number 109) (id 34140963-5fb2-4198-9c44-17f0ac4f4774)
Housing Improvement Grants (item number 110) (id ef14aebf-07a5-47ef-8011-aca679bb6e1c)
Housing Standards (item number 111) (id d1377281-13de-4f94-85b5-4bac18a0e381)
Urban Programme (Funding) (item number 112) (id ac433f48-1952-4c0a-beca-e890bd83d49f)
Inner Urban Areas Act 1978 (West Midlands) (item number 113) (id 39c68a57-d45c-47a0-86d1-98b40ad182a3)
Rent And Rate Rebates And Allowances (Retirement Pensioners) (item number 114) (id 972f99f1-734c-41cc-afc0-025242af77eb)
Queen Street, Millom (Sale Of Property) (item number 115) (id 30252215-9d53-41da-9b47-97b7e2de1bcd)
Local Authorities (Policy) (item number 116) (id faa1082c-327f-4781-98b7-b853f389daf4)
Domestic Water Rate (item number 117) (id 092e13ce-f494-4578-992e-8666ed1f97bd)
European Community (Council Of Environment Ministers) (item number 118) (id 6139a1e9-407b-4acb-b862-ad7bd2268c48)
Foreign Visitors (Health Treatment) (item number 120) (id 293e18ef-9589-4263-99d8-25c05b2b4666)
Pensions (item number 121) (id cf96d5be-51a9-49bd-94fe-955be1374f0c)
Regional Health Authorities (Expenditure) (item number 122) (id ae2c409a-b1d2-4015-9442-27894d56d50a)
Unemployed Persons (item number 123) (id 077f0bdc-79e2-4e7b-9d9f-b2ccbfea8441)
Mental Hospitals (item number 124) (id ff89684c-eb10-440d-bcaf-6bcdbd6deec6)
Retirement Pensioners (item number 125) (id 4dcc4299-eac7-4e8b-a584-990df6bdf260)
Child Benefit (item number 126) (id e45567cb-c0ff-43d2-9fd9-ca2c54002364)
Hospital Admissions (Walsall) (item number 127) (id 53648df0-8eee-4eee-ad38-76b91ce59206)
Death Grant (item number 128) (id 32e35108-cffb-43f7-a86f-fe13a2624910)
Health Service Commissioner (item number 129) (id 0318f6bc-0b0e-44be-ac04-2b33ca2ed0f9)
One-Parent Families (item number 130) (id c4d07f4d-ab10-44df-ba84-73122181b90c)
Psycho-Surgical Operations (item number 131) (id d2c7d164-eea6-4c23-b288-e02b5e0bbe16)
Motorway Maintenance (item number 133) (id c1e0aecb-f328-4e78-8d61-244251bc1ed7)
Vehicles And Traffic Forecasts (item number 134) (id 1da33b61-2275-4718-b1d3-2435d1e94d72)
Pelican Crossings (item number 135) (id 812d56ab-fcf2-4b87-9391-f96f6ad750f9)
Motoring Offences (Fixed Fines) (item number 136) (id cfc19bdc-7cbf-4924-927b-c74c9db07f64)
Lancia Beta Cars (item number 137) (id cdd3ec43-c8db-4bd1-ba90-d81f4b36ec73)
Vietnam (item number 140) (id abc0fd99-8441-4ec9-9c89-b053c47b9ebe)
Zimbabwe (item number 141) (id 33d554cf-a634-4ac2-a57d-e15d6ad949f1)
Helsinki Final Act (item number 142) (id e0a09c59-a677-461e-9afa-e5adbacf2373)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.