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Commons Hansard for 19 June 1990 (Volume 174)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 8.18pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id c231fd07-c4f4-4c8a-a05b-46d61571a6c2)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 404662d0-2955-464e-8f33-01e7442c5050)
Points Of Order (item number 5) (id f38e16ae-6758-42ff-83f2-5bc10414a5d8)
Greenwich Hospital Bill Lords (item number 8) (id 3a2438a0-c055-4c94-b248-b059e986b776)
Statutory Instruments, &C (item number 10) (id 040b447c-edb7-4c54-9469-aa83e45de640)
Police (item number 11) (id 13fd0b2e-3efb-478b-b9e5-3ed7c2f39340)
European Community Documents (item number 12) (id ed0db16a-b3f4-46cf-80a1-3de640e20a67)
Road Vehicles (item number 13) (id fe90baf2-402e-4bf9-8066-03334e7b571e)
Robens Institute (Spectrometer) (item number 14) (id fe5f0a12-5d43-49a4-90c6-616d2edad92e)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id b6c502c1-5526-4dd0-bb52-83157dc2108b)


Adoption (item number 1) (id 5bdc4d33-0126-4211-9e6c-61c7bb796dd2)
Waiting Lists (item number 1) (id 684bf8d4-4b88-4746-abcf-15756aa1554c)
Family Planning (item number 1) (id 4f2c0497-0174-44cd-93c3-4e12219d92aa)
Head Lice (item number 1) (id e54d39cd-e1c7-4424-a7ca-6f555038272b)
Community Health Councils (item number 1) (id 767b5733-13f9-4235-afbf-854c67ae8e7d)
Toxic Shock Syndrome (item number 1) (id 0b42a6ca-6b7b-4b11-9466-7d6032956e51)
Transplant Service (item number 1) (id d06fbac9-6d1e-4d8d-adca-3ebf0a3d5c5c)
Optician Services (item number 1) (id ed00b01f-04b8-4de0-b802-8b51b4b2e9c9)
Larynx Cancer (item number 1) (id 7cef65be-6ff5-451f-b05d-26c065e8dc8b)
Child Abuse (item number 1) (id 32a40a74-954d-45db-ac0b-e9ed36940969)
Eye Tests (item number 1) (id b272c916-ecf4-484c-a518-bfd08f43a452)
Abortion (item number 1) (id 9d64eb35-3f0b-4a96-b57a-a85e70335df1)
Performance-Related Pay (item number 1) (id 7a6f57c3-77fe-43fd-82c6-535f3e8b0a8e)
General Practitioners Budgets (item number 1) (id 672802b3-b1e0-4569-abfc-5d4bee5830c5)
Natural History Museum (item number 1) (id bf9011ca-e2ca-400b-8ecb-f8f087351846)
Departmental Publications (item number 1) (id f9d7b21d-b1c6-4930-b182-921a992c70db)
Nhs Reform (item number 1) (id 0ace034d-606e-4bde-a9ec-282343e87adf)
Health Authority Chairmen (item number 1) (id 61dded68-bacf-4c3c-b5ac-9a8206eb6684)
Aids (item number 1) (id 9c6dd24f-983b-4aef-8c93-ea9eecf9f0d8)
West Berkshire Health Authority (item number 1) (id 9f7f2d59-4569-45a8-a9c3-3041356a4896)
Gamete Infra Fallopian Transfer (item number 1) (id f4efa53b-6563-4ad1-ac59-a64f62cf4594)
Multiple Pregnancy Resulting From Infertility Treatments (item number 1) (id b7ef5fda-9865-4f61-ace0-0b6a20de6228)


Bush-Gorbachev Summit (item number 1) (id f91bb58d-0c07-4052-962a-dd6a9c16a94b)
Nuclear Weapons (item number 1) (id 8f5b03ad-136e-4e84-8fb0-9163c2bfe611)
Defence Review (item number 1) (id 4e21fb65-2a3e-4e28-995d-b522730e882c)
West German Defence Minister (item number 1) (id 76aa47cc-bf96-4a72-a7a7-8d0b0684c7e5)
Frigates (item number 1) (id c89c88af-4826-409d-99c3-03dd0d237a20)
Start Agreement (item number 1) (id dbd8f7c3-4d53-4349-936c-9d08f7b98443)
Military Assistance (item number 1) (id 83c949bb-38c4-4064-a294-96fd8c044620)
Defence Diversification Agency (item number 1) (id 67883489-d8a8-4281-812d-9445b161275e)
Radar Stations (item number 1) (id 411fdc66-c752-40e1-b889-e4d990088432)
Low Flying (item number 1) (id 4df353d5-55b7-4e6d-aff3-9f7452bcba76)
Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (item number 1) (id 4bc98584-deb6-498e-a338-ef6eb858135a)
Ulster Defence Regiment (item number 1) (id e5eddc0e-13c9-4d0f-bde7-75a471f17f01)
Soviet Union (Threat Assessment) (item number 1) (id da331a9c-42ff-4aea-b3b9-5d6811dcd142)
Warsaw Pact (item number 1) (id 6d49bcc3-acef-4399-a7df-5c42faffc32a)
Military Doctrine (item number 1) (id 1cd0b550-d176-487f-8608-7e9a5af4b460)
Nuclear Test Victims (item number 1) (id 4ae12b94-ee07-4d79-b641-762c7ad48910)
Armed Forces (Women Employees) (item number 1) (id 39846322-bfbd-4874-9698-e23284df6c5e)
Defence Procurement (item number 1) (id 754b6753-e528-4c85-b5db-a56fd28f8a3f)
Soviet Union (item number 1) (id 0f735993-d48b-4089-b8fa-0f4fa04d6d6c)
Nato Summit (item number 1) (id 066c0147-288c-4624-9afc-5e97e2bbaffb)
Warships (item number 1) (id 9f34a338-8067-469d-afb2-0faa13d17d91)
Bullying (item number 1) (id a5ae7c67-9165-4da5-be72-7fccbf82b657)
Military Exercises (item number 1) (id 4a6ae575-d734-4daf-9c90-74d74fccf33e)
Soviet Navy (Modernisation) (item number 1) (id cde31604-7a48-43c3-83f6-805285390529)
Army Equipment Exhibition (item number 1) (id 0655e32f-9504-4074-9850-60201fa987be)
Radiation (item number 1) (id 9c27adae-f3f6-4303-83bf-1a2038f0485d)
Trident (item number 1) (id b6facb2f-834a-43ef-a06c-15ab975ae61f)
Air-To-Surface Missiles (item number 1) (id bd804cbd-7986-48e1-b965-efebc90ac846)
Fisheries Protection (item number 1) (id 1c497806-70d4-4fdf-9017-02e279a10cde)
Volunteer Reserve Forces (item number 1) (id d96e3cc3-1c81-487e-abd3-e9ed016b6199)
Nato Comprehensive Concept (item number 1) (id 897cc6c1-d2b5-41f7-a06e-507d29ae6f0b)
Mr Colin Wallace (Allegations) (item number 1) (id 0ce2467c-64ad-4533-8c59-11a5be718a7a)
United States Defence Minister (item number 1) (id 1baefa49-0da5-42de-a960-b9f5613407b8)
Tanks (item number 1) (id 94bc92a0-0a10-41a3-a15a-ebeb4efd128d)
Aldermaston A-90 Building (item number 1) (id 02512ccf-f975-4c21-85d0-69a1e74d3d46)
Peacekeeping (item number 1) (id 22b60a3b-4193-4933-9e24-04534e7d595a)
Emergency Assistance (item number 1) (id 2f81d881-9e1d-45b4-aea8-3db080e65a32)
Soviet Conventional Weapons (item number 1) (id a1557ec7-f102-48fb-9f44-c9944fd330c4)
Namibia (item number 1) (id 46aade7e-d906-44f5-a00a-c3a3746e58cf)
Baor (Nuclear Weapons) (item number 1) (id d2523bdb-dc97-43f0-b539-992796497c83)
Astra (item number 1) (id d81ecdc3-ac63-4a9e-8f05-968d45595318)
Dutch Defence Minister (item number 1) (id 15dd9e6d-f69f-451d-b063-752028d7b4ac)
Personnel Retention (item number 1) (id 9c1580f7-601c-4006-b223-991b2bef1ba4)
Western European Union (item number 1) (id 1136307d-6818-48b6-9d78-2df86ec9083d)
Surface Fleet (item number 1) (id 58524cb2-f1c8-4815-8702-b4ed7304d8f1)
Environmental Protection (item number 1) (id a3116ca1-6daa-478f-adf4-bcf4a5bff34a)
Tain Bombing Range (item number 1) (id e48519e5-77f1-4944-95da-158d17f91f17)
European Fighter Aircraft (item number 1) (id af110fc2-cabd-4e88-8ecf-d90915541b80)
Nato Secretary-General (item number 1) (id 2f40ca5a-e3f9-4d72-9945-da6a738e3787)
Raf Biggin Hill (item number 1) (id dfb981f9-a4c4-4611-bc40-08a1ac411d27)
Mid-Air Collision, Hexham (item number 1) (id b264dd53-4cac-4dac-8d40-1464b4168117)
Overseas Disaster Relief (item number 1) (id e41d2824-c551-4c6b-aa3f-5231ab79f0c1)
Thurleigh Airfield (item number 1) (id 475f10f6-e202-4cfd-8ad0-e5b94e686787)
Military Aircraft (Flying Levels) (item number 1) (id ee14c324-5821-4c50-b493-81f7b864552d)
Territorial Army (item number 1) (id fc6ce0a8-5a5a-498d-9d5a-9cebc6cae644)
Air Force Training (item number 1) (id 7f124688-3667-40ff-bd27-c9292d191424)
Defence Spending (item number 1) (id cfef8bfe-4663-43a4-bcb7-c8b10077fecb)
Military Sites (Environmental Impact) (item number 1) (id 6a2527c6-fbe3-4927-b0f6-e0e6e22b296c)
Toxic Waste (item number 1) (id 6161fa86-46cd-4374-b4ea-c290508e5a1b)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.