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Commons Hansard for 27 January 2003 (Volume 398)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 6.31am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id b9042e08-80f5-4b52-96de-0154f4b86520)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 303c460e-aea4-4cd1-91f9-c7c0632f3c13)
Child Support Reform (item number 4) (id 088a34b1-e2ec-44d2-ae19-8a0232e24327)
Point Of Order (item number 5) (id 689883ca-7018-4ae4-bc80-22592f615c93)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 5c7d00e5-fe49-48ec-8f22-91260074adb1)


Airport Security (item number 1) (id 674d6f69-d662-412b-8b38-0d3142118d16)
British Transport Police (item number 1) (id ce76f110-e76b-43b0-9c6d-e70081cd407b)
A180 (item number 1) (id 0bfe861a-702c-43be-867e-8ae6d7611f15)
Airports (item number 1) (id dfd83741-0447-4685-a096-a8509f3f49ff)
Civil Servants (item number 1) (id b84fdf10-4f02-49f7-a002-4eac03bd3d95)
Coastal Shipping Freight (item number 1) (id 677c1a58-eab5-42d1-9ef3-433ae33af4c5)
Computer Misuse (item number 1) (id 1689ec2b-1a7f-4f24-98c0-8b9723eb250b)
Congestion Charges (item number 1) (id fd6ce355-e2f0-485d-8765-5ded177a7aa0)
External Consultants (item number 1) (id f93edbf3-f7d8-48f0-97d5-5aacf20a3b82)
Foreign Commercial Vehicles (item number 1) (id e2608e60-474c-4220-b49f-f01e57929a82)
Health And Safety Strategy (item number 1) (id 663fad23-6c74-4c02-b869-77d08b3c9b8c)
Heritage Assets (item number 1) (id 3c6b4b5b-3691-4f33-a815-b3bb712d742a)
Investment Strategy (item number 1) (id e39cfadf-42e7-42f0-ab2c-4b5b138f46b4)
Late Trains (item number 1) (id 2f5e050a-2c0f-4bde-9d6b-8b849a1f56ef)
M6 (item number 1) (id 2b47879a-5d28-4c2f-9054-5d259ec02fbb)
Marinair (item number 1) (id ad185da1-c4bb-4374-b435-1e9c55060eb3)
Midman Multi-Modal Study (item number 1) (id 54788314-09df-4809-bb62-999702ebaf74)
Ministerial Travel (item number 1) (id 28da51e5-b329-4514-b482-5e203d40c794)
Motor Cycling Strategy (item number 1) (id 242ad39b-195e-4b1a-bcfa-32af8a5ed383)
Oil Spills (item number 1) (id 692c1be4-48fb-44a4-b934-453fea64531f)
Private Hire Vehicle Regulations (item number 1) (id 8ba4f201-03a4-4a06-a1f3-08a04d89f058)
Private Tolls (item number 1) (id 8c9e8720-c6e5-43fa-8892-6cc0ffb81d13)
Public Sector Workers (Public Transport) (item number 1) (id fc496779-adbf-45fe-a4dc-5fc88360159c)
Rail Services (Shrewsbury) (item number 1) (id 4d2d4588-5f97-4edb-84a3-480b529c2f53)
Road Safety (item number 1) (id bc852436-bf94-47a7-a828-523ed8976cbb)
Strategic Rail Authority (item number 1) (id 0fc8179f-7f82-4f1b-b09d-251aecfcdc5f)
Traffic Calming (A49) (item number 1) (id f3425993-8879-42c5-adb7-62aea2c49e11)
Trains (item number 1) (id 837edd63-4a2c-47d8-8add-b5aeedfb1906)
Transport Infrastructure Projects (item number 1) (id 47fba68e-8c66-4c63-8961-5f956607ac56)
Transport Safety Statistics (item number 1) (id 2267025d-7a56-485b-921f-e7768c2ef23e)
Transport Targets (item number 1) (id 08bb34c0-e94c-4914-9f14-933b828500c8)
Virgin Train Services (Blackpool) (item number 1) (id 30ea5b0f-c33d-4c73-afb6-a8825859022b)

Education And Skills

Children's Commissioner (item number 1) (id e6b919bd-6d61-4bb0-9069-ec9977bfb6c2)
Apprenticeships (item number 1) (id 2a1569d6-5952-4de4-a3dd-abaa6ebc0a1a)
Asylum Seekers (item number 1) (id e9fd0116-b199-402a-86b9-63ba18bddc0b)
Child Nutrition (item number 1) (id 07a32615-2589-4d56-abab-d8a13476046e)
Children's Fund (item number 1) (id d08440b7-7202-4e42-a494-a3d5cf1f4a3e)
Consultancy (item number 1) (id 67ec05cc-46eb-4975-9eea-5e6b58ce274e)
Dyslexia (item number 1) (id 1d366dbd-089f-46f0-ac6e-f2b2a8fab803)
Empty Homes (item number 1) (id 72158bf4-2e1e-4907-b3ec-688a1dce4c93)
Entertainment (item number 1) (id 566489e4-03af-40f4-b613-b785ca2f118b)
Free School Meals (item number 1) (id e621ee90-2549-40cf-a7fb-9166820475fe)
Heritage Assets (item number 1) (id 1cf8b0e8-0c45-4da6-a410-81af290f8c01)
Higher Education (Armed Forces) (item number 1) (id 7f8e5702-af82-4cdc-b8c5-32a0083f4532)
Ministerial Travel (item number 1) (id 25e5082d-d209-43ac-8fb8-fda623de3d42)
Public Service Agreements (item number 1) (id 53eed014-5fad-48d7-a427-f40282037fc9)
Publicity And Advertising (item number 1) (id 1861966d-0fca-49b5-888a-1c5af25cc6ce)
Pupil Ethnicity (item number 1) (id 320cbfb4-4cfb-4cd3-b6e5-e31d3436ef17)
Research Projects (item number 1) (id c6cb6b00-8dd7-4518-bca7-a746af8d0307)
Sector Skills Councils (item number 1) (id 8462c8ae-47e3-4b97-bc21-ee90052328b2)
Sickness Absence (item number 1) (id 5ff2f70e-a3b9-4694-a6c4-9becbe8420e2)
Special Needs (item number 1) (id f6457a1b-f6b9-46d5-bcd2-d6ca6d752c94)
Sure Start (item number 1) (id 1927fa4a-1fbb-40fa-94c1-a9798901733e)
Truancy (item number 1) (id 5db61adb-cf17-4fb8-b04b-92371edcab6d)

Environment, Food And Rural Affairs

Flooding Insurance (item number 1) (id dfa04ed1-c6d1-4cf2-a116-7f060476e3b4)
Aircraft Fuel (item number 1) (id a9d79d70-0f98-4a96-9af1-5b9e62f38043)
Alternative Fuels (item number 1) (id 388f9940-cf35-44bb-8086-f0ecf98e70b2)
Animal Welfare (item number 1) (id 9bf5ad4e-c8a2-4188-8c95-b53de87b550e)
Commercial Whaling (item number 1) (id ca7ab66a-5fab-48b1-a6c4-b99d5d3dd553)
Company Environmental Performance (item number 1) (id 5afe6f2d-5a5e-4c1c-8f5b-0dd3a2d42b56)
Computer Misuse (item number 1) (id 02f658fa-f060-4f1c-a383-237aa7d0495d)
Dolphins/Porpoises (item number 1) (id 91aa0608-4982-499b-bff7-6ac131ba921c)
Empty Homes (item number 1) (id 233be41f-9bad-4247-83a5-83f900817a83)
Energy Efficiency (item number 1) (id ea5810b5-213e-498d-be98-d62668a68ae6)
Environment Agency (item number 1) (id 258b0d3c-1e8e-49a6-ad17-3f48a42daf01)
Equids (item number 1) (id 834958be-7162-4d7d-8bb4-79bb8a4c5369)
Eu Rice Regime (item number 1) (id 503718e8-bf57-4dc4-b96b-cacf8718aa8a)
Exmoor (item number 1) (id f09cbb26-0ee9-4bdb-be79-19e8c32a4b47)
Farm Plastics (item number 1) (id 267316d3-03c9-4348-b62a-7218d17ae4a3)
Farm Subsidy (item number 1) (id 92d7c61e-6634-4d5a-b6a5-cff9406ee645)
Fisheries (item number 1) (id 27178875-1b0e-4e01-82e5-2fbe15fff170)
Gm Crops (item number 1) (id f2ac18bf-71c8-448f-9ea1-c4f67952012c)
Greenhouse Gases (item number 1) (id a3f43bb2-4a42-41d7-a697-2e5a44639618)
Heritage Assets (item number 1) (id 8e919057-6e36-40ce-8910-baa30ae900be)
Illegal Meat Imports (item number 1) (id 86406446-5cc0-4613-a4b5-a1be620d79a2)
Landfill (item number 1) (id 43fed219-2048-48b0-ac84-2ed7d8ca3694)
Ministerial Travel (item number 1) (id 1f2890f8-69e2-4c25-bdc8-2b4e42722c6d)
Recycling (item number 1) (id 51e809e1-4168-43c0-85aa-03cce1f58cf8)
Recycling (Household Waste) (item number 1) (id 4e329da2-7e08-4cf4-901f-72566e23ed66)
Recycling (Tyres) (item number 1) (id 1f09ec30-62f9-48a4-adcc-562897275fe8)
Refrigerator Disposal (item number 1) (id a8aa891a-0bb7-4c66-ae74-842c3a22e204)
Sickness Absence (item number 1) (id 8e760aa1-de64-448d-8d51-d64fd768a279)
Sites Of Special Scientific Interest (item number 1) (id 60b18fc4-611a-4b40-9718-c38d28ad8092)
Thames Barrier (item number 1) (id 677b6fbe-7b8b-440f-8508-220bdc27f1c7)
Timber (item number 1) (id 46935851-1375-4b0a-82e1-91ea66e6cde5)
Waste Disposal Plants (item number 1) (id 40480913-4e7c-44e5-98d6-b3d3645f10ab)

International Development

Iraq (item number 1) (id bc5aa1f3-0d88-465b-acb6-19948e19ffd6)
Afghanistan (item number 1) (id 78d4bb9a-72fd-4d79-b0b9-c35bd409b55b)
Alternative Crop Projects (item number 1) (id d7648c63-5b60-4dc5-bb9e-9cc49d3b9126)
Colombia (item number 1) (id fe009f33-f6aa-4fa7-8696-252219ba9421)
Entertainment (item number 1) (id a936f099-b247-46df-a8bb-905234e0c7b4)
Ethiopia (item number 1) (id fc3bd2fb-bddd-4940-b029-810bb3c1dafc)
External Consultants (item number 1) (id 4a6bb89b-23be-41ee-a86c-08953e45b16e)
Fraud And Theft (item number 1) (id e5636a22-226e-4d99-8b44-ae35c188c581)
Health And Safety (item number 1) (id d21a8f78-162e-44db-8ff8-8613188e6f62)
Humanitarian Contingency Planning (item number 1) (id 399b0e49-f813-45a2-9eb9-9707c6ff7973)
Kenya (item number 1) (id 59f6e7d7-2b50-4f7e-af17-79b139bf516b)
Malawi (item number 1) (id f615a77a-519d-4254-bb4a-5c8e9e3ee9d8)
Mauritania (item number 1) (id 399f3ae7-9b35-455c-b6fe-f07d5ee6a58f)
Minimum Wage (item number 1) (id 6d95128f-26fb-4e7a-bc0c-5b63e3371712)
Ministerial Travel (item number 1) (id fd737848-e9b9-4837-ac7a-5dd7351944a0)
Multilateral Debt (item number 1) (id e3bf235e-0ea2-48f1-8d7a-72880137a303)
Poverty And Wildlife Study (item number 1) (id 41212ad1-e624-49d4-a130-bde524ff32ad)
Publicity And Advertising (item number 1) (id e0f32db6-f72a-43f3-8a26-28f1e27a318f)
Refugees (Iraq) (item number 1) (id 151ce6ce-dc7e-45dc-9910-a718ae011832)
Sudan (item number 1) (id f1c21dee-adbb-49bb-b16b-663789eb92af)
Western Sahara (item number 1) (id 7f5a4c52-04bc-4d93-aea2-8222a9596c67)
Western Sahel (item number 1) (id 5f401783-b047-482d-8fd8-fcd23b8cb619)

Trade And Industry

Adsl (item number 1) (id d81b8bfe-ce1b-4e03-a4fd-7990f8bf3c05)
Broadband (item number 1) (id 56dae27c-bdce-4da6-a4f7-e8f5b15cb3e5)
Competitiveness White Paper (item number 1) (id e56e6992-8894-4f4f-be16-db9a651d2ace)
Fossil Fuel (item number 1) (id 22cd358d-4d7d-41d2-99b0-777dcb46af86)
Renewable Energy (item number 1) (id e39dc272-da8f-4a0a-97bc-abc67e4b9511)
Empty Homes (item number 1) (id 0e4e2156-1083-42af-8844-402898be45f3)
Ethical Banking (item number 1) (id 789c46d9-5159-43e6-a9b1-4722a2173d1b)
Export Control Act (item number 1) (id b7a828f9-870d-45c9-b618-f403655b5c07)
Fraud (item number 1) (id 40e45046-1742-4d12-90a1-c8555a4b9fb3)
General Agreement On Trade In Services (item number 1) (id 22df8400-ebcf-40d1-856b-4e0e8ab30e29)
Huntingdon Life Sciences (item number 1) (id 4c73b2b2-afb8-40ae-aee3-f024abcca035)
Industrial Action (item number 1) (id dc028df0-a9ab-4dc3-83de-f3f004ff6cb4)
Information Society Initiative Centres (item number 1) (id 9bbfa356-598d-462d-90e1-4b675d6f4dd1)
Innovation Unit (item number 1) (id bd7840f5-9bcd-4253-80e0-2f222745086e)
Job Creation (item number 1) (id 1c3d671e-f711-44ae-874f-5744327d3a72)
Manufacturing Advisory Service (item number 1) (id d45c4e57-9aa3-4645-b1a0-fde75ca5ce64)
Miners Compensation (item number 1) (id 30a1d70e-100c-4ffa-8b96-c157a7311767)
National Minimum Wage (Shropshire) (item number 1) (id f691c6be-c394-457a-877c-08ee5923894d)
Ofgem Board (item number 1) (id 9edc3f22-61f1-4f2b-80c9-47c791ab85ea)
Post Office (item number 1) (id c61f661f-0825-432e-884f-03e67b7b6147)
Post Office Card Accounts (item number 1) (id 56ba340b-ee65-4782-abe7-ca6a20b53a40)
Post Office Raids (item number 1) (id 2b4c5d06-4174-4ff9-a3a2-005ea2a655bb)
Post Offices (Shropshire) (item number 1) (id 49342b35-4f68-4d66-a0db-d44443480862)
Power Cuts (item number 1) (id b6fe55fd-b432-4a65-8f49-f309bda3c1e5)
Press Releases (item number 1) (id 81a993ce-6b17-48f7-b215-f843f3d420ee)
Regulatory Impact Assessments (item number 1) (id fddceb3e-a5c1-473d-b3e3-96398c286f33)
Rural Transfer Advisers (item number 1) (id d622d3d5-54d5-4730-9290-2ef45e8f5f8a)
Scottish Post Offices (item number 1) (id 7cd948e9-31a6-4d84-98d6-a878c90c32cf)
Sickness Absence (item number 1) (id d3dc908f-7d2a-42c4-8906-828a5217b6be)
Sizewell (item number 1) (id 3307638b-9417-4e8a-84a3-b39c13e04c89)
Space Industry Club (item number 1) (id 1a02893b-ed69-4ddc-a14d-0bcf55322d38)
Transco (item number 1) (id 20d5d455-9100-4720-90d9-2fb2f6641871)
Westport Private Equity Limited (item number 1) (id 7344bfc3-fcad-4734-aa3c-02f8a303693f)


Employment Statistics (item number 1) (id 552c07ea-a6f5-4eae-9661-0081afc7e430)
Advertising Campaigns (item number 1) (id 40f0c686-43f2-479b-99a0-b6e0fac8aee3)
Affordable Housing (item number 1) (id bae5724f-c3d6-47a7-bcc5-a97202572df2)
Capital Modernisation Fund (item number 1) (id 0e394f53-10d6-42ad-af3e-5541863f1960)
Cat Standard (item number 1) (id 47114ab3-4b58-40e5-97af-186a9a4a4935)
Cigarettes (item number 1) (id fa17489c-64e1-46a7-bfd5-1f555f50ea0d)
Company Accounts (item number 1) (id 3164e529-5a14-47a1-9578-5b9c0b696caf)
Computer Misuse (item number 1) (id 7f4cfbb3-0b0d-4a81-a18b-81e0a92a2978)
Congestion Charge (item number 1) (id e6690d52-3dad-4cb4-b26c-5b78565fd77e)
Corporate Profitability (item number 1) (id e80d3b35-b921-469b-88cc-f43235e4d441)
Departmental Staff (item number 1) (id cae11a7e-ca0d-4a24-952a-e390c52106d5)
Ecofin (item number 1) (id faacc7d1-576a-415b-a691-9a19b2f553ff)
Employment Distribution (item number 1) (id a5073026-1eda-459c-a157-283a7a416c63)
Equitable Life (item number 1) (id 94ed6f21-1c92-4f56-8cd8-0a061d920d14)
Euro (item number 1) (id 53929545-cdf3-4b3b-83b4-d92d8e6ca2b7)
Euro Pamphlets (item number 1) (id 80fa6a20-0934-47a0-9d26-c79859fe3cdc)
Exchange Rates (item number 1) (id 08519833-60af-44ad-bcb1-a571fb545083)
Financial Advisers (item number 1) (id 41de6eeb-35a7-4d5c-b356-8f5527d11f69)
Fraud And Theft (item number 1) (id 4acede7d-ab80-4f2b-95d2-ac9b32b16ae7)
Fuel Poverty (item number 1) (id 60f104d9-3a28-45e2-a5f6-76e3d9fcc063)
Health And Safety Strategy (item number 1) (id bd0cc81f-726c-4c95-abd8-c9bbef3fac8a)
Hm Treasury (item number 1) (id cc8572f4-56f5-4104-89ca-86c8c4c25687)
Hm Treasury Staff (item number 1) (id fc6f53aa-47cb-4802-96de-3d689a4ad225)
Immigration (item number 1) (id 5d1bc80c-342f-473e-a2e0-0f9b8cef92c5)
Income Tax Evasion (item number 1) (id dfebd9a9-84e0-4621-bf26-691703818bde)
Industrial Action (item number 1) (id 05ea4572-7de0-4911-b8e4-594b634aecf3)
Manufacturing Industry (item number 1) (id 47f428d0-55be-4eec-a5a1-96f2c5855e8f)
New Deal (item number 1) (id b374dae2-67c0-4a7b-8083-61cf51f00966)
Office Of Government Commerce (item number 1) (id 3abb8400-184c-4c03-bf91-36a611617937)
Partnerships Uk (item number 1) (id f229d34c-e2dd-4e1f-9316-be3f9f5324e0)
Peter Gershon (item number 1) (id 27e32d14-8977-42b7-ae86-2a42aa7c7da9)
Public Services (item number 1) (id 13d45b7e-c561-438d-8584-c698ae4b96bd)
Reserve Forces (item number 1) (id f557e12a-2cfb-4744-bef3-4dff35d65a78)
Reservists' Pensions (item number 1) (id 83bae3cb-9355-4275-b836-9e08dcc4d609)
Royal Mint (item number 1) (id dff18d1e-ddb1-4c89-8618-3f5b1c809b74)
Skye Bridge Toll (item number 1) (id f20af63c-5a4c-429b-b236-1f7b9d9d2adf)
Stock Exchange (item number 1) (id 8d13abc9-a9e9-4cfe-a556-a38665bd044e)
Student Loans (item number 1) (id 431aa23d-708c-4e82-8a7e-49d2993ab4c5)
Tax Evasion (Construction Industry) (item number 1) (id 69f3bed4-f4f7-4939-94c2-2f96072055b3)
Treasury Building (Pfi Deal) (item number 1) (id 58ea569e-92ff-4be1-94b8-254a94d42702)
Treasury Expenditure (Parliamentary Bodies) (item number 1) (id 5b16e24e-f9db-4023-9bb1-4361aaba5fd7)
Vehicle Excise Duty (item number 1) (id 15834345-ac10-4b09-8683-5cca84bbfbcf)
Working Families Tax Credit (item number 1) (id c96899a9-9d50-46b0-b746-fbd34c6dc277)

Deputy Prime Minister

Affordable Housing (item number 1) (id 6d4b16f2-5179-4e0c-a890-654d525f2c7b)
Annual Report (item number 1) (id a72f5da6-2d69-4180-9964-471a5b66b522)
Contaminated Land (item number 1) (id 8b052081-e10d-4931-96b4-ddbf6568d5a4)
Departmental Credit Cards (item number 1) (id 3655b894-e8e9-4360-bdbc-b9b8e8d21e2b)
External Consultants (item number 1) (id 0811afbb-9345-43ed-9c9a-1c5191a6935b)
Golden Jubilee Medals (item number 1) (id be5c835e-b4c9-4b4f-8727-04b3f96f406b)
Headstones (item number 1) (id 15c443c9-d610-41b6-9f9d-115939251202)
House Condition Survey (item number 1) (id aea9902c-3c98-48c6-a990-2be66f249e53)
Housing (Rural Areas) (item number 1) (id 6d7f0fa9-aa81-405a-8057-a9b8b86feac1)
Housing Investment (item number 1) (id bcca9d99-977a-4915-b31a-f9a525f6eb16)
Job Sharing (item number 1) (id f8840e11-4307-4e7c-889d-7a147b9b5706)
Local Government Finance (item number 1) (id 7fdab53c-0e2b-4bfc-865d-4b5a06fd178d)
Mobile Phone Masts (item number 1) (id b3a53000-a76e-42b5-854e-a8b1ac822444)
Neighbourhood Renewal (item number 1) (id 6c5f5cf5-2e5b-4ca9-a04a-b5a81941a88f)
Local Government Finance (Somerset) (item number 1) (id f9723685-5b5c-444e-8c2d-a6c2a39bbf3b)
Payment Of Bills (item number 1) (id 492acac7-b87a-4354-ac7c-515e2be462ca)
Sickness Absence (item number 1) (id 035d5445-7fb4-43be-b4af-1c388274f6b8)
St Oswalds Park (item number 1) (id 8b873de1-2e04-4938-adb9-d809b089fd31)
Travellers Sites (item number 1) (id 38d64fe8-b53d-43df-be86-a63bb5325c4c)
Unitary Development Plans (Affordable Housing) (item number 1) (id 1f3ed963-e4cb-4ce0-b122-6207e3c642a4)
Women's Refuges (item number 1) (id c175790a-5d89-49f3-99ec-8159de36b790)


Aircraft Carrier Modernisation (item number 1) (id 80ed018a-6ffc-4f32-a81d-8672904eadb4)
Iraq (item number 1) (id 51d8da29-d675-44f4-abdb-e382570a950d)
Armed Forces (Middle East) (item number 1) (id b90556b2-65f7-4ba4-adf4-2cdeeda4b7ac)
A-Bomb Tests (item number 1) (id 383cc500-b5ab-4999-85df-42c798b10c57)
Royal Navy (Gulf) (item number 1) (id 7369a67f-e5a0-46e8-be17-70c617dc947e)
Iraq (Post-Conflict) (item number 1) (id e81c9512-fa9d-4c00-8c69-3097b3a668da)
Us Missile Defence System (item number 1) (id 15a09624-6670-48f0-a7f8-7ee8687e77a8)
First World War (Military Executions) (item number 1) (id 6fe249d2-54c5-48ee-8dd0-c13a13b778af)
Fylingdales (item number 1) (id 25b4e97a-20bd-453e-b85e-bcea7e97efee)
Departmental Suppliers (Lancashire) (item number 1) (id c30bb330-4c6b-4b21-852a-42e1ebb3d89b)
Afghanistan (item number 1) (id e1d09d33-ef86-4b69-a934-43af52070c37)
845 Squadron (item number 1) (id dc9dc09b-17c5-4c89-b078-3b8bc8ee322f)
Aircraft Carriers (item number 1) (id 204271b8-bb0d-4e53-a874-7a0edabdd8a5)
Anthrax Vaccine (item number 1) (id 4d11d07d-a6c8-499f-9f02-b763479408e7)
Bae Systems (item number 1) (id 4741de53-5305-4622-a1f2-03b88bac2166)
Battalion Deployments (item number 1) (id 08b16d22-70d5-4092-8135-5770f3974a8d)
Battalion Strength (item number 1) (id 9a134f8e-ed20-4cd5-bad1-5114ebe92629)
Challenger (item number 1) (id 49657dee-6006-4db6-8764-62e3a1414f55)
Clansman (item number 1) (id d1241287-c062-4eaa-a34d-f797f88361f4)
Container Spares (item number 1) (id 0f468229-b7da-495e-b835-645daccb4c04)
Contingency Plans (Iraq) (item number 1) (id 4c1f45be-94c1-4491-84a5-d15f38856e58)
Eurofighter (item number 1) (id bd0111bb-0c37-427d-ac35-2d04332d9be1)
Defence Reviews (item number 1) (id 7b64c3fb-103f-4fae-a727-633b6bc5fa96)
Departmental Buildings (item number 1) (id 90297e25-8c13-47a1-b6ed-8595a5893ed6)
European Procurement Projects (item number 1) (id 37dda42e-9fa3-4412-8271-3fd3c7d21997)
Exercises And Operational Deployments (item number 1) (id aea778a8-a8e6-49f7-9fd2-fbd266bd41fb)
Hms Ocean (Helicopters) (item number 1) (id 2e1c2dbf-32bd-44a6-857e-766f02ec32f9)
Hms Sussex (item number 1) (id 6ed77d0b-173e-4d42-bc0b-56d705c527c5)
Military Clothing (item number 1) (id 4b33e898-c5cc-4d0a-8e9a-844a8eadd680)
Mobility (item number 1) (id 286378c2-87ae-49a9-b5cf-f633ebd2b544)
Morale (item number 1) (id 1c0a6838-7afd-49cc-8bdf-68aa4fdf472f)
Nbc Equipment (item number 1) (id 2bc30f70-d66b-4fbc-8e4c-fb1220bfa8e0)
Operation Fresco (item number 1) (id 47db58d1-d583-47ec-a130-9de3dd8e1bc4)
Redundant Weapons (item number 1) (id 0ecb0efb-2737-4007-9709-e397e3f85621)
Reservists' Pensions (item number 1) (id b3a32aff-8f46-4580-8503-25073e003b37)
Royal Marines (item number 1) (id e9cf50e9-e8ab-479e-889f-3bf38b4fd920)
Royal Navy (item number 1) (id f65f4675-794a-44b4-afb3-ea811d2c13d6)
Service Personnel (Gulf) (item number 1) (id 07d0946e-e1f6-4af3-acce-106e1f1bc813)
Shipping (Terrorists) (item number 1) (id 3988a2d1-5ac4-4ae9-a108-c1655b5c1ee6)
Turkey (item number 1) (id cb4f01fb-52ab-4f6a-945a-acb6a0399335)
Un Peacekeeping Missions (item number 1) (id b6ec6de8-e00f-484e-a179-43341ee7b671)
Urgent Operational Requirement Orders (item number 1) (id 88b53256-b316-4303-8b08-c15f1f1a3593)
Vaccines (item number 1) (id 894b6be2-19c9-4eda-9d48-f53b4bb4b974)
Wheeled Support Vehicles (item number 1) (id 45501eb3-dd6c-4b22-8fc7-69a85a3ad22c)

Work And Pensions

Child Benefit (item number 1) (id 48c7de89-09a2-4c51-bcf1-6fecb53d687e)
Final Salary Pension Schemes (item number 1) (id 419367a9-ea3f-40f8-809b-08c9ceb612f3)
Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (item number 1) (id 83c0bee1-fa26-4560-bf1e-c8b867b1a805)
Automated Credit Transfer (item number 1) (id 305ec931-13db-4df0-91c0-fd26702ba975)
Benefit Fraud (item number 1) (id 18158fd1-08fb-4660-ae25-4e37fe8f812c)
Benefit Payments (item number 1) (id d8584b47-d4eb-4a55-9e79-81664390c562)
Benefits (Direct Payment) (item number 1) (id fe017d0f-e120-4ffe-8bd4-315cd9b44949)
Benefits Agency (Fraud) (item number 1) (id 3798cde2-86b0-4603-b9f3-d10cacd624aa)
Cash Savings (item number 1) (id c0b0d5a8-f17d-471c-87c2-cd7636cac2f5)
Child Care Costs (item number 1) (id 445d9474-e633-4035-af51-1b3e05fd6cc1)
Child Poverty (item number 1) (id ffcf50e3-0456-40c7-a44e-3acc94f01e07)
Child Support (item number 1) (id 31cf5deb-164c-4cde-89c9-4c002a8e10d9)
Child Support Agency (item number 1) (id 87e2ce97-0f90-48b5-ad38-e50c7d8e3f64)
Clergy (item number 1) (id 8528ec80-501a-420c-bee2-c3ec16a6c3e8)
Computers (item number 1) (id 4ceb377f-cfa6-470c-9337-bc55043ff100)
Departmental Assets (item number 1) (id 585c3bd3-62b7-4bd8-99a8-7825f73f1f7d)
Disability Living Allowance (item number 1) (id 2a5ea12a-ae6d-4197-8af3-6fbe8e085cc5)
Disability Living Allowance (Deaf Recipients) (item number 1) (id 94f71535-1ae8-45ca-8e94-fec33e2d7a55)
Disability Living Allowance (Fraud) (item number 1) (id 8ca22742-57e0-49d6-8a60-4e8f3eb48e8e)
European Year Of Disabled People (item number 1) (id c32cd0b9-97e7-475f-a88a-bef928ecbc42)
Fair Trade Criteria (item number 1) (id 95af8e18-3df5-4e46-95b5-a7da2735ffa0)
Income Support (item number 1) (id e7ae9163-a483-4e0e-a7af-2014680357fb)
Minimum Income Guarantee (item number 1) (id 268a008f-9dfd-4bf9-8a44-945601796832)
Minimum Income Guarantee (Pensioners) (item number 1) (id ea46b271-4efc-4d94-b325-7c131227d4a4)
New Deal (item number 1) (id 4b601148-cc3a-45ee-80f0-0d13faa0b889)
Occupational Pension Schemes (item number 1) (id 69db7751-c74d-4b44-8ee0-1e8806eac3e0)
Payments Programme (item number 1) (id af409f09-d433-4f17-bf07-8d6a6ec509f1)
Pensions (item number 1) (id 9d35cd9f-e7d6-4e52-9368-7d9de92cca7d)
Post Office Card Accounts (item number 1) (id 1426c4fa-cd60-47f0-b712-f93f2a252cd4)
Prosecuting And Charging Standards (item number 1) (id a8c14f4b-d8e0-4bfd-944b-4b2f804aadbc)
Public-Private Partnerships (item number 1) (id 4341973a-f4c5-453e-9847-c09e8c2e214f)
Racial Harassment (item number 1) (id 918864b9-94f5-442b-ab5f-3f312a43e98e)
Same-Sex Couples (item number 1) (id 7a8f5101-ce22-4dab-b288-8453f11904e1)
Standard Housing Allowance Pilot (item number 1) (id 9266971e-6d69-47e7-8ca3-83f2eb8f05e7)
Targeting Fraud Campaign (item number 1) (id cbe4d96b-07ba-44d1-a647-9ea378594b66)
Tenancies (item number 1) (id ad189bff-e1a3-497e-9ccd-bf1751a7e253)
Winter Fuel Allowance (item number 1) (id 99ab2fcc-7069-4f42-a852-aaee4e934198)


Act (item number 1) (id 79398f48-2f5f-4cb7-beef-fd2e6af08df5)
Acute Beds (item number 1) (id 7262c587-d640-4daa-b9c8-8ab0461588b0)
Acute Hospital Services (item number 1) (id 71821d1f-91c3-400d-a82d-c0a2f2a08a1f)
Acute Hospitals (item number 1) (id a979d2cb-ada2-46eb-bc2f-89d68e873a9f)
Ambulance Services (item number 1) (id bde704c2-4d33-4914-87d9-874142b4546d)
Anit-Smoking Campaigns (item number 1) (id 2bf75d6a-84c3-421d-9654-58397ab7fa80)
Body Piercing (item number 1) (id 069e9a81-ba99-4533-91c4-3f1daaf41caa)
Cancelled Operations (item number 1) (id 119815dc-5f0d-4f05-89da-32f76826a5ee)
Child Offenders (item number 1) (id 9ea2fcb9-6239-4a06-be1e-efbc167f22f5)
Child Organs (item number 1) (id d2d08ca9-3054-4101-bbcd-53579be6673e)
Children (Mental Health Problems) (item number 1) (id a4bfe62c-9c9a-40b2-b13b-23cea3004936)
Commission For Patient And Public Involvement In Health (item number 1) (id 7b748ad9-32e1-4995-ab85-e6dde4eb848e)
Congestion Charge (item number 1) (id d1268e6c-8802-4a39-a7b2-91a58543d47e)
Correspondence (item number 1) (id f34f0c30-7b66-45af-b9b3-b43ae896cb3c)
Delayed Discharges (item number 1) (id 83284a8d-edd7-4fac-94bf-cdfb0c8156a8)
Departmental Performance Report (item number 1) (id 4973474e-8a24-4256-bf40-e8701b932b55)
Departmental Running Costs (item number 1) (id a2662524-4bd9-458d-90af-7cbf76388453)
Departmental Staff (item number 1) (id 0ba4247a-1692-4f06-883d-49a65d9b74e4)
Draft Mental Health Bill (item number 1) (id 28833184-a007-43da-a37b-8229a23b78ec)
Drugs Budget (item number 1) (id 211a6a38-fde2-4960-8ee7-a6734a797f51)
Entertainment (item number 1) (id cd90407c-a41c-4988-8463-9798f0240692)
Fruit And Vegetable Consumption (item number 1) (id ef8dbe80-47b1-4b16-9c93-c141a7e2053d)
Health And Safety (item number 1) (id a0cb6b31-e7fa-444a-8ae9-8cc0bf2c827d)
Heritage And Antique Assets (item number 1) (id 9d4dd6e2-c1d7-41d6-941d-4b3da923ad79)
Hospitals (Somerset) (item number 1) (id 2ceb9fb7-8343-4af3-ab43-4a77532bd202)
Hpa (item number 1) (id ff508677-ab1b-4506-ba87-a3450cc71812)
Lifestyle Survey (item number 1) (id 0ce201cd-3353-452e-9f8a-1e49d378f92a)
M&M Impact Ltd (item number 1) (id fd302910-8533-4520-8b17-ff63c5f17621)
Mersey Regional Ambulance Service (item number 1) (id a232b4f9-3c7a-4b96-9860-046deb09330a)
Milk (item number 1) (id c5b572e6-04d5-470c-adb6-791fa3f624ba)
Miller Group (item number 1) (id 0f8e027e-e4a9-463c-b73b-604d202f9695)
Minimum Wage (item number 1) (id 299cac4d-c211-4ba8-9c4b-1d66629bcec7)
Ministerial Visits (item number 1) (id 4120c829-53df-4d25-9c9f-035db217c220)
Mixed Sex Wards (item number 1) (id 7d1376c9-d2fa-4cfe-94b0-9c6f1fcffda8)
Mortuary Provision (item number 1) (id b11fb256-78fc-4f27-8828-6756b732a095)
Nhs Advertising (item number 1) (id 41ddfc83-6488-4d13-ae31-a8efa2af7d7c)
Nhs Direct (item number 1) (id f9b9d2e2-7dcf-4d0f-8a6f-243c47a37c6a)
Nhs Doctors (item number 1) (id fe5c9efa-e2ac-4bb2-95dd-f01f7701556a)
Nhs Indicators (item number 1) (id 7237f4c5-f7b5-48ec-a64b-1f357af236b2)
Nhs Staff (Herefordshire) (item number 1) (id 3938a205-034d-4322-9187-a06a64b876ea)
Nhs Treatment Abroad (item number 1) (id d8997ab2-239d-4463-8285-d60d0c5cec9a)
Nursing Vacancies (Somerset) (item number 1) (id 4138125a-0289-44d4-bd8e-51d9e88ccd7a)
Operation Cataract (item number 1) (id 9a9ab17f-87ea-4287-b2dc-0738e2218bba)
Overseas Surgical Teams (item number 1) (id f8eeb0e1-27f6-4451-b955-d9ddc4928882)
Paper Supplies (item number 1) (id 991e56d8-9af1-48d3-92a8-63fe84da1d09)
Parkinson's Disease (item number 1) (id 0a3036e2-e91c-46ee-bcea-ffac5a14020d)
Parliamentary Questions (item number 1) (id 1505a781-a37d-4102-a190-35ddb292cc72)
Patients Forums (item number 1) (id 972381b3-f137-4f23-8e39-803ae31e64f4)
Phls Laboratories (item number 1) (id ccc09bd9-9070-4d47-a96d-33f54bce7b45)
Pre-Hospital Care (item number 1) (id 1a12a21d-558f-4771-881c-fa3fa5945ce6)
Press Releases (item number 1) (id dd7cea94-6ed8-4676-8edd-0a485070f2ae)
Primary Care Trusts (item number 1) (id 20be0d08-49ec-4614-bb6b-4a1fe1cf793e)
Prostate Cancer (item number 1) (id 50bd7815-301b-4080-b5cb-475d10071814)
Public Information (item number 1) (id 9b3e2f06-5916-45e3-942f-cd2bc1ef7bd8)
Public Service Agreements (item number 1) (id cbedd458-9201-46a1-9b98-cad56537c131)
Reconfiguration Of Hospitals (item number 1) (id 86831120-2a39-44dd-9caa-52d7a5ad9eea)
Roaccutane (item number 1) (id 7f9be396-503e-4aae-b86e-d0229f02b16d)
Single-Sex Wards (item number 1) (id 366e3531-ce18-4a7a-89f8-c329cb48fa0a)
West Midlands Hospitals (Red Alert) (item number 1) (id fccd6068-17d5-4927-8c61-d732a4364ed8)
Worcestershire Acute Hospital Nhs Trust (item number 1) (id a0917a72-4f7c-4a19-a274-19bc539e44bb)

Home Department

Speeding (Motorways) (item number 1) (id 68dda489-7699-400d-9f8d-5533d93e8837)
Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (item number 1) (id 61ad3ec5-162a-4d05-9ab4-73966bf58093)
Asylum Seekers (Eu Fingerprinting) (item number 1) (id 16486c95-f68a-4a48-aa03-8bc4c6a2149c)
Asylum Seekers (Infant Formula Milk) (item number 1) (id 8a342a6f-8fb6-486b-8a23-103b41f52f1b)
Asylum Seeking Children (item number 1) (id 2b17b7f6-c89a-426a-b6d5-da9e88f00601)
Blueprint Research Programme (item number 1) (id bcbbb832-a84d-40f4-ab97-e752ef81f7f9)
Caythorpe Court (item number 1) (id 998f72f9-08e3-4ce0-a0d8-b72e1b47ed9b)
Cctv (item number 1) (id 1d4fcad2-993e-4295-bd02-c5b3068cb7b3)
Community Beat Wardens (item number 1) (id 6f5df2b7-3f8b-4c41-9b8e-710740d87956)
Community Cohesion (Lancashire) (item number 1) (id cb13bd04-5e60-4d40-85cb-cd4e88ed5615)
Correspondence (item number 1) (id ad543c26-e504-4cb0-ad2d-b7fc52a139a3)
Czech Roma (item number 1) (id ec81294f-b407-4a7b-a0c4-cd52ce5266e8)
Deportations (item number 1) (id 94aaa755-40ad-444d-9d39-d02510a7b6ce)
Dna Data (item number 1) (id cdec6ccd-ba39-490a-92fe-27bd995ca29d)
Domestic Violence (item number 1) (id a025a4e2-33b2-4c4a-843e-c70c3d6ce835)
Drug Treatment Testing Orders (item number 1) (id 4432d35a-a624-4b51-b4f4-65f8c06290bc)
Drug-Related Offences (Durham) (item number 1) (id 3bd43245-4ddd-4412-9354-b3e28986f601)
Examining Officers' Powers (item number 1) (id b72ac7fe-0da3-4de5-a2b6-9a79286e73cb)
Firearms (item number 1) (id c1beba90-109f-4fad-85d7-941f588a17a4)
Fraud (Asylum Support) (item number 1) (id aeace0d3-dccb-429b-a66e-ea5832d29b89)
Gwent Police (item number 1) (id c5e5ab98-7da3-4266-bd96-5503920035bb)
Identity Cards (item number 1) (id 727a68a8-5c9f-472e-bdac-6ccfe90b8464)
Immigration Detainees (item number 1) (id dfab2be9-c7ed-49ea-a1f5-33d8b86e9fae)
Juvenile Motor Bike Riders (item number 1) (id ba9768f5-0a36-43f4-b338-c9a3530edfdb)
Minimum Wage (item number 1) (id 362fba81-d7d6-484e-9a90-5878428e9d63)
Orpheus Centre (item number 1) (id 4a7ab1b0-1ed9-4f58-b27d-355539b0d1a7)
Paper Supplies (item number 1) (id 428e2905-dc90-4062-b2fe-11de63d09806)
Police (Herefordshire) (item number 1) (id c393f48e-ec48-46ae-8250-92903b73d0ed)
Police Force (Civilian Staff) (item number 1) (id 9e9ef514-d1dc-4c9a-b9d1-45ee390f1b85)
Police Numbers (item number 1) (id 19c6ac1f-fc60-43b0-8d86-c0038e08f479)
Police Pay And Pensions (item number 1) (id cf0f5abe-7196-41b9-832a-66327e87d156)
Police Response Times (item number 1) (id 347e2b8e-4ba3-490a-b916-308858bf417e)
Police Precept (item number 1) (id 962e270d-2655-4aaf-be6e-6a5d90adb70d)
Police Standards Unit (item number 1) (id f55b523b-7a22-4e65-8ada-daec5b6ed4f8)
Policing (London) (item number 1) (id 088feec1-2471-4eb1-a461-f9cc3bd765a2)
Radiological Terrorism (item number 1) (id 4ea5a1e7-91fb-4bb5-9ecb-92a40c7d0fff)
Stray Dogs (item number 1) (id 09a2dee4-b284-4c76-9796-ebb180eaf2a7)
Sussex Police (item number 1) (id ad44b5bd-41b9-40e9-af35-bd115a8cb181)
Terrorism Act (item number 1) (id 084db58c-ad87-424f-a59c-5a8fbf7e66be)
Traffic Police (item number 1) (id 54d4c657-e035-407d-af34-12097978a05e)
Zimbabwe (item number 1) (id 82e8c777-7f47-411c-a8ec-ef163defb779)


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