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Commons Hansard for 23 October 1945 (Volume 414)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 7.37am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id ab30368e-4d01-4782-b173-27e265743241)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 21063726-a6fe-476d-a8fc-5a07e618232b)

Oral Answers To Questions

View all Oral Answers To Questions

British Army

Overseas Postings (item number 1) (id 3e2f887b-8ff7-468b-9893-7ddacb19c441)
War Graves (item number 1) (id 67105e4a-1726-4393-ab31-302bf2fd10c1)
Dispatch Riders (Speed) (item number 1) (id 8b4c0f9f-dbc3-437b-8cce-6220b9395ef9)
Rations (item number 1) (id fe439160-7c38-42bc-8509-8d590a69766a)
Tuberculosis Treatment (item number 1) (id 7d219707-d9ba-4661-b0b3-5d467696040e)
Post-War Strength And Conditions (item number 1) (id a3b76f7b-b382-43e1-ab57-a942b0bd4220)
Executed Soldiers (Widows' Claims) (item number 1) (id 073f0216-469b-4cea-936d-d2f8604b3c45)
Requisitioned Property, Northern Ireland (item number 1) (id 074033b8-8153-49fe-87a6-ba156a33b6e2)
Castle Camp, Inverary (Conditions) (item number 1) (id fd67853e-8cbc-47df-a26b-81c23ba8095a)
Release Application (item number 1) (id 62f102a6-7bbb-4703-ba7c-0a71c72579cb)
Polish Units (British Cooks) (item number 1) (id f4ab7a7c-52bc-45d6-b275-f191573f5262)
Training Area, Imber (item number 1) (id 37b9faf1-3438-47fc-84f0-1bb63b475e94)
Civilian Clothing Issue (item number 1) (id 2b5827d2-ae38-4fc5-a37e-8fe6f0def4a8)
Overseas Postings (item number 1) (id 3455924f-cc51-41e3-bd6b-bd1be982e181)
Burma Star (item number 1) (id a82ab9aa-326e-4cf9-9c46-0212ff24af75)
Stakehill Military Detention Barracks (Inquiry) (item number 1) (id ef0dd1c5-67f0-4600-b9c1-1b0b463c4685)
Demobilisation (item number 1) (id a849dc11-1b08-464c-94dd-0b5336ae412e)
Personnel, Austria (Air Transport) (item number 1) (id 776d79a9-22c4-446a-8a42-2b84876ced49)
Camps (Accommodation) (item number 1) (id fbbb5633-bf37-4b8c-86c1-69d42b756b03)
Cyprus (Disturbances) (item number 1) (id 2747caee-fbb4-4acb-813d-4d1cec8ef8f8)
Territorial Badges (item number 1) (id 3d89afab-1e61-4822-ad4e-ffbc9acd3903)
Dutch East Indies And Indochina (British Casualties) (item number 1) (id 04d0d2c4-bcab-4ab1-956c-7f10186b3df0)
Ex-Prisoners Of War And Internees, Java (item number 1) (id 5dc2c1c6-3c4e-44c2-846a-d3f5e318907c)
Palestine (Government Policy) (item number 1) (id eba8648f-4b90-46ec-b287-b44ea171065a)
United Kingdom War Effort (White Paper) (item number 1) (id 83c44303-1eaf-453d-9d60-9aa72d1423eb)
Atomic Energy (Uranium Deposits) (item number 1) (id 46f47b8e-a1d4-4465-8149-8d4ff45414a3)
British Personnel, Germany (Conditions Of Service) (item number 1) (id 6d148ff9-b831-4332-a594-e79c93077fac)

Orders Of The Day

View all Orders Of The Day
Ways And Means (item number 1) (id 3401e578-4699-4dc2-85fe-7409531d385f)
Financial Statement (item number 1) (id 5b7ca56a-196b-4992-8c88-016d869a0cd1)
National Savings Movement (item number 1) (id b7bba741-a535-4d30-b06a-6f75821eb36c)
Cost Of Living (item number 1) (id a1438d23-77c5-4eff-92de-a89416a843be)
Subsidies (item number 1) (id 68f9572f-2f0d-466f-8a84-57b0f306b851)
Wage Rates (item number 1) (id c7566b4b-67bb-47d7-8bce-5ae980158dd2)
Price Stabilisation (item number 1) (id ed57a198-a5dc-4e41-8bf6-a726928c84d0)
Lend-Lease Termination (item number 1) (id 47347042-f9c4-44c0-a030-b11167bf17e5)
Interest Rates (item number 1) (id 1f53ef88-0164-491b-9efb-858f394a8976)
Stock Exchange Prices (item number 1) (id 41dc6332-1812-4e93-bae2-f24582cf85cc)
1945–46 Forecast Of Out-Turn (item number 1) (id ad153e57-899b-41d6-aab3-16e8378de774)
Votes Of Credit (item number 1) (id 9677f413-d336-4da9-9367-3304392bb78e)
Civil Expenditure (item number 1) (id 91010ec3-dcda-41c0-81b9-d06a772bbbe5)
Level Of Taxation (item number 1) (id f5741e98-6724-4679-9227-da4ad4638716)
Motor Vehicles (item number 1) (id 02c55c6e-7701-425d-ad07-0ed052c0f816)
Purchase Tax (item number 1) (id 0fbcfa84-fdd1-424d-9b51-11b519ed4616)
Inland Revenue (item number 1) (id f2ca2238-e80b-450c-bcfd-98b7bcd6dde6)
Income Tax Changes (item number 1) (id 79e88ad3-f662-4d02-ba3d-acd37a37d7ef)
Personal Allowances (item number 1) (id 887f1a25-f06b-4e5e-aeeb-47eeeb04cc92)
Standard Rate Of Tax (item number 1) (id 086ed4ef-9687-4aa9-b37e-a32dd2ce9ac5)
Surtax (item number 1) (id 4f7b1005-1e64-4339-bcc4-f1c5df941448)
Effect Of Changes On Revenue (item number 1) (id 073b7808-e654-4794-ad45-9a28c3864c2a)
Appointed Day (item number 1) (id f681661a-7d4b-4e09-bd11-125665ef447c)
Capital Development (item number 1) (id 1423f29c-b43b-4de5-80be-78b38bd7f6a2)
Excess Profits Tax (item number 1) (id ff51f6b1-7554-4337-8617-8d6ef05be56f)
Refunds (item number 1) (id 4eb812b9-d9bc-430c-a3be-6cfdda0dea8a)
Deficiency Payments (item number 1) (id 4d5d6404-e4d8-4b33-a579-ba99ccceeb1c)
Purchase Tax (item number 1) (id d87e5734-1ee3-4226-bdf6-494df6acdb07)
Tax Remission: Inflation Danger (item number 1) (id 5e15e43b-d57c-4ede-b374-ff80816e7f62)
1 Spirits (Excise) (item number 1) (id cef7c916-a136-4b97-8df7-6765c4168da1)
3 Purchase Tax (item number 1) (id 7eab145f-3287-4c20-8458-d40915e645dc)
Table (item number 1) (id 03a2e726-bf56-4490-9bb3-4c92f8230f19)
4 Higher Rates Of Income Tax For 1945–46 (item number 1) (id 7e9711ec-075d-4fb5-903c-cf5bf6e05256)
5 Tax Free Payments (item number 1) (id 4a3a82da-4d31-49ea-83b6-c7f56127e6ea)
6 Appointed Day For Certain Purposes (item number 1) (id 92ffc1dc-71bb-45fb-a7a5-57c9ad9187bc)
7 Income Tax On Excess Profits Tax Refunds (item number 1) (id 7a762a61-1899-4400-bde8-dd148d65acf7)
8 Charges In Connection With Redundancy Schemes (item number 1) (id 49a872dd-6f44-4431-83d6-62cc80d748bf)
9 Relief From Double Taxation (item number 1) (id 9d106867-b107-4e15-a329-f8831170bafa)
10 Exceptional Depreciation Allowances (item number 1) (id b572b6fb-42e3-4cad-87b3-b62f56e27567)
11 Extension Of Time For Making Assessments In Certain Cases (item number 1) (id f2b39535-0b87-4608-ad5d-857839ef1104)
12 Estate Duty (Agreements For Relief From Double Duty) (item number 1) (id d3bfdf82-0caf-42e5-992e-ec9489b9a832)
13 Excess Profits Tax (item number 1) (id 0480d301-41c5-4bab-a7be-ffbbe4088bf6)
14 National Defence Contribution (item number 1) (id 9398f61e-f351-41f4-b14f-3f8def91ebdf)
15 Amendment Of Law (item number 1) (id 803d4df7-f089-4413-b733-24f3d8b17f21)
Acquisition Of Lane (Owner-Occupier) Regulations (item number 1) (id dd48b2dc-4bdf-4bd7-8aec-caf105f471ef)
Directed Mineworkers (item number 1) (id 20629519-fa09-4339-b593-97cbf706bd0c)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 354039f6-c97c-42f6-8d45-b57c80f9dcdc)
Employment (Nominal Or Part-Time) (item number 2) (id 20b55d62-8a28-4037-aed3-faf8879d833e)

British Army

British Troops, Far East (Repatriation) (item number 1) (id 11b35338-a187-48dd-a860-4566cf832e22)
Central Mediterranean Forces (item number 1) (id 00bd2e71-cd8c-4d3d-a69a-7147160a28a9)
Channel Islands Service (item number 1) (id 6415eee0-8858-4baa-8fc8-ae762c5157f4)
Demobilisation (item number 1) (id 00cbebfc-87c6-42b6-93a1-ab8e47176083)
Officers (Promotion) (item number 1) (id f3678421-8426-41b4-98c1-82e2ed9b19ff)
Post-War Army (Plans) (item number 1) (id 30b3e75c-22da-4ec3-9a0a-cc8e1c2ca4f4)
Requisitioned Properties (item number 1) (id ff6ae515-e897-4d36-8754-7334ea651f08)
Prisoners Of War (Transport) (item number 1) (id 7bac3cfd-a336-4dce-b1e0-67dd54e65336)
Aden Command (item number 1) (id e26424e6-cc9a-4e9d-897e-ebc75dda0906)
Unexploded Missiles (South Downs) (item number 1) (id 1d82d96c-004a-450a-80a1-42d9093bb08a)
Baor (Cigarettes) (item number 1) (id 33665d9b-8aaa-41be-a5c3-7f215146c1b3)
Leave (item number 1) (id 48435ce2-0cd6-470d-8f6e-ebc716c6778e)
Soldier's Account (item number 1) (id 79879cdc-2a19-41cc-b498-b8094a0bf5a2)
No 2 Holding Battalion, Rasc (item number 1) (id 1d3ae346-9512-4c55-a103-077c09c2cc18)
Signalman's Death (item number 1) (id c1c8ded4-da21-47ab-bb00-e14bd99ff915)
Lieutenant J L Solomon (item number 1) (id 64826c3f-6a1e-4445-a35d-f8cc8c61787f)
Key Men (Rubber Industry) (item number 1) (id 4517e4ee-88a0-45b1-9fd5-ea8b5397041c)
Raf Tradesmen (Re-Transfer) (item number 1) (id 2a864839-2102-4c40-acc8-b7946a1fd927)
Cinema Entertainments (item number 1) (id 4ff72026-f27a-49fc-8b79-894d7373cf3c)
Scheduled Agricultural Land (item number 1) (id 5d3bad50-7207-46e2-9194-9d4e807df13f)
Dock Work (item number 1) (id 29ab9bb4-e8a4-495c-9c11-948a91373df7)
Garden Obstacles (Removal) (item number 1) (id 4ea099b8-8706-4ff7-96b5-d9b1042fa09c)
Home-Coming Troops (Rail Accommodation) (item number 1) (id c957b82d-6cd4-41f2-bdbe-cd3b6f257bd5)
Air Mail, Middle East (item number 1) (id 93f05f1f-5e49-4467-be83-2be0b1ce9f42)
Detention Camp (Inquiry) (item number 1) (id 4df99b9e-6740-486e-ac0f-1c658ace4bf1)
Clerical Duties (Cost) (item number 1) (id 16d539a5-11d3-42ff-969f-c5eaf7f9898b)
Married Soldiers (Furniture Removal Charges) (item number 1) (id 558e75d0-076e-40eb-bd60-2b5b46f8e8d2)
Pensions (item number 1) (id 9f7d0c1c-b5c5-4963-bfd0-fc77d44c88b7)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.