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Commons Hansard for 16 November 1979 (Volume 973)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 6.00pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id a6cf80a5-757f-47dd-9b1e-da1e2f3089a4)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 4552cfaa-ad7c-4caa-af45-4b0bbcf03f9c)
Adjournment Debates (item number 4) (id 3ca3ec17-1eab-4fc7-a0b1-fed2b2cb09ca)
National Security (item number 5) (id 6e548a15-14b8-4eec-a036-57aa52ddfd9b)
Rate Support Grant (item number 6) (id 53f0467c-0a9a-4593-8341-d61c9778b5e4)

Orders Of The Day

View all Orders Of The Day
Protection Of Animals (Scientific Purposes) Bill (item number 1) (id 631742b2-5ac6-4b6a-923b-8d95eecfa089)
Deer Bill (item number 1) (id d9135222-e2ab-48a0-874e-fb0a446540b2)
Housing (Houses In Multiple Occupation) Bill (item number 1) (id a3d8495a-777d-4250-a5e4-0012c44ce45e)
Coroners Bill (item number 1) (id ec994f30-25ab-4a21-a2fe-c9849a6aed26)
Highways (Road Humps) Bill (item number 1) (id 2514b3e7-509c-4163-9d9a-be051b6cde51)
Transplant Of Human Organs Bill (item number 1) (id f7c60af9-eadb-48b7-a37a-b9b8963175e3)
School Records Bill (item number 1) (id b7126d07-f456-4c4c-a253-87f76b7786fe)
Highlands And Islands Land Development Bill (item number 1) (id af3f54a2-1f65-4bde-9104-8a3b943f9b57)
Vagrancy (Amendment) Bill (item number 1) (id 0f3d1c40-efdf-4cd7-ab1f-5b937f5aaa42)
Free Ports Bill (item number 1) (id 9a7a2b36-4a5a-420b-8d7b-ae76f1a334da)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 390bd313-2c70-455d-b09b-c1f65f78b27f)
Incomes Policy Divisions (item number 3) (id 46c57f95-7ac0-4d8a-9f90-d5fb9a451f99)
Office Of Manpower Economics (item number 4) (id 174be0b9-33e7-4e9c-8de5-4d61d1775da0)
Redundancies (item number 5) (id 2caee1a0-8534-4f20-a15a-d1ddf10dc1d6)
Escalator Safety (item number 6) (id 0fb52de3-4692-4d92-9fe7-cbb4b902e8ac)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 7) (id 36f1eb47-5348-4c95-ac19-9135398736b4)
Redundancy (Voluntary Liquidation) (item number 8) (id cf26c4ed-5161-40f9-bf9d-3c3720002d60)
Disabled Persons (item number 9) (id 12d4fc32-2729-4b6f-a7bf-06d16bf8ae71)
Mines And Quarries Inspectorate (item number 10) (id 809150d4-d575-4c1b-a09f-8d2e125031cc)
Clegg Commission (item number 11) (id aecaa2cb-0819-4fc7-a7c4-28308f1ab4c2)
Statutory Instruments (item number 12) (id 78b9555a-56e2-4bd7-890c-8f1d04cf2f9c)
Television Licence (item number 16) (id b4f5f3f5-58e9-4114-8859-dc8dcd512bc6)
Security Firms (item number 17) (id ddc1ffa1-af2f-447d-8ca5-11419dda6608)
Firearms (item number 18) (id d9162f1b-b869-44b1-a98b-d914b058dcd3)
Immigration (item number 19) (id cf1dd999-e977-4220-b362-67daf62ed69a)
European Community Law (United Kingdom Application) (item number 20) (id 27a0d371-913e-498d-b42d-a26961508d76)
Polaris (item number 22) (id b8b87590-750c-4dcc-9b70-c006904c84bd)
Procurement (item number 23) (id 44918a87-6d9e-47ce-a1ae-9fa7e4813159)
Royal Ordnance Factories (item number 24) (id adfbf567-fcf3-4e92-9e18-b6096c35c05d)
Cash Limit (item number 25) (id 7cf0ecc7-4450-4382-9ef3-f947cce57069)
Low Flying (item number 26) (id 56bd7629-0686-49df-9c5e-90b3cabdde4d)
Exercise Red Flag (item number 27) (id 4952f4e9-f1b5-4e9e-b351-ef5da07241f5)
Brazil (Santo Dias Da Silva) (item number 29) (id b82a7b34-bdf6-4537-9a3e-ebc6074c999f)
Rhodesia (item number 30) (id b5b0b3fe-637f-4e82-9915-c922735855e5)
China (Wei Chung-Sheng) (item number 31) (id c2cdb2e5-d47c-4efe-8bee-458ca2caf980)
Bermuda (item number 32) (id 803990a4-fa96-4f6a-ae98-5f966f47781f)
Abortion (item number 34) (id 68499a1b-d0ac-463f-9abf-28d552746ee8)
Community Nurses (Car Mileage Allowances) (item number 35) (id 213c6e4b-3af9-4755-9829-97318efc18d8)
Chronically Sick And Disabled Persons Act 1979 (item number 36) (id d79a51f6-b3a4-42bf-8a08-6d0f79d46073)
Mentally Handicapped Persons (Adult Training Centres) (item number 37) (id 699ffc54-e717-4858-9051-c1ab92c40952)
Whittington Hospital (item number 38) (id 9f00d009-9c2e-4199-ab21-bce4541dcf24)
Exchange Controls (item number 40) (id 8f4eaeec-1c50-4220-b086-b4db49bab8e0)
Gross National Product (International Comparisons) (item number 41) (id 6e7d1dca-e6e5-4a41-af33-64cda7d9d20d)
Social Benefits (Eec Residents) (item number 42) (id 90764dd9-b4c0-4f67-b407-9b948431de18)
European Community (Reciprocal Arrangements) (item number 43) (id b7673213-2415-4ed6-a821-ec6e7c64074a)
Family Incomes (item number 44) (id d1eac2ce-1b2e-40fe-afb5-1caa9cf8e575)
Child Benefit (item number 45) (id 03249a39-1885-4070-a4df-fc772e77b4da)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 46) (id bab74c6c-9e7a-4bc1-bdf0-92a4871f119c)
General Commissioners For Income Tax (item number 47) (id b5f8642a-2cfe-4cd3-86d0-2e0eda277f4c)
Exchange Rates (item number 48) (id c339abac-abc5-469c-b72f-9cf7ab13ea11)
Value Added Tax (item number 49) (id 2735ec91-f81a-4244-9129-52466a06c230)
Capital Gains Tax (item number 50) (id b84e4765-3698-4e61-9959-c6a21a7055ed)
Income Tax (item number 51) (id 6c84413a-2f65-4a9a-9ae2-147d12bbd22a)
Special Commissioners For Income Tax (item number 52) (id c7f3522b-962c-4abd-9b12-85ef54a84f01)
Money Supply (Credit Cards) (item number 53) (id b8e14b6e-bf5b-4bfd-8c0f-272da2356533)
Double Taxation Conventions (item number 54) (id fa72ddcd-b46a-47a9-9feb-548b66852fb2)
Premium Bonds (item number 55) (id bc2f060e-266c-438b-9398-b6167084df93)
Mortgages (Northern Ireland) (item number 56) (id 92921aac-842c-43e9-9651-2b367e05e947)
Development Land Tax Office (item number 57) (id 6d9509f5-c6b5-4e5a-8df0-0db9982e3abf)
Hotel And Catering Industry (item number 58) (id 7dd98381-e7ad-474d-b2de-9af38c869d2d)
Nationalised Industries (item number 59) (id bcb85bdb-6257-4ecf-8111-7a760a1d54bb)
North Sea Gas (item number 62) (id c979ffdf-6fa3-49aa-864b-689c8848a2d7)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 63) (id 1b460c63-0a14-43d8-ba6f-c5f193e63398)
School Transport (item number 65) (id 7c54d12d-9413-46a3-bfcb-769f418c3bee)
Craft Education (item number 66) (id 8ce9441b-e2a5-4a72-8bd2-eb70f07bcd57)
School Meals (item number 67) (id 7c2eaf7c-ecaa-4bf5-926b-176111c4973b)
School Leavers (item number 68) (id b6f2cd30-ae87-4e37-ae86-8d0963e4d24d)
Schools (Subsidies) (item number 70) (id 3b373c57-87b3-495c-a403-e72a18f218b7)
Ulster College (item number 71) (id 8682de5d-5d16-4ab2-a567-ca3adfcb3ed6)
Housing Stock (Belfast) (item number 72) (id eee466c1-7e06-4cd5-9d79-0ecf05f50dee)
Driving Tests (Fees) (item number 73) (id b9a08aaf-9af6-4976-9184-da49e86ab2b1)
Altnagelvin Hospital (item number 74) (id 9ff61da2-437b-4d76-ab15-420aa11174c6)
Norcall (item number 75) (id 517ed99b-a842-44f7-9e6e-1e92b2feead0)
Alcohol (Sales To Minors) (item number 76) (id 46ae02f8-5c2a-446f-b64a-7eb0b0942712)
Eastern Health And Social Services Board (item number 77) (id c97952c0-1b70-4136-8e1e-83af5fdbfabe)
Gransha Hospital (item number 78) (id 4ff40aa4-7237-403b-9e39-0d70f818005d)
Royal Ulster Constabulary (item number 79) (id 4fa64859-2ea7-43aa-b300-1491888f0bb3)
Special Care Schools (item number 80) (id cf4f1dfb-e26b-4814-b150-86b464469223)
Terrorism (item number 81) (id e221a4a1-b6a6-4404-b2e8-15d4dc4fcd95)
Terms Of Trade (item number 84) (id 2b832b42-e1c6-4c63-a47f-87dd36635602)
Anglo-American Trade (item number 85) (id 62122076-e90f-4342-ba2d-3c8c5468e42b)
Tourism (item number 86) (id 24566607-c8e3-445b-a578-668f2cf06bc6)
Post Office Users' National Council (item number 87) (id 4605edaa-e644-4fd1-bb53-8fab77cbc22e)
Consumer Credit Licences (item number 88) (id 5472ad4f-89f8-4fb0-a827-238565eda489)
Rame Head Coastguard Station (item number 89) (id b8efa26b-f8e6-474f-8105-23cd36ba5520)
Textiles (item number 90) (id 8751db74-4933-4f7c-be51-04812eb28944)
Production (item number 92) (id 58c5631f-4d38-47fb-b9f0-6bab351fa251)
Tomatoes (item number 93) (id 2e39697d-c30f-4b68-b0c9-81883a69cd9c)
International Wheat Agreement Order 1979 (item number 94) (id f537bcc6-c0fa-40f7-805b-2a110b87bbcf)
Emergency And Strategic Food Services (item number 95) (id 875ba2aa-661a-4d94-8dc8-e638002b23af)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 96) (id 8017fbce-fba2-412e-acd8-d174c7fe3b95)
M42 (Tamworth-Bromsgrove) (item number 98) (id cce9c63f-ec1a-447e-b139-1fba9192199e)
Parker Morris Standards (item number 100) (id fac7de5f-544b-481b-8d79-694cee47065a)
Palace Of Westminster (Heating) (item number 101) (id a3358eb7-eb81-4444-9f77-2fbda90b4bef)
Hillsborough House (item number 102) (id 93a8458d-2518-4f06-af7d-d377c49b8b85)
Small Businesses (item number 103) (id f4ac1daa-b887-4147-b3fe-1f400e061bc6)
Liverpool Inner City Partnership Committee (item number 104) (id 09ba9f5c-c2f7-4c44-a473-0f2be62315ac)
Local Authority Powers (item number 105) (id 74dea33d-8df4-426f-a3d7-29934db27ca2)
Domestic Rates (item number 106) (id 13695c26-aa60-44af-b963-bfdbf64268c9)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 107) (id d0d6361b-acc1-4248-8808-3c816fd249a0)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 109) (id 68789acd-193b-4d3b-bc16-dbc117c0f749)
Local Government (item number 110) (id f66afd10-ef59-4acb-8228-bad04a83af40)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.