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Commons Hansard for 8 November 1979 (Volume 973)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 5.55pm.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 61dec9b0-063c-4492-8074-fe05c4556c5c)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 791ac3fc-a385-4f07-bc8d-18a02ede7430)
Private Business (item number 3) (id be254e59-a5a0-43f4-84b5-70bed4d097f2)
Business Of The House (item number 5) (id ab2c2fe9-d446-40a6-bb41-46d0ea882a76)
Standing Orders (item number 7) (id 693c30be-c198-42aa-9199-1363e39c6384)
Business Of The House (item number 8) (id 9d302fd1-51bf-4c25-95dd-a09f0a708ee6)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 8a6bb6d6-3206-4c94-a3d1-38e91f440499)
Ussr (item number 2) (id 3e5d5871-9c69-414f-a51d-ea68c8e7d425)
Prime Minister (Engagements) (item number 3) (id b1fb3d4f-0524-4716-9912-7366ad75776f)
Rhodesia (item number 4) (id ff8da1f7-972d-482b-802b-a8a4eafaa030)
Official Cars (item number 5) (id 883285b0-0fd9-4a6a-ba0b-7d295ad8c628)
Rural Jobs (item number 6) (id 9d24463c-8a3a-478a-908f-63d768ee38e1)
Cbi (item number 7) (id 867da51e-96f7-4be4-9783-c15d11be44bb)
Poole (item number 8) (id 0c01d575-0913-4911-8986-0ff75479e32b)
Chairman Hua Guofeng (item number 9) (id f2456a9d-989d-44c8-a263-143c00dfa70d)
Polruan (item number 10) (id 5d8687d9-a87a-4c6b-b537-32a0446dd49b)
British Broadcasting Service (item number 11) (id 35b1628e-9025-4c9c-85f6-89d0a3e5105a)
School Meals (item number 13) (id 35e5cc4c-61de-4ae8-b4ef-d1c7ec728afa)
Nato (Youth Project) (item number 14) (id 2f6b32bc-ae71-475b-8330-02608e912a75)
Her Majesty's Inspectorate (Report) (item number 15) (id 8eb22973-50be-40bf-8c94-ce672160969c)
Private Schools (Replacement Costs) (item number 16) (id e2d370ec-359e-4fb3-b31c-ba6033340eed)
Head Teachers (item number 17) (id 9993904b-60f2-4dc4-a237-a8c2d541495d)
University Teachers (Pay) (item number 18) (id 83390136-0ebc-4e62-a5d2-14320559b355)
Public Lending Right (item number 19) (id 3cf8b61e-d680-415a-933a-bd77d659325a)
"The Adoration Of The Shepherds" (Export) (item number 21) (id ffc3086a-20b9-4b14-b936-65aa09cdc359)
Land Certificates (item number 22) (id 1f1793c4-a602-48e4-83de-2be637d3efb3)
Land Titles (item number 23) (id 8f5675ca-919d-4612-a806-75167671f38e)
Conveyancing (item number 24) (id 092f3b3d-f209-4d61-92be-5ff6fd80e603)
Prisoners (Statistics) (item number 26) (id 7fa6f36c-ffe5-405b-a4ca-a5dd0645ee6d)
Prison Medical Service (item number 27) (id bfca02b3-ccb5-4cb2-8a85-4dd5eabac9ca)
Remembrance Service (item number 28) (id d40030b1-8161-49e8-ab05-4b87e4e930ec)
Divorce (Variation Applications) (item number 29) (id 2c7ff605-e870-4f1f-a48c-d7858dac8b4b)
Mr Mohammed Ahmed (item number 30) (id f1100138-0128-446b-b927-60ea9b121b44)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 31) (id 1e47e7e6-a987-44ae-a4a1-991c891191eb)
Arrestable Offences (item number 32) (id 812fb722-5883-4996-9ff6-90bf078bf54f)
Government Contractors (Racial Equality Policy) (item number 33) (id 68e04e80-fe8c-43a0-8739-0bcd55bb9637)
Concessionary Television Licences (item number 34) (id 0ec0cf5d-906d-4c72-8ace-f4e140f2bb13)
Secretary Of State (Television Interview) (item number 35) (id 7dafe01c-0d0b-4846-b491-77383b38fc4c)
Immigration (item number 36) (id e32e83b9-9d64-47e0-88ed-29abfa09754c)
Meriden Co-Operative (item number 38) (id 138fe0fe-7f86-405d-8900-c48c80379f59)
British Leyland (Business Plan) (item number 39) (id 092058bc-c30a-42e7-aac2-ff9030d9de57)
World Commodities Centre (item number 41) (id 102827c5-fd5b-4d33-abfe-b5188707fd7b)
Metrication (item number 42) (id 17ba9f80-f616-4bc7-89e4-b69ee600c5c3)
Trans-Siberian Railway (item number 43) (id b6c59a76-1a38-48d4-9e02-4e40b5941dc9)
Nationalised Industries (Race Relations) (item number 45) (id 2f8d2cd7-6d44-4607-ba45-785ec8a01ba5)
Family Expenditure Survey (item number 46) (id 0c1fb405-ded3-4dd4-9d24-37ec97cc27af)
Disabled Persons (item number 47) (id 9db261c1-3a4f-443d-aabb-5cd10a43a8b5)
Job Release Scheme (item number 48) (id 816597e2-46be-4412-ae0a-2ff7528e3396)
Trade Union Reform (item number 49) (id ba2cb681-53e5-495b-98e1-b9239d920bff)
Employment Protection Act (item number 50) (id ae8231f2-05f5-41f4-9e78-0c1223e6b53e)
Textile Industry (Oldham And Kirklees) (item number 51) (id 8e7f368c-8181-47a8-a5ca-6df8439596fe)
Factory Inspectors (item number 52) (id cb3ad9b5-914c-4cba-a12c-5d261e9f0a6e)
Defence Ministers (Discussions) (item number 54) (id 0791bafe-afb7-4e68-93cb-9eecfb20598a)
British Army Of The Rhine (item number 55) (id a5ce5865-f752-44f6-aaf9-2d89ff2fab95)
Widows (Pensions) (item number 56) (id e9a513c4-9667-4a59-8183-05f6710e6c02)
Employment (item number 58) (id ffcc65cb-e34d-42e2-90a2-1418a5b28976)
Departmental Personnel (item number 59) (id e6d95757-9a53-4e39-85bc-6ef7ed51706e)
District Heating (item number 60) (id c327e100-f918-44cd-a3b8-e71c0f15164d)
Coking Coal (item number 61) (id c7981507-4e5a-4471-b93b-de9d9a584621)
Anthracite (item number 62) (id 617e0984-99b9-43eb-a671-dc8f2bd4dedd)
Oil-From-Coal Plants (item number 63) (id 9b2dfe07-ddc2-486e-8294-e94da2a39209)
Cumbernauld Development Corporation (item number 65) (id 4cf92308-2f9c-4e82-97fb-0e2eb5ab2051)
Scottish Development Agency (item number 66) (id 19632c1d-52a6-4119-af20-393c32078f16)
Mental Handicap Facilities (Gattonside) (item number 67) (id c3bf2844-f48e-4234-95c0-9d8325e2c578)
Schools (Pamphlet On Disruption) (item number 68) (id 06092ac3-0db7-4387-b66c-7a745fa46ccd)
Crofter Housing (item number 69) (id 71b7b14e-3194-479c-98f7-1cd4b8b0c546)
Salmon And Freshwater Fisheries Act (item number 70) (id ac183e81-f314-49b2-a3d0-38f38f43de4b)
Traffic Management (Plastic Cones) (item number 72) (id 701dca75-ba8b-4482-a843-d7cff3bb83e1)
Driving Tests (item number 73) (id b4c172b9-8ba3-453c-981a-76349963b6ed)
Nuclear Waste (Transportation) (item number 74) (id 8ec8d319-3e9a-421a-af8d-fd34ac240df3)
Rail Sidings Grants (International Comparisons) (item number 75) (id 5e58dec9-dfad-463f-b416-d06c6bd1ef14)
Motorway And Trunk Road Schemes (item number 76) (id 6d2af209-545a-4e1d-bdcb-b2afa44a3ac7)
Cross-Channel Link (item number 77) (id 7568114b-be04-4cb9-9055-cc82a8f0ccaf)
Elderly Drivers (Medical Certificate Charges) (item number 78) (id e3e410db-0c20-4de5-b6fb-13f0c004b705)
Economic Growth (item number 80) (id 24234036-143f-4826-b0d2-42806cbffcd8)
Inflation (item number 81) (id 2a1fc400-6405-42b3-bcae-f2b0b17266d8)
Life Assurance (Tax Relief) (item number 82) (id 42126acb-107a-41b2-a14b-f302e5c90a20)
National Savings Bank, Glasgow (item number 83) (id f77750dd-5e81-4fc9-bb91-2024ba1656d8)
Pension Funds (item number 84) (id d89c3064-24e0-4675-afce-80c5b138e09b)
Departmental Staff (Powers Of Entry) (item number 85) (id 30dc157c-b78f-4cc8-8748-7723d327526c)
Value Added Tax (item number 86) (id 476811ce-3e78-451a-aeb2-482c53d0ef83)
Monetary Aggregates (item number 87) (id 7b2981bc-312d-4157-b04a-4938ce4f87ac)
Diesel Fuel (Duty) (item number 88) (id e3ee5a80-8f3f-4126-98a8-b9a8569ae72b)
Interest Rates (item number 89) (id 77298550-665c-469b-a502-f3fba93591fb)
Exchange Control Act 1947 (item number 90) (id ef0fb86d-c35f-4c8d-856e-4ccc9f4bb0b8)
Gross National Product (item number 91) (id 099b6023-d7ee-46bd-866a-7156c456abf2)
Industrial Building Allowances (item number 92) (id 53560b2e-48b6-47ee-9218-90fe5e70008d)
European Community Budget (United Kingdom Contribution) (item number 93) (id 765d402e-18f8-40dc-8991-4bcca1162998)
European Community (Finance Ministers) (item number 94) (id ab165ecd-3fae-496a-91f7-36e201fec6fb)
Motor Vehicles (Taxation) (item number 95) (id d911791d-7558-4a7e-a657-a47384475eee)
Widows (Tax Relief) (item number 96) (id 0357ec54-8bac-43af-ac03-717b94a400d8)
Subcontractors (Exemption Certificates) (item number 97) (id 1b020c87-6cb4-4a13-9eb2-7f5d1e6fb908)
Index-Linked Bonds (item number 98) (id 4d7aac38-ee85-4011-8673-7509122258ea)
Wage Settlements (item number 99) (id 513a63ea-cf9e-4a0f-8894-fa4654568d3f)
Public Officials (Government Cars) (item number 100) (id e08940f5-f5f7-4a3e-bc19-450553795055)
Foreign Loans (item number 101) (id 6632b9af-8855-4c1e-aea9-458400929c56)
"Investigation Work" (Pamphlet) (item number 102) (id c7537658-00e6-4b05-b0cc-ea973a6a0595)
Free Enterprise Zones (item number 103) (id 2d8b2027-b084-4a44-b039-edff4aabcdba)
Family Budget (item number 104) (id 159eb97c-29ed-43cc-a493-7fe2ce825739)
Motor Cars (Depreciation Allowances) (item number 105) (id 4acb8537-cbae-40dd-868b-4691312a3f50)
Domestic Electrical Wiring Systems (Replacement) (item number 107) (id a9c5c064-13ce-4923-9fbe-7da8e2eb4fac)
Homeless Persons (item number 108) (id aa2d1bb3-f165-402d-8aee-da10459ae15a)
Rating (item number 109) (id 35b448da-bb70-4c14-ae3d-500320cf5c47)
Building Regulations (item number 110) (id 3663fb16-d484-442a-94ea-46681bdb3a26)
Construction Industry (Codes) (item number 111) (id 00619493-4708-4517-b3b1-697155766f2d)
Civil Engineering (Codes) (item number 112) (id 543b7b78-eb84-40e1-b75e-846b565d667d)
Lambeth Council (item number 113) (id 8784deab-3fa5-458c-93b8-17f095e0750b)
Local Authorities (Publications) (item number 114) (id 44c0db6c-9df9-48e6-8138-844d2e416f26)
Rent Arrears (item number 115) (id c1920a7a-f8eb-4d32-8ad9-e1cc5f13f96a)
Rent Collectors (item number 116) (id e7ed6208-5b22-4961-9b4a-d8e151233baa)
Council Houses (Allocation) (item number 117) (id e4be2d39-61c5-47ec-a3da-334868fc5457)
Disabled Persons (item number 118) (id 83a37962-de3c-43f4-8c1c-84f797637544)
Council Houses (Sale) (item number 119) (id a0218521-ddd4-4eb6-933f-6664347ad2f4)
Local Authority Expenditure (item number 120) (id 013bc48e-dadd-49df-9549-9f06f676f8aa)
Rent Tribunals (Costs) (item number 121) (id 66b4e0f1-5491-4261-8ee2-42557efc8f3a)
Employment Transfer Scheme (item number 122) (id 76f64b97-e971-438a-bd34-d3e4517bad2b)
Oil Storage (Security) (item number 123) (id 1b623d01-e9d1-4dea-81a8-bad35d6989ef)
Unification Church (item number 126) (id f537eb72-dd12-47fa-8b29-8ed4c570231b)
Rhodesia (item number 127) (id cfad29be-0652-471d-9087-e795f7c988fa)
Foreign Gaols (British Prisoners) (item number 128) (id 379b99b6-8c16-4885-8e6c-56be65c23e21)
Ulster Polytechnic (item number 130) (id 764e6128-111a-4a01-94e6-01212a582aff)
Taxation Powers (item number 131) (id f2beef11-c03d-4722-b1f6-9e8fc56b0817)
Road Accidents (Uninsured Motorists) (item number 132) (id 0dc31e54-8661-4a0a-a05e-bac75540ec36)
Republic Of Ireland (Papal Visit) (item number 133) (id f5007c62-012d-4710-b9f4-60030dd7462c)
Commercial Property (Compensation Claims) (item number 134) (id 9a0dbc51-cfe0-49d0-89fd-a90283b16b44)
Bus Shelters (item number 135) (id a66a6a21-9159-4784-b562-9f510d22379a)
Road Accidents (item number 137) (id a23cf894-b7d0-4d96-b955-b9870479c716)
Darryn Clarke (item number 139) (id 80eeeed2-4010-4dde-82f5-9242f9ee5403)
Unemployment Benefit (item number 140) (id 704e734b-0e23-4e4c-a3e6-e9ddf4fc0f49)
Office Of Population Censuses And Surveys (item number 141) (id 32f89aca-0b50-4862-b201-86f51c963009)
General Household Survey (item number 142) (id 42a34887-7c81-44ba-bb76-fdb4075d6fe3)
Hospital Waiting Lists (Walsall) (item number 143) (id 6094c501-8c90-4d5e-aaf7-92a4e62b8401)
1981 Census (Cost) (item number 144) (id 2bc26b7d-cb2e-416f-b7a8-186d6d1033c3)
Schoolchildren (Nutritional Levels) (item number 145) (id 976bed60-42e3-47d9-bf04-aed3bf730200)
Purchasing Contracts (item number 146) (id 81280894-48ff-4666-aadf-86111ce1b3e6)
Berkshire Area Health Authority (item number 147) (id 768006bb-62a5-40d4-9c68-1129c7be5577)
Children Act 1975 (item number 148) (id bcdcc0fa-212a-4d5b-a917-465ce07baf86)
Medical Schools (item number 149) (id 89189628-4e5d-4c32-8211-6dc1c879c7ac)
Disabled Persons (item number 150) (id ccc93233-eba4-4921-b21f-7f6f27c9391c)
National Health Service Premises (Restriction On Use) (item number 151) (id 0dc7db76-ea8c-4d0e-b7bb-05c4bbcc1f96)
National Health Service (item number 152) (id 17bc6042-ab34-48e0-984f-9606a94277b0)
Area Health Authorities (item number 153) (id 23659243-0bf9-467b-8c5d-d28ab8ef7865)
Alcohol Sales (item number 154) (id b827c116-d4dd-4a9c-99d3-ebd38d54bf6e)
Health And Personal Social Services (item number 155) (id 5affa085-36a2-4930-98ef-4a89a93acc7f)
Voluntary Work (Evaluation) (item number 156) (id 33714c15-729a-4429-9773-abe555035984)
Senile Dementia (item number 157) (id 705d107e-8f00-4c7a-9d1b-f0edd83c6986)
Psychiatric Care (item number 158) (id 996fb099-f53b-4dc6-b562-7ee7093773e9)
Self-Employed Persons (item number 159) (id e9f4d3c0-4c28-4aca-b5b1-5418d8391477)
Non-Emergency Operations (Suffolk) (item number 160) (id c6f356d3-aa93-4722-a315-98e3d5766a45)
Contraceptive Pills (item number 161) (id 7c7afde5-daf1-4d41-b6c6-eadb3cb457b5)
Hospitals (Mixed Wards) (item number 162) (id f46ed77c-cdf5-4385-a632-20e421c809f8)
Duchess Of York Hospital, Manchester (item number 163) (id fdf7bb23-bc92-4dcd-9310-d1ca412e373b)
Road Accidents (item number 164) (id 2f854c5f-4c49-4cae-87e3-348bdfdc58c0)
Employment Of Children Act 1973 (item number 165) (id f66a26bb-0c4d-4523-9f54-546863da7b3d)
Baby Milk (Overseas Sales) (item number 166) (id 301ca1a7-c1fb-44b0-99b8-1273c7d5d495)
Constant Medication (item number 167) (id 3fcca032-50f4-433c-ac69-b37b10ab8e83)
Hospital Waiting Lists (Scunthorpe) (item number 168) (id 11158bd5-d1a5-4677-bbdf-315442fb8ed5)
Attendance Allowance (item number 169) (id 0c3a013e-7f1b-4b52-9b8a-a700c22e4919)
European Community (Meetings) (item number 171) (id d4303570-c06d-4aba-b058-f3fdcd2ba7a4)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.