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Lords Hansard for 3 June 1998 (Volume 590)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 2.33pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 9f8bfbf3-0c66-4e13-bda8-4328d33fdc3c)
In-Hospital Infections (item number 2) (id 3faa3ccb-dd98-4762-afbc-7a8ab1313279)
Heathrow: Minimum Fuel Requirements (item number 3) (id 56a9c1ec-d846-4b89-ab9b-870d20689d1a)
Severn Bridges: Tolls (item number 4) (id 53be030a-7c52-4add-841a-7acc7a97e14d)
European Union: Abolition Of Duty-Free Allowances (item number 5) (id cfa19d1e-e00c-4b11-ae31-645ad6e6848a)
Business (item number 6) (id d1403bac-2eb9-47b2-a06f-b976a9aa4d03)
Government Of Wales Bill (item number 7) (id f3df40f2-4c44-4837-ae62-f145e149d0ce)
Channel Tunnel Rail Link (item number 8) (id 6602ce72-12e8-49db-ad6e-c3cfb35a3c03)
Government Of Wales Bill (item number 9) (id 6f5e6fbd-7a7c-4b61-a1ee-6afd454e0be9)
Functions And Accountability Of Assembly Secretaries (item number 10) (id bb4f622c-9677-45b0-8bdd-f53551781dfd)
Scrutiny Of European Community Legislation (item number 11) (id 5649c00d-ae69-4ba4-b3f5-68821321bef5)
Environmental Auditing (item number 12) (id 0e37422d-ae4e-4856-84d6-1333e41bc0a3)
A66: Upgrading (item number 13) (id 11460ddf-2d22-45ae-ba40-0c62251d570f)
Government Of Wales Bill (item number 14) (id 5fda6a07-74d6-451b-81c9-cac99b876090)
Youth Advisory Committee (item number 15) (id 64f063ea-0a47-459c-ad27-67497f769131)
Scrutiny By House Of Commons Committee (item number 16) (id e01984de-ef4e-48b1-8c6a-62c2a81c4188)
Appraisal Of Proposfd Guidance To Local Planning Authorities (item number 17) (id 62a8bf5d-41e4-4166-8a62-29b46c4fbe78)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id f9865617-0a36-4820-852d-1fb0e2cd4b2b)
Capital Gains Tax (item number 2) (id f60add8c-b3fd-43e9-be4c-14a6620049f2)
Resuscitation Training Models: Vat (item number 3) (id 71cebc72-abec-4ebb-8365-8ad6a6f8beab)
Tenant And Landlord Service Charge Disputes (item number 4) (id fd161f7b-c80c-44a2-8516-c079bf646f4d)
Index Of Local Deprivation (item number 5) (id 9aff255c-1ce6-45a8-abdd-4c5521e2da3c)
Termite Infestation, Saunton, North Devon (item number 6) (id b6bda079-d782-4d65-ab18-c895054d29ce)
Reservoirs Act 1975: Proposed Amendments (item number 7) (id abe334b9-da0b-49d3-b9f3-e76fccd9dd06)
Gibraltar: Airport Charges (item number 8) (id 6dbff3a4-38ff-4126-a464-7d6b47cd8c7e)
Cycle Parking At Government Departments (item number 9) (id 9f3e401f-e793-4f1b-a3dd-15af2497f463)
Greater Manchester: New Deal For Communities (item number 10) (id b7cb11f3-b070-4d76-a2a0-541c875d9154)
Development In Conservation Areas (item number 11) (id f7d40cdd-e85f-4cdb-814c-53a44931953f)
Motorway Fencing (item number 12) (id 79af47eb-9fdf-435d-b74c-32d1c10a3884)
Youth Justice Measures: Pilot Schemes (item number 13) (id d9e75fce-f5f5-4259-8ec9-5e3c151e5f0a)
Who Decides?: Consultation Response (item number 14) (id b3419d79-ebda-4b24-9147-a5c916167e91)
Grammar School Admission: Ballot Arrangements (item number 15) (id 3b196b29-13d4-4eb7-9522-b50c8bade7ae)
Eu Nationals: Medical Treatment In Other Member States (item number 16) (id f06bdcd3-456c-44fa-808a-6010b7ad7b5c)
Hiv/Aids: Advice To Government (item number 17) (id 986b03de-5e06-45e5-a671-0d2c86ca3d0c)
Gamete And Embryo Import And Export: Licences (item number 18) (id 1beb7efa-985b-4aa6-b35c-ab14cee465c2)
Euthanasia And Cessation Of Treatment (item number 19) (id c65777dd-c4bc-4929-927a-02d17a933dc0)
Artificial Limb Provision (item number 20) (id 21c07a94-bcad-43fc-90a1-ed2c8b5b4ebd)
Magilligan Prison: Detainees (item number 21) (id f73d3523-92ce-4e2e-bac9-9b5bec4ffd20)
Baton Round Development (item number 22) (id 061b6e49-0ce4-4018-be3f-89e2c1ef945e)
Refugee Women In Europe: Report (item number 23) (id 27ccc0e2-c58e-4795-bc30-a7999ce1e747)
Major General Pabawo Subianto (item number 24) (id 064b7474-1249-419c-8b29-b2dc58740d77)
Mr Derek Jones (item number 25) (id 659a3238-7fa8-411d-9868-f316c1b60843)
Arms Exports To China (item number 26) (id 1bc65138-f860-490a-bcc3-d213bfed87b8)
Arms Exports To Iran (item number 27) (id 9e0597bf-8294-45ba-9f22-40491b20e7cd)
Argentina: Arms Embargo (item number 28) (id 4daabe1f-8648-49dc-873e-9c8a88efb2c5)
Hong Kong Legislature: Elections (item number 29) (id 0c49e947-6458-4f32-9d19-f94ed793e742)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.