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Lords Hansard for 15 June 1998 (Volume 590)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 2.41pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id b8d26009-8615-4b5e-ba39-7d53e885e21b)
Schools: Truancy And Exclusion (item number 2) (id e5ecef79-888c-4a0f-bff5-2509d60aab52)
Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund (item number 3) (id c362ae90-0c63-404d-bc2b-33bcc97f6c06)
North Lanarkshire And East Ayrshire Councils (item number 4) (id c5734fc5-ca3c-474e-8248-9782b68e7aee)
Sierra Leone: Arms Sales (item number 5) (id 8e3c067f-8d40-4f8b-badb-af1a72aa0eb7)
House Of Lords' Offices: Select Committee Report (item number 6) (id 171a1733-5327-416c-a945-afd41ed02c83)
Building Regulations (Energy Rating Information) (Amendment) Bill Hl (item number 7) (id c8d6702a-a1ae-437c-8783-3eb1933dd203)
Government Of Wales Bill (item number 8) (id 962b43c7-5e50-4a67-b171-22c34268ba32)
("Schedule (item number 9) (id ebe36700-dca0-406c-b043-1f2ce5463e51)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 85bdb6dd-15f7-4110-bcd1-3adfbe7d5a15)
General Affairs Council, 8–9 June (item number 2) (id 8a49dd3c-ad87-4faf-8a33-a7c005823c33)
Sierra Leone: Mercenary Forces (item number 3) (id 41f60bd0-bc01-44c6-9540-7041eddbe325)
Crown Exemption From Non-Domestic Rates (item number 4) (id 74d3fd0f-7f68-4ce0-860e-179cecc0faea)
Special Areas Of Conservation: Uk Proposals (item number 5) (id abd7088a-b6b8-44e6-a6da-babb223ab8c0)
A3 Kingston By-Pass: Road Accident Casualties (item number 6) (id 83593aa7-1849-444b-8e6f-6cfdbc49e9b1)
Mr Al Fayed (item number 7) (id f3bb1bf9-c510-49a0-aa8f-a09d45daf8dc)
Rough Sleeping In Westminster (item number 8) (id 74067633-5af0-4fe4-a66f-293f0333da76)
Social Security Expenditure Forecast (item number 9) (id aa105b0f-96cd-4e92-8844-c5d03ab39e8b)
Interest Rate Rises: Effects (item number 10) (id b3312dea-8dfd-4131-b3b0-5b5e344cef98)
North West Region: Tax Liability (item number 11) (id 4e5002f8-c6e2-4d68-ab2b-4964ff74492b)
Sandline International (item number 12) (id 68fd8f98-2f7b-4021-8070-275b9dd7e7ae)
Education Action Zones: Promoters (item number 13) (id 6cbf481b-5aea-4c07-9254-25439b784701)
Class Sizes (item number 14) (id 5090f61c-357b-4a43-bb43-8de5ab1d740a)
School Organisation Committee Powers (item number 15) (id 6bdfa344-ead3-461f-9630-aaa57a945efa)
Selective School Admission Abolition: Timetable (item number 16) (id 461a064f-9d35-45cb-b615-9425d2134625)
Grant-Maintained Schools: Financial Self-Management (item number 17) (id 323a67fe-d735-4b65-9bc9-098db78b8252)
Grammar School Ballots: Constituencies (item number 18) (id ccda5375-b5d8-4758-b843-62595e89a731)
Children Of Service Personnel: Sen Provision (item number 19) (id 6d3209f2-dd27-4333-ac12-04020696f570)
Gulf War Personnel: Biological Samples (item number 20) (id 852e1de6-736b-4d76-8157-a235da88ffa9)
Northern Ireland: Role Of Jps (item number 21) (id 46e2730e-06f6-445f-afbf-447a65aca41f)
Scotland: Education Expenditure (item number 22) (id 016f7827-7a4a-4279-872b-fc36116c9d5d)
Scotland: Secretary Of State's Special Advisers (item number 23) (id de871d1d-45c2-4807-b5ba-f5dbbfdc2940)
Scotland: Roads Programme Review (item number 24) (id 175d7d66-c77e-4ff3-bf7d-bf347f76ac36)
Aberdeen By-Pass: Representations (item number 25) (id 6f3ed932-b6f9-4a22-b001-265c55923b32)
Law Officers: Appearances As Counsel (item number 26) (id 800eee59-76e8-4ad0-ab61-07f46501565f)
Fishing Prohibitions (item number 28) (id 5da3c30e-7b08-4204-bbf8-4860a5ededdb)
Beef Export Ban: Legality (item number 29) (id 8e41cd49-18c5-4676-a226-eae435176737)
Cattle Tracing System: Launch Date (item number 30) (id bc0a1507-2d7b-4461-883e-2f3e56e4e0cf)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.